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Chapter 829: The Fine Line Between Life And Death

“Although the Martial Path Area is strong, it also has many shortcomings, which can even become fatal,” Cang Yuan reminded Ling Chuxi when he saw her getting excited.

“What?” Ling Chuxi forced herself to calm down at his serious tone.

“When the strong meet, life and death is but a fine line away. If you use the area but are unable to restrain your opponent, it can be fatal. If you don’t have absolute confidence or you are out of choices, you’d better not use the technique,” Cang Yuan said firmly.

“Oh, got it. I won’t use it casually.” Ling Chuxi nodded solemnly. Cang Yuan had a good point. When the strong exchanged blows, they couldn’t afford to get distracted. If they used the area without having an advantage over their opponent, it would indeed be a dead end. However, it was only limited to face-to-face battles, unless… An evil smile slowly curved Ling Chuxi’s lips.

“Also, I’ve tempered your Luo Chen Sword for you. We’ll collect the Cang Yuan remnant in a few days,” Cang Yuan said to Ling Chuxi.

“So soon?” Ling Chuxi exclaimed in surprised delight, immediately perking up.

“Yes. You should rest well for now and improve your condition. We’ll go in a few days,” Cang Yuan said.

As they were conversing, the fight on the field came to an end.

Just as Cang Yuan had said, Lu Chengfeng didn’t have the Core of Martial Path, and he had suppressed his own cultivation. He was firmly bound by the Celestial Area, and could only pa.s.sively take a beating. Although Duan Xiaomo’s Battle Qi was only at Level 6 or 7, and he could not harm him lethally, Lu Chengfeng felt so angry and anxious and embarra.s.sed that he fainted on the spot. As a descendant of Lu Jiantang, the number one expert in the Sacred Realm of Sects in the past, and also being from a long line of guest elders of the Celestial Sect, he hadn’t suffered such humiliation since young, and couldn’t take it.

Duan Xiaomo also stopped, but his mind still remained in the scene of the battle. It seemed like he had gained some new enlightenment, and without saying a word, he went to the middle of the sea of flowers and sat down cross-legged, rapidly entering a meditative state.

No one expected that this match, with opponents at such vastly different levels, would end in such a way. Duan Feiyu was relieved, but also troubled. He quickly carried Lu Chengfeng back to his bedroom with the other disciples of the Celestial Sect, wondering how to comfort him when he woke up. After all, the relations.h.i.+p between the Lu family and the Celestial Sect was very special, and shouldn’t become strained over such a small matter.

Other disciples of the Su family continued to compete, and Lan Xinyu and the others joined in too. Ling Chuxi wasn’t interested in watching the compet.i.tion, so she went back to her room early to rest. She planned to practice Cang Yuan’s cultivation method for the next few days, and make sure she was in good condition to search for that sword of the Golden Pill Sect.

At night, everyone had fallen into a deep sleep, and the Golden Pill Sect was quiet. Only the disciples on duty patrolled around, and the faint sound of footsteps could occasionally be heard.

Ling Chuxi sat on the bed and touched the Luo Chen Sword in her hands. After being tempered by Cang Yuan, the surface of Luo Chen Sword did not look different, but if one observed carefully, the sword body was as transparent as water, without any impurities. Its aura was also less cold, and more reserved and solemn.

“Looks good!” Ling Chuxi gently stroked the body of the sword admiringly. Even those so-called peerless swords that had been tempered by famous craftsmen couldn’t be compared with the Luo Chen Sword in terms of quality.

“Good? At most, it can only be considered the best amongst ordinary swords.” Although he had tempered it, Cang Yuan didn’t feel proud at all, and scoffed disdainfully.

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Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 829 - The Fine Line Between Life And Death summary

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