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As the most important building in Forgotten City, the Chancellor's Manor was constructed splendidly. However, before Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan had the chance to look around, Jiang Qing hurried them into the guest hall.

After instructing them to wait, Jiang Qing headed into the main hall to report to the Chancellor about their arrival.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed and Jiang Qing had not come back. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi took the time to appreciate the architecture and design of the interior of the building. The Lost Lands were constantly surrounded by the Endless Sea Realm and hence, it was plunged into a shade of blue. Regardless of day or night, the sky was blue in color but it also contributed to the beauty of the place. Everything that was present was seen through a shade of blue lens, making the place seem like a dream realm.

Rong Yuan hugged Gu Lingzhi and rested his chin on her neck as he took in the night scene of the city. Occasionally, he would allow his hands to play and tease with Gu Lingzhi's sensitive ear.

After Jiang Qing reported about the night run to the Chancellor, he went back out and saw the couple in their romantic act and he could not help scowling in disgust.

It was indecent of the two to act so romantically on someone else's grounds. Were they bold and daring or just shameless?

Coughing to turn their attention to him, Jiang Qing called, “The Chancellor invites the two of you in.” With that, he turned and walked toward the main hall.

Rong Yuan sucked on Gu Lingzhi's ears a last time before he freed her. He tidied her hair and clothes before he pulled her into the main hall.

As they expected, a few close aids of Guan Yue were in the main hall along with Guan Yue and Jiang Qing. The lowest ranked Warrior was a Gold Cla.s.s Warrior and all eyes turned towards the two the moment they stepped in.

Used to the attention being on them, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan walked in calmly before they fearlessly greeted the middle aged man in the center of the hall, “Greetings to the Chancellor.”

Guan Yue lightly acknowledged their greeting before he pointed to two empty seats nearby and said, “Take a seat.”

Rong Yuan led Gu Lingzhi over to their seats. With all attention on them, they showed no signs of nervousness. This made Guan Yue frown slightly, he was used to people being too polite to him.

He had originally thought that the two were just lucky to have survived the Endless Sea Realm. However, he saw for himself the invisible power the two had through their actions. They did not seem like uncivilised men and they were fully confident in themselves. From what Jiang Qing reported, the two could possess physical bodies that were comparable to an Amethyst Cla.s.s Warrior. If that was the case, he had to change his plans……

Many thoughts pa.s.sed through his head at once but Guan Yue maintained a calm expression. As soon as the guests took their seats, Guan Yue put on a warm smile and instructed the servant beside him to bring the guests tea.

The subordinates of Guan Yue jumped at his actions. Since when did the Chancellor treat his guests so kindly? They must be important guests! From what they were aware of, the governor only treated Glaze Cla.s.s Warriors that politely. Did the Governor view the two outsiders as men equal to Glaze Cla.s.s Warriors?

Rong Yuan's expression wavered, having observed the reactions of the people in the hall. He smiled, “Thank you, Chancellor. What did you invite us here for?”

What else could it be? To rob you of your items, of course.

However, no one voiced this thought and even Guan Yue smiled kindly, “It is nothing much. I was curious about the two Martial Artists that came to the Forgotten City. I see now that it is a handsome young man and an outstanding lady.”

Rong Yuan politely thanked the Chancellor repeatedly. Both parties hid their inner thoughts when they conversed with each other.

Guan Yue was curious about Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi's true strength and he carefully asked, “I wonder what cultivation ranks the two of you have reached.”

He finally asked the right question!

After beating around the bush for so long, Rong Yuan had gotten slightly irritated. He replied, “It is my humble pleasure to say that I'm a DemiG.o.d.”

DemiG.o.d? A humble pleasure?

Guan Yue instantly jumped at Rong Yuan's reply and he was disgusted at Rong Yuan's humble acts. At the same time, he changed his direction, not wanting to waste any more words with Rong Yuan.

