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Chapter 529: There are Always Unexpected Surprises

“Little Chuxi, Yichen, you guys are back!” exclaimed the fifth elder in delight when he saw Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen. By coincidence, he was coming downstairs from a higher floor when he ran into them.

“Fifth Elder, how is Second Elder?” asked Ling Chuxi anxiously.

“Second Elder is fine. He’s still the same old, same old,” replied the fifth elder, feeling a little baffled by the worry in Ling Chuxi’s expression.

“It’s good if he’s fine, it’s good,” replied Ling Chuxi hurriedly. Feeling relieved, she quickly made her way upstairs.

“Master, you are back,” said Luo Li, who was standing guard in Second Elder’s room. He quickly went over to welcome Ling Chuxi. Fu Chengyu was also here by Second Elder’s side.

In the room, Second Elder lay on his bed with both his eyes closed. Almost half a year had pa.s.sed and yet his face did not have the pallor of him being bedridden for too long. Instead, there was even a faint blush, making him look as though he was merely in a deep sleep.

“You must have suffered much to have provided such good care,” said Ling Chuxi to Luo Li. Second Elder has been lying down for half a year, yet his bodily functions have not deteriorated badly. It was all thanks to Luo Li’s daily conditioning.

“I have just tried to the best of my humble abilities. Your Master came over twice and helped soothe Second Elder’s meridians. Otherwise, just relying on my medical skills alone would have been insufficient to have done all these things,” replied Luo Li humbly.

It turns out that Mu Liufeng had also contributed to Second Elder’s care. Only now was Ling Chuxi enlightened to this fact.

“Little Chuxi, did you manage to find the Crisis Reverse Pill?” asked the fifth elder who had followed closely behind them.

“Yes, I did.” Ling Chuxi took out the jade bottle that contained the pill.

The fifth elder took the jade bottle from Ling Chuxi and was just about to give the pill to Second Elder.

“Wait a moment,” said Ling Chuxi, stopping the fifth elder. The higher the quality of the pill, the stronger its medicinal properties. Since the second elder was currently badly wounded, weak and unable to replenish his own energy, taking the pill now might be no different than swallowing poison.

The fifth elder did not possess medical skills, but upon seeing Ling Chuxi’s solemn expression, he still immediately stopped.

Ling Chuxi dug out her gold needles and used the acupuncture and application methods to clear out the second elder’s meridians and at the same time send weak threads of Battle Qi into his body.

Seeing Ling Chuxi’s exquisite acupuncture and application methods, Luo Li’s eyes lit up. Fu Chengyu was also secretly surprised. Luo Li could tell that Ling Chuxi’s medical skills had improved quite a bit as compared to before. For sure, she had some fortuitous encounter went she went to Rejuvenation Valley resulting in her medical skills improving substantially. As for Fu Chengyu, he could tell that this set of medical methods was in and of itself a set of amazingly strong martial arts techniques that could be used for more than just treating diseases and curing sicknesses.

Seeing Ling Chuxi’s slightly weary, yet still beautiful face, Fu Chengyu could not help but lament in his heart. The more he understood about Ling Chuxi, the more mysterious she came off as. This young maiden had endless potential hidden with her and could always give people unexpected surprises.

Under the stimulation of Ling Chuxi’s Battle Qi, more color returned to the second elder’s face, making him look more alive. And as for Ling Chuxi, fine drops of sweat were glistening on her head, obviously the depletion of energy this method consumed was great.

Seeing that the condition of Second Elder’s body was now about right, Ling Chuxi opened the jade bottle and put the Crisis Reverse Pill into his mouth. The pill melted down in his mouth and everyone could clearly feel that a thick vitality appeared from the second elder’s body. A warm dewy glow like that of a new-born baby’s appeared on Second Elder’s ageing face.

The medicinal powers of the pill flowed to the various parts of Second Elder’s body through his meridians. Then his body suddenly began twitching violently and a shade of pain was revealed on his face.

Ling Chuxi’s heart sank. Although she had already made preparations, she never thought that the Crisis Reverse Pill’s medicinal powers were actually so strong. It was obvious that the second elder’s meridians were a little unable to withstand it.

Ling Chuxi immediately gathered her concentration and urged on her Battle Qi to protect the second elder’s meridians.

“Do you need my help?” asked Fu Chengyu a little guiltily when he saw the fine drops of sweat on Ling Chuxi’s head.

A gentle Battle Qi appeared between Fu Chengyu’s fingers. Battle Qi in the realm of Great Fulfilment! Fu Chengyu had also broken through in this period of time she was away!

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