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"Only 100 times?" Ajax was first shocked and later became excited.

The reason for his excitement was the sword move in his head looked very simple to him and yet so powerful, so he thought he could easily use the sword technique 100 times and reach level 2 quickly.

Without any delay, he quickly rushed towards the open ground behind the building and found an average-sized tree.

"Let me try the sword technique of a single sword move," Ajax immediately took out a mortal grade sword that he obtained from one of the sect's disciples s.p.a.ce rings.

However, before he could use the sword technique, the small sword in his spirit consciousness came out on its own and sliced through the sword in his hand.

"What?" Ajax wondered why the small sword suddenly came out and destroyed the mortal grade sword.

To his surprise, after slicing the mortal grade sword, the small sword landed in his hands.

"So, you want me to use you instead of that sword?�� He asked, looking at the sword which looked like a small toy in his hands.

"Siiing," For his question the small sword made a small noise as though, it was saying yes to him.

"But, you are very short, I can't even hold the hilt with my fingers," he was flabbergasted at the small sword in his hands.

As soon as he said those words, the small sword in his hands hovered in the air before becoming a 70-80 cm long sword from a 1-inch sword.

"...." Ajax looked at the sword in his hand speechlessly and continued saying, "So, you can change your sizing, cool."

He praised the sword before he started to display the images he saw in his mind earlier and slashed his swords at a tree which was not very large nor very small.

As he slashed at it, he was only able to make a small on the tree.

"Still 99 more to go," Ajax thought in his mind and was about to slash once again.


 The sword technique is only 50 percent perfection

 Please try again


 Current progress for level 2:- 0/100 

As soon as he thought tha the only needed 99 more times, he got a system notification, which made him cry.

"Sigh...only 50 percent perfect," Ajax knew he lacked something in the slash earlier, but he thought, it would be counted as a use.

However, the almighty System didn't go easy on him and didn't count that 50 percent as it wanted him to be 100 percent perfect in performing the sword technique.

Ajax didn't lose his confidence but again imagined the middle-aged man in his head that performed the sword move once again.

" it has to be like this," as though he found something, Ajax excitedly used the sword and aimed at the average-sized tree with his minimum power.


The swords penetrated a few inches deep this time, but still, he felt he lacked something.


 The sword technique is 75 percent perfection

 Please try again.

Just like before, he got the same system notification, but this time, his perfection in the sword technique was more than 25 percent than before.

Seeing the increment in perfection, Ajax was overjoyed and slashed at the tree again, which gave him the same perception rate.

However, he didn't give up; instead he became excited as he sensed that the power in his sword technique had increased this time.

"So, even without the increment in the perfection of the sword technique, there is still a chance to increase the might of the sword technique," At this revelation, he stopped for a moment after pondering he continued for who knows how long.


 The sword technique is 80 percent perfection

 Please try again.


 The sword technique is 85 percent perfection

 Please try again.







With each slash, he managed to improve the perfection in his sword technique slowly.

After continuing for some hours, Ajax finally felt tired and sat on the ground as he gasped for air.


 The sword technique is 95 percent perfection


 The sword technique with a 95 percent perfection is acceptable and can be counted as one use.


 Current progress:- (1/100)


 Continue to work hard host.

Seeing the last unexpected system notification, Ajax felt his previous tiredness fade away.

"Phew, finally it progressed," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief seeing the current progress for reaching level 2 in the sword technique.

He took some rest, before resuming the practicing the sword technique again.




He continued the same set of movements, like slas.h.i.+ng horizontally, bringing backing the sword and again slas.h.i.+ng.

"What a powerful sword move!"

In the distance, Edmond saw the Ajax who was practicing a sword move and praised it.

However, Edmond still wondered how could anyone reach that fluent in the sword in a single day.

"His actions are just like him. If only he was alive, both of them would have become good friends...Sigh," Edmond shook his head and went back to his cultivation before closing the window.

He didn't worry about any's attempt on Ajax as he already asked Udo to protect him from the shadows.

With Udo's protection, only an elite general could do some harm to him, so Edmond didn't worry about Ajax much and started his cultivation.

Just like that, he practiced the whole night in the moonlight slas.h.i.+ng his sword at trees.

In between, he would take some small breaks before starting slas.h.i.+ng once again.

Soon, morning came bringing the first strong rays of sunlight, the ones that bring true warmth.

The birds were chirping and enjoying the cool breeze.

"Uff umf,"

Ajax was dead tired as sweat rolling down his face.

He felt pain all in his hands due to his slas.h.i.+ng action.

That didn't leave his body painless though.

A small aching pain spread all over his body.


 The sword technique is 96 percent perfection.


 Current progress:- 99/100.


 Don't give up now host. Strike while the iron is hot.

Soon a series of system notifications came along with a chime in his head.

"Come out of my head, I will strike you to death then," Ajax was already dead tired, but when he saw the system motivational notification, he scoffed at the System.


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