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Chapter 518: As a Qualified Cheat

Ling Chuxi was entirely without fear. They want to battle so badly? Then fine, let’s battle!

“She’s at Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage? How is that possible? When she left Rejuvenation Valley, she was only at Great Fulfilment Intermediate stage. How did she leap pa.s.s the Great Fulfilment Advance stage to directly arrive at the Pinnacle stage?” muttered a man in black robes behind the shadow of a huge rock nearby. He could feel that strong might emitting from within the carriage and could not help but feel surprised.

“The secret skills of the Golden Pill Sect is indeed out of the ordinary. No wonder Miss did not hesitate to go beyond the rules and insist on getting the knowledge belonging to the Su family’s stream. It is a pity that we are taking action a little late so we have to sort through a little more trouble,” said another black-robed man with a sigh.

“What should we do now?” asked the first black-robed man.

“As per Miss’ orders, we’ll kill her to remove any risk of future troubles permanently, then s.n.a.t.c.h away the secret skill of the Golden Pill Sect. If we succeed, it can also be considered that we have made a great contribution to our sect,” replied the second black-robed man.

“Yes, My Lord!” Even after detecting Ling Chuxi’s current cultivation level, the few of them did not show the least bit of worry and definitely not the least bit of fear.

“Remember, let’s make this an absolute kill in one strike. We absolutely cannot leave even a trace for her to have any hold over us,” instructed the first black-robed man.

Jiang When raised the horsewhip as he directed the carriage forward, yet when he lifted his head to look at the road once again, he saw four black-robed men standing in front of him, blocking the road. Their appearance was too sudden, as if they had suddenly popped up out of the ground. The steed and carriage were quickly reined to a halt.

The sun in the sky above was warm, the birds were singing and flowers in the forest were in full bloom. However, contrasting to the lovely surroundings, these men had strong murderous intents radiating from them and the air beside them seemed to have frozen under low temperatures.

“Big brothers, if you are here for a robbery then I am really sorry. I am just a poor fortune teller and there really isn’t any money I can spare to respect your intentions.” As a qualified cheat, Jiang Wuhen was also considered to have seen many things and had a vast knowledge of various types of happenings. He could tell that these visitors were by no means benevolent. While forcing himself to act calm and put on a smile, his skittish eyes were roaming all around, trying to find a way to escape.

The black-robed men did not say anything, they merely stared at Jiang Wuhen with sharp swordlike gazes, directly into the depths of his mind. Jiang Wuhen felt his heart chill and his limbs could not help but tremble. He could not even muster the courage to jump off the carriage and escape.

“You are all people from Cold Moon Palace?” asked Ling Chuxi calmly as she looked at the men. Two of them were at Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage, and the other two were at stages unfathomable to her. It could be reckoned that they were at the realm of True Essence. Without having to say it, it was easily deduced that only a sect such as Cold Moon Palace would be able to send a.s.sasins with this kind of ability. How generous of them. Ling Chuxi secretly lamented in her heart that things were not looking good. Previously, though she had noticed that there were people waiting to ambush her, she never thought that their cultivation would actually be so strong. Although she had been promoted to Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage, Ling Yichen had not yet, and there was even an additional burden in the form of Jiang Wuhen!

The four black-robed men did not say anything as their gazes locked onto Ling Chuxi’s and the murderous intent radiating from them became even thicker.

Ling Chuxi’s heart sank. If the other party opened their mouths to talk, then at least there was some hope of there being some kind of a plot she could have room to turn around. But if the other party remained silent like this, then it meant they carried the determination to definitely kill her. The only reason they had yet to attack was simply because they were gathering their cultivation and waiting for the right opportunity to kill her with just one strike.

“What do you want? The Su family’s stream of secretly inherited skills, or are you after something else?” Ling Chuxi spoke while secretly forming the Turning Cloud Gesture. Ling Chuxi did not know how strong the might of the Turning Cloud Gesture would be when combined with the Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage spiral Battle Qi, but if she were to make a guess, then even if there was no hope of winning, this should at least be enough to enable Ling Yichen to grab onto a chance of escaping with his life.

The other party remained silent as their hands slowly enclosed around the hilt of their swords.

“Aren’t you all afraid of breaking the rules set by the various sects and bringing about the annihilation of Cold Moon Palace?” asked Ling Chuxi coldly.

“If we kill all of you, there would naturally be no one else who knows about this,” said the black-robed man in the lead finally. But even before he completed his sentence, the sword in his hand came piercing towards Ling Chuxi like a light piercing through dense clouds in the sky.

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