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Chapter 1188: The Man Who Transcends the World

Ye Wu sighed when he thought of Mo Qingyi. When he saw Ling Chuxi with his own eyes, he sighed again. There really was such a person who loved to eat in this world, and there was more than one. Of course, these were all things for another time.

"I miss her too. I don't know when I'll be able to see her again," said Ling Chuxi.

"I think it'll be soon," said Ye Wu as he looked at Ling Chuxi with eyes that shone with a deeper meaning.

Ling Chuxi's heart was slightly moved. Ye Wu did not seem to have spoken those words casually.

"You guys are also going to Broken Moon City, right? I know a good restaurant there. Their self-brewed plum blossom dew is quite top-notch. We're must have been fated to meet today, so I'll treat everyone to a few drinks," said Ye Wu without mentioning any more about the distant couple.

"Thank you very much, then." When it came to eating and drinking, Ling Chuxi would never hold back. Even if he didn't treat her, she would have gone to the city to experience the local delicacies and local customs anyway.

Jin Buhuan nimbly jumped onto the carriage and drove it into the city. His movements were so light and quick that even Ling Chuxi felt ashamed. Although she knew that this person wasn't ordinary, she didn't expect him to be so skilled. Feng Yan Union was really full of hidden talents.

Although she had met Ye Wu, Feng Yan Union now just seemed even more mysterious to Ling Chuxi. This person looked young, but his eyes seemed to have experienced ten thousand years of vicissitudes. He looked ordinary and seemed engaged when talking to someone, but still gave off an indescribable sense of detachment and estrangement.

He may be right in front of her, and yet he felt like an elusive being.

Apart from him, Ling Chuxi had only got this feeling from Huangfu Qingjue and Mo s.h.i.+li. Ling Chuxi started to cla.s.sify them as the same kind of people. Perhaps they should not exist in this world, but for some reason, they lived in this world. So perhaps that was why they were rather detached from the dealings around them.

However, if that was the case, why did he set up Feng Yan Union? Why did that mysterious organization, which had influence all over the continent and even had an extraordinary status in the Sacred Realm of the Sects, exist?

Ling Chuxi couldn't figure it out, so she didn't bother to think too much about it. Maybe it was because he had lived for so long and grew bored? Just like Mo Kongyuan, perhaps he was bored of being a good guardian. It was after all his personal hobby to travel all over the world, and no one could tell why.

After entering the city, everyone got off the carriage and followed Ye Wu on foot.

Before long, they arrived at the restaurant he had mentioned. Outside the eaves of the house, a small, tattered, triangular flag fluttered in the wind. The word "wine" in the middle had long been mottled and the rest of the phrase was difficult to read, but this effect only added an ancient charm to the place. The small courtyard inside was clean and tidy, making the place look rather elegant.

Soon, someone sent over the plum blossom dew. Just as Ye Wu had said, the fragrance was intoxicating and peerless.

Since the courtyard was rather small and Su Yanhua and the others couldn't bear to disturb the peace, they decided to stay outside. Only Ling Chuxi, Ye Wu, and Su Yizhi took their seats in the courtyard. Since someone was treating, they didn't stand on ceremony. They opened their bellies and drank from the sea. This kind of top-grade wine couldn't be drunk anywhere else.

It was the first time Ling Chuxi felt so relaxed ever since she stepped foot in Qianzhong Ridge. While drinking the plum blossom dew, she chatted with Ye Wu. However, no matter how approachable Ye Wu appeared to be, that ethereal sense of alienation still lingered. He was clearly right in front of her eyes, yet he seemed so far away. No matter how hard she tried, she could not figure out why.

Unknowingly, the sky gradually darkened.

But then, the sky suddenly brightened unnaturally as a white light shot into the sky and spread in all directions. A powerful spiritual energy fluctuation followed as it bubbled and boiled in the air like boiling water.

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