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Chapter 4814 - 4814: The difficulty of mult.i.tasking

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“This is the edge of the virtual sky domain, hundreds of thousands of miles away from the green dawn peak. If I had known that young master Ling would forge a flying spirit weapon, I would have been able to broaden my horizons.” Fang rubao said with a smile.

Once he stepped into the Stardust shuttle, Fang rubao immediately pounced on the control array board like a curious baby, dancing with excitement.

It just so happened that Ling Chuxi wanted to study the martial arts techniques and spells that alchemy Saint Gu had secretly learned, so she taught Fang rubao how to control the Stardust shuttle. When she saw him controlling the Stardust shuttle like a model and flying forward, she became free and went into her room to hide.

The first time she saw Jiang wuhen and Li shaoqiu use this set of martial arts technique, Ling Chuxi already felt that it was profound and difficult to understand. It was completely unlike a heaven domain cultivation technique. Now that she was trying to figure it out herself, the feeling was even more profound.

Many of these martial techniques and spiritual techniques were contrary to the laws of the heavenly domain, and they even gave off a sense of disorder. If he used them separately, they wouldn’t be powerful at all. But if he connected them together, they could be extremely powerful. It seemed like they were connected to the laws of the heavenly domain.

Ling Chuxi had also practiced it over and over again. She had relied on her vision and experience as a divine level expert, in addition to her experience in cultivating all five elements and her comprehension of the heaven and earth Law before she finally discovered this point.

Thinking about how Jiang wuhen and Li shaoqiu had not only practiced this martial arts technique to a decent level, but had also worked together to deduce a set of alchemy techniques that no one had ever done before, Ling Chuxi was even more impressed with the wondrous ideas of the two.

Although the power of this martial art technique was not small when connected, it was not as strong as Ling Chuxi’s grey abyss sword technique, Thunder shaking the nine Heavens. It was even less powerful than the sword point nine provinces. Moreover, it was still incompatible with her own cultivation technique. Ling Chuxi was not interested in integrating it into her own cultivation system for the time being. After she had familiarized herself with it, she would try to integrate it into her own alchemy technique, just like Jiang wuhen and Li shaoqiu. To Ling Chuxi, this was its greatest use. Using one hand to execute a martial art technique while the other hand formed a hand seal, Ling Chuxi felt extremely awkward. In the past, she had also used martial skills and magic techniques in battle, but in the end, those magic techniques originated from the might of the Thunder and fire of the fire leaving Pearl. This was the first time she had used martial skills and magic techniques completely on her own.

He remembered that a long time ago in the human clan’s realm, Ling Chuxi had represented the Golden core sect’s Su clan and Qiu clan in a compet.i.tion of alchemy techniques. She had also been distracted at one time, competing in martial arts techniques and alchemy techniques at the same time, and she did not feel that it was very difficult. Today was the first time she had used both martial arts and alchemy techniques at the same time. Only then did she know how difficult it was and why there were so few cultivators in the heaven domain who cultivated both martial arts and alchemy.

After practicing for less than an hour, Ling Chuxi felt her head full of sweat. Not only was it difficult to coordinate her martial arts techniques and spells, but even the circulation of her vital Qi had become extremely slow. The qi and blood in her chest were also churning and she felt nauseated.

If it was anyone else who had encountered such a situation, they would have fallen into Qi deviation if they were not careful. It was only because Ling Chuxi had already swallowed a few leaves of the heaven and earth bamboo that she was able to avoid the danger of Qi deviation.

Continuing like this was not a solution, so Ling Chuxi decisively stopped.

During the compet.i.tion at the Golden elixir sect, martial arts techniques and alchemy techniques did not conflict with each other, so it was not too difficult to divide one’s attention into two. However, the situation was different now. Whether it was the route of vital Qi circulation or the way they were used, martial arts techniques and magic techniques were completely different. They even restricted each other, so it was definitely not an easy task to use them together in tacit cooperation..

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Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 4814: The difficulty of multitasking summary

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