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Chapter 322 - Frustrations

The day was dawning at the cat-clan, but it was already morning since a few hours in the purple world, and even so, Lucien was still in bed with his wives just relaxing, which also gives them p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e when done together and in the way of Lucien, making everyone stronger.

As Amelia is trying to be closer and closer to Lucien, and also because he and the girls are doing nothing but gentle, she is clearly on his right side while L.u.s.t and Envy dispute the other side.

While Lucien pats the head of the girls in his arms, Maggie comments. "The s.h.i.+p was comfortable, but nothing compares to our home."

"Mm." All the girls agree with Maggie's words. Lucien's big bed is only no more comfortable than his arms.

Lucien comments. "I cannot always be here while we travel because the position is always changing, and it would be irresponsible on my part to leave the troops without leaders.h.i.+p for a long time. But you can, and I have suggested this a few times."

Angela responds while continuing to give Lucien a pleasant foot ma.s.sage. "What makes our home here is not this house but you, so it makes no sense for us to stay here while you stay on the s.h.i.+p."

"Mm." All the girls agree with Angela's words.

Some girls spend most of their time in the purple world doing housework like Aria and Kara, and others who are just lazy like Mia and Ella, but they all look forward to Lucien's return all night, so if he sleeps somewhere else, they will also want to sleep next to him, every night.

"I see... So, let's enjoy time here a little more." Lucien smiles and starts to tickle little Ko before paying attention to all his girls.

After a few more hours in bed, some girls go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone, while others remain in the bedroom to be pampered by Lucien.

As the group's leader in the kitchen, little Kara clearly lives up to her t.i.tle as 'chief maiden,' and after she left the bedroom, Marie and Lena, currently in Lucien's arms, made the same thoughtful expression.

"Her sixteen-year birthday will be in two weeks." Marie comments.

"I know," Lucien responds as his right-hand runs over Marie's delicate body, making her m.o.a.n softly.

Lena looks into Lucien's eyes. "She seems calm, but in fact, she is very much eager forward to it."

"I'll think of something special for her; don't worry," Lucien responds as he gently holds Lena's chin with his left hand and kisses her sweet lips.

Lucien is always thinking about the well being of his wives. Their p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e is their source of power, so he needs to make sure they are always feeling the best possible, so he can quickly rescue his mom and reunite their whole family.

Right now, while most of his girls are really fine, he can feel Kara's excitement, as well as Astrid, Scarlett, and Olivia's eagerness to have their revenge.

Also, he can feel Rose and Ghilanna's discomfort in a similar way. He already knows what worries Rose and so he can get an idea of what worries Ghilanna.

And although Lucien is always planning his next steps to solve their problems, some things can't be helped, and others need time.

After an incredible breakfast, Lucien and his girls had a bath together and left the purple world to continue traveling. Even girls who usually stay at home preferred to travel alongside Lucien and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Alliance's forests from the cat-clan to Viset.

But first, Lucien went to say goodbye to Nina, the cat-girl in charge of the cat-clan, until Mirya comes back from the war against the Light Empire.

As Lucien's group walks the streets of Oxard, everyone can easily hear the cat-girls' comments about him, and without any surprises for Lucien's wives, all the cat-girls are already in love with him.

Although Theodore's group was strong, the cat-girls would still beat them alone, or rather, with the elven troops' help. However, it was impossible for them not to suffer losses, and many of the mercenaries would escape.

The cat-clan women cannot deny that having Eve as Queen and Lucien as King is the best thing that has happened to them in many years.

Also, the few men in the cat-clan, who can now only hold positions as servants, hope the Alliance will have a real balance with Lucien's leaders.h.i.+p.

Still, some people still doubt Lucien will be really good for Alliance, and few others, like some of the elven troops, especially their captain, don't like Lucien at all.

The captain of the elven troops does not hate Lucien, but she is very fond of Eve's feminine policy, and having a King can ruin that.

And while she thinks about him, she sees Lucien enter the longhouse with his group to speak to Nina.

"Good morning, my King." Nina and Lua quickly bow to Lucien.

But the elven captain makes an annoyed expression while her troops try to stay neutral and out of the possible conflict.

Lucien approaches Nina and smiles at Lua as he talks to them. "I can speak for myself and my wives when I say that we would like to spend more time in the cat-clan, but we have to move on."

Lua fights the urge to ask to follow Lucien, while Nina responds respectfully. "I understand. I can speak for all the people of the cat clan when I say that we would like to have your majesty here for a longer time and be able to show you the best places in our home, but I understand that your majesty has matters to resolve and you cannot lose time with us now."

He nods. "Yes, now I have urgent matters to deal with, but I will certainly bring my family to a picnic on the cat-clan beaches before returning to my home."

