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Chapter 711: Gunfire Rescue and Three Key Points to Remember

There were more than ten thousand people in LAPD, but a huge number were clerks who didn’t do field work, so there were only seven or eight thousand frontline officers.

The police school roped in more than a thousand students who had undergone basic training and a few days as interns, greatly alleviating the burden on the police force.

The students weren’t able to handle physical confrontations, but they could help official police officers direct traffic and maintain order.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles had a “glorious tradition.”

After a large number of residents left their homes to seek refuge elsewhere, chaos broke out.

There was a steady stream of news of vandalisms and break-ins on the police department comms.

Luke and Selina simply ignored the small squabbles and focused on the guys who were fighting the officers with ad hoc weapons.

At noon, they parked the car outside an In-N-Out and ate the burgers they had just bought.

Luke looked up at the sky and sighed. Too bad it was broad daylight!

A bunch of hooligans who had just looted a grocery store ran past them, and the two of them continued eating their lunch in silence.

There were too many situations like this.

The two of them had witnessed thefts and lootings the entire morning, and more than fifty street brawls. They couldn’t be bothered with any of it.

As long as no guns were used, they could only let them go. Otherwise, if they were detained, they would have to inform the patrol officers to take over.

The patrol officers were too busy to let them know how long it would take for them to arrive, and the police department didn’t have that many places to keep people locked up.

Suddenly, Luke’s phone rang.

He quickly picked it up. “What’s up?”

A series of gunshots rang out from the receiver. Claire shouted, “We’re outside USC. A bunch of gun-wielding criminals are exchanging fire with us. There are a lot of them.”

Luke said, “Hide well. I’ll be there in five minutes.”

He hung up and took out a bicycle out from the trunk. “I’ll go over first. You drive.”

Selina said, “Okay.”

With that, Luke gave a push and the bike abruptly shot forward and disappeared into the crowded street.

In a traffic jam, motorbikes were useless while bicycles were useful.

With his stamina and endurance, even if he was suppressed to a normal person’s state, it took him less than twenty minutes to cover a distance of twenty to thirty kilometers.

When he ran into a place he couldn’t pa.s.s through, he got off his bike and hefted it over his shoulder. He then ran out of the blockade and got back on before continuing on his way.

Claire wasn’t far from where he was, less than five kilometers in a straight line.

Reaching the deadend of a shortcut, Luke picked up the bike that weighed less than ten kilograms and flipped over the wall, and arrived at the scene in five minutes.

He appeared behind the criminals, and without hesitation, charged out of the alley on his bike and kicked two criminals at the mouth of the alley into the wall.

Taking advantage of the recoil from the kick, he straightened and pushed with both hands, and the riderless bike drove into a flower patch not far away.

This was his emergency mode of transportation today, and he couldn’t break it.

As he vaulted off the bike, he reached under his arms and raised both his Glock and his M686 revolver.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Luke charged forward seven to eight meters, and the gunshots rang out like beans exploding. He finally stopped charging and crossed his arms over each other as he reloaded his guns.

Near the mouth of the alley, seven or eight criminals who were behind cars and trash cans, in the corners, and on the stairs all collapsed, bleeding from their chests and stomachs.

“LAPD!” he shouted.

This wasn’t a warning to the criminals, but to warn the officers behind the two police cars ten meters away not to attack him.

However, he was clearly overthinking it.

The little monkey said, “Haha, it’s my brother. He’s here. We’re fine.”

Luke even saw her put away a mirror before sticking out her head halfway.

She was still as cautious as ever. Robert’s years of teaching her and Selina’s recent training had played a big part.

Luke smiled. “Clear!”

The little monkey slowly stood up and raised her gun as if ready to attack at any moment. She called out to her companions, “Don’t be careless. Two people in a team. Check the guns on the criminals one by one. Shoot whoever moves recklessly.”

Luke didn’t intervene.

Training wasn’t as good as actual combat. This was the best interns.h.i.+p.

Looking at the four students who had blue edges along their police caps, Luke was relieved. At least none of the rookies had been shot.

Staring at her companions who were cleaning up the criminals, Claire reported the bad news. “Luke, two of our officers were shot.”

Luke hummed and said, “I’ll take a look.”

Behind the police car, a man and a woman were leaning against the doors and groaning in pain.

After a quick check, Luke nodded and said comfortingly, “The bullets went right through and didn’t nick any major blood vessels or bones. It’s fine. Have you called an ambulance?”

Claire: “Yes.”

Luke said, “That’s good. Do you have any first aid supplies in your police car?”

Claire quickly found a first aid kit.

Luke found a pair of rubber gloves and gave one to each of the two patrol officers. He told them to clamp down on the blood vessels around the wound with their gloved hands. “This will reduce the bleeding. If the ambulance is late, we can use a bra strap.”

As for bandages, he didn’t bother.

The two patrol officers weren’t injured enough to need first aid, and the paramedics would naturally do it once the ambulance arrived.

After the kids cleared the area, Claire relaxed and bounced up and down in front of Luke. “I saw it. You were so cool just now, Luke!”

She mimicked Luke’s posture of drawing and reloading his gun to indicate what she was talking about.

Luke smiled and patted her head. “Of course. I told you that I’m the best fighter among the L.A. police.”

The little monkey chuckled. “I thought you were bragging. Your shooting skills in middle school were far worse than mine.”

Luke said, “It’s been a year since I graduated high school. I’ve improved a lot!”

“Hi, Luke,” someone interjected.

Luke nodded with a smile. “h.e.l.lo, Miss Thompson.”

“Didn’t I say before, just call me Karen.” The blonde Miss Karen Thompson shook his hand.

Luke shook lightly and was going to let go, but Karen was strong, and only let go after two seconds.

Expression unchanged, Luke said with a smile, “It seems the results of all your training have been pretty good.”

Karen said, “It was thanks to Claire. As soon as gunfire broke out, she had us follow the safety rules.”

Luke hummed and looked at Claire. Did this little monkey disclose the safety rules that he had taught her?

Noticing Luke’s gaze, Claire explained, “There are three key points to a student’s safety. It’s very simple.”

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