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35 Chapter 33 Gigantes

Gaia birthed many Gigantes (Gigas for singular), each possessing strength and abilities to oppose the G.o.ds and t.i.tans.

Porphyrion, the bane of Zeus. He was given control over gravity, teleportation, invisibility, and the ability to completely resist electricity.

Polybotes was born to be the bane of Poseidon. He fights with a trident and net with great skill, in mockery of Poseidon, can breathe underwater, manipulate poison, and the ability to create snakes and basilisks to serve him.

Alcyoneus, the eldest Gigas, and the bane of Hades. He has control over the dead, as well as the ability to sense souls. Alcyoneus was given the ability to disrupt s.p.a.ce-time and could not be defeated on land, which he has claimed as his territory. His body is made of jewels and metals found in the earth. He is born to be the most powerful Gigas, as his enemy is as well.

Enceladus, the bane of Athena. He was gifted with great intelligence and intuitiveness towards battle and strategy. With his mind, he can control mortals and lesser beings around him. He also had the ability to breathe fire.

Otis and Ephialtes were twins, born with the sole purpose of manipulating madness amongst the G.o.ds. Gaia credited them as mistakes, as they had no opposition, yet.

Hippolytus, the bane of Hermes, what powers he had were unknown, as he was an idiot and never showed them. Gaia had no way of knowing what they were, or if he even had any.

Clytius, the only Gigas born to be the bane of a t.i.tan, Hecate. Her prowess in magic had put her on the watch list of Gaia. He had the ability to absorb magic and life force. He was also able to create the dark mist, a counterpart to the mist which would absorb the life force of mortals and make them faint. If a mortal is placed too long in the dark mist, they will die. He can only speak through the mist as he has no voice.

Mimas, the bane of Hephaestus, has the ability to make anything in his presence malfunction.

Thoon, born to oppose the Fates. He is arguably the weakest and strongest Gigas, having the power to control destiny.

Orion, born to oppose the twin archers, Apollo and Artemis. With immense skills in archery and hunting, he has enhanced vision and can walk on water without sinking.

Damasen, the bane of Ares. He possessed the ability to heal and can manipulate peace and earth.

Periboia, the bane of Aphrodite. She is immune to love magic, charmspeak, and Aphrodite cannot influence her in any way.

The Gigantes could not be harmed by any weapon of power, and could not be defeated without a G.o.d and demiG.o.d working together.

The G.o.ds have caused so many problems for my mother that she had to give birth to us. I guess I have to thank them in some way. My thanks when I grind them down and feed on their lifeforce.

"When do you plan to attack Olympus, brother?" says Alcyoneus, my elder brother. He himself believes that he should lead since he was the firstborn. Since Zeus was the leader of Olympus, it should be right that I lead the giants. He believes he's the most powerful, but if he was very smart.

"How many times do I have to tell you, we attack when I say we attack. We should gather the monsters first before approaching the mountain," I say to him, every time he asks. He questions my authority at every action I take.

[4 Years Later]

It had been four years since we gathered our army on the Island Rhodes. It is nowhere near done and our father would not help us if he knew what we were doing with the monsters in his realm. He is loyal to Hades for some reason. Hades should be weaker than him, but he still listens to him.

I decided to do some "reconnaissance" in the Garden of the G.o.ds. Teleporting there, I turn invisible to watch and purview my prey. I see many G.o.ddesses and G.o.ds laughing and eating ambrosia, doing nothing to improve my mother's splendour. Some are looking through pools of water observing the mortals that defile the lands. There I see Eros, the G.o.d of love trying to impress other G.o.ddesses with his bow and arrows. It is pleasurable to watch as soon all these lands will be mine.

There in the corner of my view, I see the beautiful G.o.ddess Hera, wife of Zeus. From what I have learned, she is vile, petty, ruinous, beautiful, wonderful, and someone who I can spend my life with. I must have her.

I undo my invisibility and stand to my full height of one hundred feet, double the size of regular G.o.ds. I ran to the G.o.ddess and s.n.a.t.c.hed her and teleported to our home.

While observing the G.o.ds in the garden, Porphyrion was unknowingly struck with an arrow from Ero's bow while the G.o.d showed off his accuracy with it. Whoever is struck by one of them, would fall completely in love with the first person they see, and in this case, it was the G.o.ddess Hera.

Porphyrion teleported back to the island of Rhodes and was met with a fist to the face by his brother Alcyoneus. Alcyoneus grabbed Hera and with the help of Enceladus captured her in golden chains and gagged.

"Have you gone mad, why have you brought a G.o.d here? Do you realise how this will affect our plans?" Alcyoneus was furious as he had heard from his brother Thoon that there was a situation. He was told that the G.o.ds were talking about how not just a moment ago a monster with dragon scaled legs that was twice the size of G.o.ds had kidnapped the wife of Zeus.

"What I do is of no cause for concern. I was just spying on the G.o.ds and when I saw her beauty, I decided to take her as my wife. It is fitting for the wife of the king of the G.o.ds, to be the wife of the king of the Gigantes," says Porphyrion. It was now Polybotes turn to punch him in the face.

"What you did was foolish. Now we have to jump-start our plans for the war. We have only half the army we wanted from Tartarus and we may not get anymore if our father hears about it," Polybotes replies as he worried for the consequences of his king's foolishness.

"If we do not have the army we will create it. Clytius can manipulate magic, we will use his powers to create our own monsters. Our own monsters that will not die. The G.o.ds don't know where we are and we have Clytius to block their view. What we can do is prepare monsters that even the G.o.ds would not face. I have an idea for one already, a monster when you cut off one head you get two," Porphyrion was able to placate his brothers for now. He had his prize, while she looked at him hatefully, he knew she would grow to love him.


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