This was a DemiG.o.d! A rank that was comparable to a Glaze Cla.s.s Warrior! No wonder Jiang Qing was put to shame when he tried to display his strength in front of them. However, no other DemiG.o.d who arrived in the Lost Lands had such a strong physical body.

With the answer he wanted, Guan Yue heaved a sigh of relief for not being rash. He also made a mental note not to take action before Rong Yuan's spiritual energy ran out. As he said a few words of congratulations, an idea sprung up in Guan Yue's mind.

Guan Yue waved his hands at the subordinates in the hall and instructed, “All of you are dismissed. I would like to discuss some things with our guests.”

Many people jumped in surprise and they were confused by the Chancellor. However, they obeyed his instructions and left the hall swiftly. Once the last person left, Guan Yue ordered a servant to close the doors of the main hall, leaving only himself, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan present in the main hall.

Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had been quietly observing Guan Yue's actions and they did not show any signs of nervousness. Guan Yue knew that he had read them well then.

When the three were the only ones left in the room, Rong Yuan asked, “What does the Chancellor want to talk to us about?”

Guan Yue chuckled slightly and with the same smile that hid his cunningness, he asked, “I wonder if you two have any plans on returning to the continent.”

At that instant, Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi's eyes narrowed and they stared at Guan Yue carefully. Rong Yuan asked, “What do you mean?”

“I believe that there is a way to leave the Lost Lands through the Spirit City.”

“Didn't all those who wanted to leave the Lost Lands fail?” Rong Yuan asked hesitantly as he continued to stare at Guan Yue, not missing any change in the other party's expression.

Guan Yue scoffed, “You've heard that they failed. The truth is that they did not even know the way to leave the Lost Lands.”

Gu Lingzhi's eyes brightened. That is right, without any test, why would there be failure? At the same time as hope filled her, she could not help asking, “Why are you telling us this? How would we know that you are not purposely tricking us for your own aims?”

Guan Yue had been prepared for the distrust he would face towards the two and he calmly said, “Before I became the Chancellor of the Forgotten City, I had my suspicions towards Spirit City. After I became the Chancellor, I sent many men to spy on the city and I learned about some things there. I am eighty percent confident that there is a way to leave the Lost Lands and I wonder if the two of you are willing to cooperate with me.”

Rong Yuan drummed his fingers on the table and used his other hand to pinch Gu Lingzhi. He asked, “If that was the case, then why find us? The other Chancellors of the Lost Lands would be able to help you.”

“They can't.” Guan Yue directly shook his head, “Spiritual energy is needed to leave the Lost Lands.”

“Oh?” Rong Yuan raised his eyebrows in surprise, “You even found out about that?”

A triumphant smile stretched across Guan Yue's face, “Before taking action, it is always necessary to get all the information.”

Gu Lingzhi continued with surprise, “So you wanted to go to Spirit City all along?”

Guan Yue nodded in confirmation, not hiding anything now, he truthfully said, “The Lost Lands are a land abandoned by the Tianyuan Continent. Anybody would want to return.”

Gu Lingzhi asked, “So when you called us over previously, it was to steal our items and increase the chances of your success.”

“Yes.” Guan Yue admitted, “There are many Storage Rings obtained from the Endless Sea Realm but they ended up in the hands of those who do not know how to use it, so they became nothing more than decorated rings. Those who obtained the Storage Rings auction it off in the market and these are pa.s.sed on to the Spirit City. It is hard for anyone else to learn about the cultivation techniques used by Martial Artists, so you two are very valuable to me.”

With this, Gu Lingzhi understood. Guan Yue had called for them not only to steal their items but to learn about cultivation techniques from them. However, he had not expected that the two might be even stronger than him and hence he changed his strategy from killing to collaboration.

Having much experience, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan knew what Guan Yue's intentions were. If they were Guan Yue, they would have done the same thing but in a slower manner.

The three continued their discussion and when Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan were about to leave, they asked a final and important question.

“Chancellor, what gave you the eighty percent confidence that there is a way to leave the city?”

“In recent years, a high profile girl from a family in Spirit City disappeared out of thin air…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter

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