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“Are these the two new elders of the Langya Troop?” Jiang Qing narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan.

“Yes they are. May I know what you want from them?” Lu Yuan asked.

From the moment the two joined the Langya Troop, Lu Yuan had been prepared to be questioned by the Chancellor. However, he had not expected that the day would come so quickly whereby the Chancellor would seek them out on the first day.

He could only blame Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi for stirring things up or Lu Heng for not taking precautionary measures. Lu Heng's oversight caused too much attention to be placed on Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan.

Sensing his brother's accusing eyes on him, Lu Heng hung his head even lower.

Regardless of how fiercely he acted in front of others, Lu Heng was still a child before his brother and he hid cowardly after doing something wrong.

Jiang Qing laughed, “What would we know about the Chancellor's intention? We only act according to orders.”

With that, he walked towards Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan and he carefully surveyed them. Nodding his head, he continued, “I am the a.s.sistant of the Chancellor and I believe that the two of you know the reason for my arrival. The Chancellor would like to invite you to his manor, please follow me.”

Although he spoke in a polite tone, he remained cold and distant. As the right hand man of the Chancellor, he knew much more about the Tianyuan Continent than the regular Warrior. He knew that Martial Artists from the outside world would become ordinary people once their spiritual energy was used up and hence, there was no need for him to treat the two with respect.

Jiang Qing also did not believe the claim that the two possessed physical body strength that was comparable to a Gold Cla.s.s Warrior. Many who first met Martial Artists from the outside world thought that they were very powerful initially. However, once their spiritual energy ran out, they would be nothing more than the average man.

Rong Yuan did not seem to notice the scorn towards him and he playfully followed along, “Since the Chancellor invited us, we can only go by his wishes.”

“Mm, then please follow me.” Jiang Qing sniffed as his impression of Rong Yuan turned worse.

Maintaining the light-hearted expression on his face, Rong Yuan rejected Lu Yuan's offer to follow him to the Chancellor's Manor with a shake of his head and led Gu Lingzhi out of the hall.

Once the group left, only the Langya Troop members remained in the hall.

Jiang Xinghai fiddled with the Steel Pen in his hand but he could not help asking, “Are we just going to let them go like that?”

“What can go wrong? At the very most, the Chancellor would come up with an excuse to confiscate their items.” Xie Mei'er coldly scoffed. They were used to the schemes of the Chancellor.

“That might not happen,” Lu Yuan recalled Rong Yuan's confident expression as he left the hall. “Seventh Brother looks like he had a plan. Since they left with Jiang Qing, they must know what to do. We can only wait for news.”

“How long will we have to wait then? Until they return home with empty pockets?” Lu Heng asked in annoyance.

Five sharp glares were shot in his direction as soon as he said that and Lu Heng shut his mouth. Xie Mei'er raised her eyebrows and jumped out of her seat, scolding, “If you knew that the Chancellor called them over because he wanted their items, why did you even bring them out to the streets in the first place? If it was any regular shopping trip, it would still be fine. But why did you let them continue to spend mindlessly and attract everyone's attention? Are you trying to rid the Langya Troop of a few elders?”

As soon as she thought of the possibility of Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan returning empty-handed from the Chancellor's Manor, her heart ached with pity. She had not even gotten the chance to trade items with Rong Yuan, how could she let the Chancellor have all the treasures?

Lu Heng lowered his head at Xie Mei'er reprimanding and he felt wronged. He had tried to persuade the couple but Rong Yuan remained stubborn and generous with his spending. What could he have done? There was nothing that could have been done!

No one could understand his standpoint and after Xie Mei'er left, Jiang Xinghai did not forget to chastise Lu Heng for a second time, neither did Quan Kun and w.a.n.g Yuan. Finally Lu Yuan concluded the scolding with a sigh, “You are banished to your room for a month.”

On the other hand, Jiang Qing led Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan out of the headquarters of the Langya Troop. In an arrogant manner, he barked, “Don't lag behind.” He took off at lightning speed towards the Chancellor's Manor.

Gu Lingzhi exchanged a look with Rong Yuan before they followed along.

