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36 Chapter 34 The Lion Part 1

The Gigantes were discussing their plans for how to deal with Porphyrion's stupidity and the creation of their monsters. Alcyoneus was the first to speak.

"I am in contact with Echidna as we speak and with Clytius's help, we will be able to let monsters with our attributes be created." Porphyrion had informed his family of his a.s.sociations outside them.

Porphyrion knew, unlike his brothers, that they could never defeat the G.o.ds alone. He had been in contact with many t.i.tans and monsters in Tartarus and had gotten some much-needed information. Information into the creation of monsters, which had led him to Echidna. The mother of monsters herself was very conniving. She wanted her monsters to run free of the G.o.ds. The t.i.tans used her children as fodder and the G.o.ds had trapped them in Tartarus for this. She hated the G.o.ds more than any other being besides Gaia.

Porphyrion wanted to create monsters like no other. His brothers, Alcyoneus and Clytius, and Echidna birthed the first monster. A lion was born with red indestructible skin and fur based on the abilities of Alcyoneus. Towering the mortals, standing at four meters and ten meters long, with half a metre fangs. The monster was able to breathe and infuse fire into its claws. It was immune to heat and fire, making it the perfect predator.

"Arise, my child. Soon, I shall unleash you upon those pesky insects called G.o.ds," Alcyoneus says, as he looks upon his majestic son.

"ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!" The beast's roar echoed throughout the island, filled with hostility, making all nearby monsters faint.

The mind of the beast was designed to kill anything that was not the Gigantes and Echidna. As soon as it was born, it shredded every monster and animal in its surroundings leaving Alcyoneus no choice but to release it. He knew from the monsters that Ares was searching for his mother in Macedonia. This presented the perfect opportunity to test the beast.

War. The domain of fire, violence, death, and destruction. The more these humans fight, the more power I gain from it. I know someday, I will grow even stronger than my father and his siblings. My power has been steadily increasing, especially in these past few years. It is like someone is plotting something big. It's like an itch that won't go away no matter what, I can feel the antic.i.p.ation, the excitement, the hunger for power of whoever wants it. The humans provide me much sustenance, but from what I feel right now, whoever is plotting their war, it's going to be big. Big enough to boost my power to be greater than Zeus.

'My mother has been kidnapped, but it doesn't matter, because I don't really care about her. She was a stupid woman who had no idea how to plan anything, all she does is complain about her cheating husband. I am actually glad she was kidnapped, but I want to face the monster that did it.'

I decided to take a break from searching for my mother in a forest, with some dryads. I was parking my chariot, until I heard something. I made out a noise coming from the distance, but I couldn't make out what it was.

"RHAAAAR!!" In the distance, Ares heard an animal roar, but he didn't recognise it. Turning around and in the distance, he spotted a ma.s.sive beast twice the size of his current form. A 4-metre tall red lion with tusks, the rest of its body expanding more than twice its height. It was sprinting at him alight with fire, or crushed in the beast's path. The G.o.d had no time to prepare.

"AAAHHHHH" the beast was right in front of me swiping its claws at Ares's back. Its claws dug deep into his skin, Golden ichor ran down his body, but the heat from the beast's claws cauterized the wound.

Ares punched the beast and took a few paces back to access the situation. The beast was four meters tall and had red eyes. Ares could feel the heat in its claws and body. This was not a situation the G.o.d had expected to be in. It looked like an oversized lion to him. He noticed his punch did zero damage.

Ares was not one to back down from a fight, but he knew he needed time to recover from his wound from the surprise attack. He took out his sword and hid behind some trees. The G.o.d began to get ready to tussle with the beast.


The lion roared once more, but this time spewed fire from its breath.

The forest was burning around Ares forcing him to go on the offensive against the lion. He struck the beast with his sword.


The impact caused a shockwave throughout the forest. The lion was pushed a hundred meters away having no cut from Ares's slash. It was unharmed, but to Ares, it felt like the beast grew bigger. Ares was sure it was only four meters tall, but now it looked like it was five. It looked even longer at twelve meters.

The lion turned its head and rushed at Ares faster than it previously could antic.i.p.ate and dug its tusks into the G.o.d's shoulder.

"AHHH" The pain was more from the heat of the beast's tusks than the actual wound itself. Even for a G.o.d, the wound would never heal properly. The war G.o.d kept slas.h.i.+ng the beast with his sword, trying desperately for it to let go, but the beast just kept on growing and not stopping. Suddenly, the lion clawed at Ares, injuring his legs and face, and blinding his left eye. The lion finally had enough and threw Ares away, who was getting ready to attack again.

Ares threw fireb.a.l.l.s at the beast in order to slow it down. Much to his effort, the beast now 6 meters tall just ploughed through them, it being immune to fire. The fireb.a.l.l.s caused huge explosions, but they did nothing to the beast.

Ares was losing hope of winning and decided he would retreat, to heal his wounds. He was kneeling down on the ground bleeding ichor excessively. He had no choice, so he did the only thing that came to his mind. Ares. .h.i.t the ground with all his might and created a dust cloud which he used to limp away to his chariot and escape.

I saw Ares retreat and smirked. 'No matter, there will always be a next time. This test was perfect for my child,' as I noticed him shrink back to his normal four meters. I decided it was best for him to be loose, in order to cause chaos and serve as a distraction for the G.o.ds.

Polybotes wanted to create the next beast and from the success of this one, it will be hard-pressed to be surpa.s.sed. I laughed at the memory of the pathetic war G.o.d still lingering within my mind.

The G.o.ds were alarmed when the bleeding Ares came to Olympus, screaming for Apollo. He tried his best, but could not fully heal Ares, leaving many scars on his body. He was able to save Ares's eye, but his vision would be greatly diminished after that battle.

Zeus had called a meeting and put out a reward to anyone that would slay the beast. It was announced to the entire world. Many G.o.ds and mortals though did not even want to go near it in fear of what happened to Ares may happen to them.

One group of mortals were excited at the chance to show themselves to the world. This group was led by Hercules, the demiG.o.d son of Zeus.


I will be creating my own mythology for the giants and monsters. I want the giants and monsters to be stronger. These next chapters will be focused on the demiG.o.ds and giants.


If there is anything that I can change or improve on, please do tell me.

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