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Chapter 5000: A woman dressed as a man, Chuxi

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In fact, with his half-Zun cultivation, even if he was more seriously injured, he should have almost recovered in such a short time. However, anyone would have some psychological shadow when encountering such a thing.

“l have some healing panaceas here. You should feel better after taking them.” Ling Chuxi laughed to herself and threw a spiritual pill at him.

Qi Tian took the spirit pill and swallowed it after a moment of hesitation. If Ling Chuxi wanted to harm him, there would be no need to save him earlier. He understood this point very quickly.

“Yes, the effects of this spirit pill are not bad. I feel fine now.” Qi Tian said as he straightened his back after taking the spirit pill, and his entire body felt warm and comfortable.

Of course, it was not bad. This spiritual pill was specially refined by Ling Chuxi after she advanced to the honored level. The spiritual herbs used were from the heavenly divination sect’s collection. The technique she used was also comprehended from Qin yixue’s hands. Its effect was already far beyond the heaven domain’s G.o.d-level spiritual pills. To be honest, it was a waste to use it to treat his injuries.

“I’m Qi Tian, what’s your name?” Qi Tian asked.

“Ling Chuxi. ”

“Yes, brother Ling, thank you for saving me just now. If you didn’t help me, I might have been killed by Lu Weidong and the others. No words can express my grat.i.tude for such a great favor. Brother Ling, l, Qi Tian, will remember this favor and will definitely repay it in the future. ” Qi Tian said gratefully.

His hand naturally patted Ling Chuxi’s shoulder and even gave it a squeeze.

Ever since she was young, no one had ever dared to touch Ling Chuxi. She almost slapped him, but just as she raised her hand, she noticed that he was talking about brother Ling. Only then did she remember that in front of the venerable realm, her mother had given her a bangle. This bangle was a magical treasure that could change a person’s gender when she wore it. Ling Fenghua was afraid that Ling Chuxi would come to the venerable realm where experts were as common as clouds. She was also a beautiful woman. He was afraid that someone would have evil intentions towards her, so he gave her this magic treasure. At this moment, Ling Chuxi was a handsome and elegant young man with red lips and white teeth.

Only then did Ling Chuxi come back to her senses. Her current appearance was that of a man, so when the other party called her brother Ling, she directly patted his shoulder to show her closeness and grat.i.tude.

Ling Chuxi recalled this matter, so she retracted her hand that was about to hit Qi Tian.

“By the way, brother Ling, it’s said that there’s a treasure in this Lanxin Valley. Why don’t we go look for it together? at that time, we’ll split it 50 – 50, and it’ll be considered as my thanks to you. How about it?” Qi Tian did not notice Ling Chuxi’s strange expression and continued to speak.

At first glance, he was the kind of person who didn’t have any schemes at all.

He was so quick with his words that he immediately thought of repaying her. “What treasure?” Ling Chuxi asked. She moved her shoulders without a sound and avoided his hand.

Although this fellow’s eyes were clear and he did not have any bad intentions, and he also thought that Ling Chuxi was a man, she was still very repulsed by other men being so intimate with her.

“Just follow me. In short, it’s an amazing treasure. It wasn’t easy for me to find a clue.” Qi Tian’s face was mysterious and a little proud, like a child showing off his new toy to his playmate.

“Alright, let’s go and take a look.” Ling Chuxi had just arrived at the venerable realm and was also a little interested in the treasures that Qi Tian had mentioned.

Qi Tian led the way. As soon as they entered the valley, he took out a formation disk and started fiddling with it.

Ling Chuxi noticed that although the runes on this array disc were similar to the ones she had refined, the way they were arranged was completely different. If one looked at it from the perspective of the heaven domain’s laws, such an array disc would not be able to be activated at all.

However. the situation was clearly different in the venerable realm. With Qi

Tian’s hand seals, the formation plate flashed with all sorts of illusory lights and intense nomological laws fluctuations appeared in the surroundings..

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