Jiang Qing ran as fast as he could and he only slowed down once he was sure that the two could not keep up to him. He smirked to himself and turned around…

Wait, when did the two catch up to him? How did they not make any sound?

Rong Yuan smiled brightly and showed his set of pearly white teeth, “How is a.s.sistant Jiang doing?”

Jumping in shock, Jiang Qing noted that the two did not show any signs of exhaustion. He recalled that the two had just arrived at the Lost Lands not long ago and guessed that their spiritual energy pool was still sufficient. This comforted Jiang Qing and he said, “I believe that you must both be strong if you could become elders of the Langya Troop so quickly. However, spiritual energy in the Lost Lands cannot be replenished. You should save on it as much as possible just in case you run out of it when you need it.”

Why would Jiang Qing tell them to save their spiritual energy? Gu Lingzhi hesitated before she thought of his greed for the items they possessed. Rong Yuan's amused voice rang through the air, “Yes I agree with a.s.sistant Jiang and I did not use my spiritual energy.”

Uneasiness filled Jiang Qing's heart and his eyes s.h.i.+fted towards Rong Yuan. Like Rong Yuan claimed, Jiang Qing did not spot any colorful spiritual energy emitting from Rong Yuan's body.

Didn't they say that a Martial Artist was useless without spiritual energy? Why were the two so fast even without using their spiritual energy?

He must have been too slow such that the two could catch up to him. Jiang Qing quickly found an excuse for himself. Sucking in a cold breath of air, he laughed awkwardly, “That is good. Spiritual energy is very valuable.”

Jiang Qing quickened his pace again and he ran at an even faster speed. Even if the two could catch up to him just then, he had not been serious when he ran.

Speeding through the streets of Forgotten City, Jiang Qing once again thought that he had lost them when he suddenly turned around to see Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi smiling right behind him.

How could this be? He was an Amethyst Cla.s.s Warrior!

Jiang Qing gritted his teeth tightly. He had used almost eighty percent of his full speed, how could the two catch up to him?

Grunting in frustration, Jiang Qing's speed burst and he purposely took a longer route to the Chancellor's Manor. He wanted to show who was more powerful for his pride.

He must have lost them by then. The sharp wind cut his skin as he sped past the city streets. Before he could turn around this time, he heard Rong Yuan's calm voice, “The Forgotten City is really pretty. Lingzhi, we should take a look around here more often.”

“Sure.” Gu Lingzhi had to hold her laughter back. She noticed Jiang Qing's shock as he staggered in surprise in front of them.

“Oh no, how is a.s.sistant Jiang? How far away is the Chancellor's Manor? If there is still a long way to go, we can rest for a while before we head off again.”

Rong Yuan asked with concern and Jiang Qing wanted to puke. He could not show who was the more powerful one and even embarra.s.sed himself. At his full speed, his legs ached from the pain. For his own pride, he must not stop! Jiang Qing took in a deep breath and calmed his heart down. With a scoff, he said, “Are you tired from that run? We will reach soon.”

With that, Jiang Qing's speed burst forth and he ran with all his might to the Chancellor's Manor. He ran like he was being chased by a demon beast in the Lost Lands.

Pain shot through his legs and Jiang Qing bit his lip. He headed straight towards the Chancellor's Manor and reached it within fifteen minutes. Once they reached, Gu Lingzhi innocently asked, “Oh? I thought that we pa.s.sed here before.”

Jiang Qing stiffened and he pretended that he did not hear the question. He acknowledged the guards at the gate and led the two into the mansion.

His confidence returned once he was in the manor and he ignored the pain in his legs. His pride struck him in the face and he would do anything to avoid embarra.s.sment. Would the two be a match for the Chancellor as strong as they were?

Jiang Qing lifted his chest and led the two into the manor. He called the two forward, “Walk faster, Elders. The Chancellor has waited a long time for you.”

Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi nodded. They were finally about to meet. This was the Glaze Cla.s.s Warrior that was supposed to have a physique as strong as a DemiG.o.d's. Previous Chapter Next Chapter

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