Nina smiles. "The cat-clan will always be at your majesty's orders. At first, we accepted you as the brother of our beloved Queen, but after seeing you fighting to defend us..."

Nina gets thrilled to remember all the s.h.i.+t and injustice that the cat-clan has been through and compares that to having Lucien defending them with his own blade.

She takes a deep breath and continues. "You know, our clan has always had to defend itself... even other clans have intimidated us. Eve brought many positive changes, but your majesty got our trust so quickly."

Lucien can't resist patting Nina's head while she gets emotional. It seems strange to her to someone of his age patting a m.a.t.u.r.e woman like her, but his high height makes it seem more natural.

He smiles at Madelyn as he speaks. "It's alright, Nina. Despite my sister, Madelyn is my wife, and the cat-clan is her people. So, while I am in this world, I will defend the cat-clan as best I can."

Nina smiles at Lucien. "And because of that, your majesty already has our loyalty."

"Humph!" The elven captain makes a mocking sound.

"Something wrong?" Lucien asks. He clearly heard her complaints at a distance, and it is also quite evident that she does not like him by her expression when gazing at him.

The elven captain is not afraid of Lucien and his group, so she speaks directly. "I don't believe Queen Eve has agreed to let you lead the Alliance alongside her. She showed us how men are weak, and women must reign supreme. So, she more than all of us doesn't need a man."

"But everyone needs a family, even her," Lucien speaks calmly. In Portgreen, heads would have already rolled for such a lack of respect, but here at the Alliance, Lucien doesn't want to act like an authoritarian King and leave that part to Eve while he deals only with cute girls and killing their enemies.

"But-" The elven captain cannot deny that people should not live without a family. However, she tries to argue.

But Lucien interrupts her. "Who are you?"

Before the elven captain answers, Ghilanna, wearing a hood, steps forward, stands beside Lucien, and speaks. "Yrina, daughter of Yrana, an elven captain of n.o.ble blood... a racist idiot who defends an abusive and patriarchal system of n.o.ble elves."

Yrina, the elf captain, makes a stern expression. "Why do you hide under that hood? I would recognize your voice anywhere... the rebellious princess who abandoned her own mother."

Ghilanna takes off the hood. "Yes, I abandoned that life. I never belonged there, and those people were not really my family."

"And is he your family? This strange man?" Yrina asks.

Ghilanna hugs Lucien, and he wraps his arm around her waist gently as she responds. "Yes, he doesn't give a d.a.m.n for politics, n.o.bility, or stupid systems, but he respects the family above all and will do anything to protect those dear to him... I'm lucky to be one of those people gifted with his love."

Yrina takes a deep breath. "I know our people were not perfect, but Eve corrected all our mistakes and made us the best we can be... however, you weren't there with your mom to witness that moment because you ran away!"

Ghilanna shakes her head. "I will not argue with you. You elves are still the same... stubborn and stupid people who refuse to change or try to understand the other's point of view."

"You are also an elf!! Our princess, even though you are away from home!!!" Yrina speaks in a loud and authoritative tone, which starts to make Lucien upset because she is disrespectful to his beloved wife.

"My home is beside my husband." Ghilanna turns to embrace Lucien with both arms.

Yrina is furious that Ghilanna is disrespecting all the ancient traditions of the elves and acts without thinking, trying to grab Ghilanna's arm. "NO, IT IS NOT!!"

But Lucien acts more quickly, embracing Ghilanna and pointing his red katana to Yrina. "Anyone who says my wife's home is not at my side will be making trouble for me. Do you want to be my enemy?"

Yrina instinctively backs off while remembering how Lucien's red blade was responsible for hundreds of deaths with just one move.

"..." Yrina looks at Lucien and Ghilanna angrily. She is not exactly furious at them but at the fact that Ghilanna seems so happy beside Lucien while her mother had to suffer the elvish King's fury until Eve got there to help them.

She is very fond of Ghalenna, probably more than her own mother, and has always found it absurd that Ghilanna has abandoned her.

'Let's go, please. I don't want to stay here anymore.' Ghilanna speaks mentally to Lucien.

Lucien agrees while lowering his katana and speaks calmly to Yrina. "My wife has nothing to talk to you about, but about the fact that you don't accept me as your King, you will have to speak directly to my sister when she comes back. Until then, no longer appear in front of me, or I will cut off your head."

"..." Yrina remains silent because she knows that there is nothing she can do about her frustrations.

But Marie and Lena continue to stare at Yrina. Then the sisters look at each other and nod. "Mm."

The other people inside the longhouse are confused for a second before a large ball of water forms out of nowhere above Yrina's head and falls on her.


The ball breaks, wetting Yrina with really icy water and making her immediately start to s.h.i.+ver.

"You needed to cool your head." Lena comments in a mocking tone.

"You don't have to thank us." Marie laughs as she and Lena follow Lucien.


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