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Chapter 2006: The Big Shot Is Here

Fortunately, there was no car behind him, and it didn’t cause an accident. He didn’t dare to stop for long and immediately replied, “I have no motive to kill him.”

He only said one sentence before the other party hung up. After that, he calmed his mind and checked his phone. Just like before, it displayed an empty number.

After that person’s call, Ye Zhifan had been on tenterhooks. He was afraid that someone would make a move on him and he would become a suspect in Sun Yaozu’s murder case. If that happened, that person would misunderstand.

When Sun Dongqing heard this, she became serious. She really did not dare to joke about her husband’s future.

She only nagged, “I don’t know what kind of person you’re going to receive. Why must Yingying come over to buy clothes on New Year’s? Doesn’t she have enough clothes? They’re all branded goods too. They’re pretty and fas.h.i.+onable. What’s wrong with them?

“This child is impatient as well. She insisted on coming over to give you a surprise. In the end, I wasn’t surprised but I did receive a shock.”

Ye Zhifan didn’t like listening to her useless nagging the most. When he heard her, he said coldly, “What kind of person is he? He’s a big shot that the Sun family will never be able to reach!”

“A big shot?” Sun Dongqing laughed in disdain. What big shot had she not seen before? She had even seen the number one person in the Southern Province, and she had even held hands with him!

“It’s Staff Officer Du and his wife. So, don’t you think Yingying needs a more dignified outfit?” Ye Zhifan had a cold expression on his face the entire time. He didn’t look at Sun Dongqing and treated her like air.

Ye Zhifan didn’t know how his daughter had spent her time in France alone. The clothes in her luggage didn’t look presentable. Her arms and legs were exposed. When Ye Zhifan thought about her clothes, his expression turned ugly.

Sun Dongqing didn’t care about her husband’s att.i.tude toward her. When she heard that, her eyes lit up and she was frightened. “I see! We have to take it seriously, then. We have to take it seriously.”

Yingying’s wish was to enter the military so that she could teach Ye Jian a lesson. Now that they were getting a chance to meet such a big shot, they must take this occasion seriously!

“If it weren’t for Staff Officer Du’s wife, do you think I would’ve brought you out?” Ye Zhifan glanced at his wife, who couldn’t do anything right. He quickly entered the elevator.

When the couple went upstairs, Ye Jian was also found by the attendant who was beaten up. She sobbed softly, hoping that Ye Jian could go to the office. Chen, who was buying snacks at the supermarket with a few soldiers, patted Ye Jian’s head lightly. “I shouldn’t have brought you out. You met with trouble the moment you came out.”

“You can bear to buy clothes that cost more than a thousand yuan, but I can’t bear to wear them. Forget it, it’s better to avoid trouble. Just give the clothes to that customer. Don’t make things difficult for the attendant.”

If it were any other customer, Ye Jian would definitely give in. However, it was Ye Ying. She didn’t want to give in.

She smiled and said, “You can walk around with them. I’ll be back soon.” Chen didn’t know who Ye Jian had met. Ye Jian could handle such small matters herself, so he didn’t ask further. He waved his hand and asked her to leave with the attendant.

The attendant who was. .h.i.t thanked Ye Jian all the way there. She was very grateful that Ye Jian could testify for her.

In the manager’s office, Ye Zhifan smiled magnanimously. “It’s not a big deal, but I’m troubling the mall. My daughter accidentally hit an attendant just now, so she should apologize.”

“The attendants don’t need to apologize. They’re all young and hot-tempered. It’s normal for them to have a little argument.”

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