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After tapping on the product market, his view was suddenly filled with black. Starting to panic, Ensen began to look around rapidly but still only saw the black void.

After a few seconds, an office room with a large oak desk with two chairs on either side. In one of the chairs, was a black silhouette similar to what he had seen previously. In the other chair was a severely confused Ensen, seemingly not realizing what just happened. Ensen remained frozen in place for a few seconds from shock before he came to.

Noticing his sudden predicament, Ensen quickly rubbed his eyes to try to calm himself down. Quickly a.n.a.lyzing his surroundings, Ensen noticed he was sitting in a rather comfortable black office chair. Looking at the desk in front of him, he noticed the black silhouette and a large modern-looking diamond nameplate. The plate had the words 'Supreme Academy System' carved into it with elegant letters.

Looking around the room further, Ensen noticed several large paintings were hung up around the place. The paintings themselves seemed old and very dated. Hung right above the silhouette's head was a simple painting that said 'Live Laugh Love'.

Trying to ignore how out of place that painting looked, he turned his head to the silhouette and waited for him to speak, thinking it would introduce himself.

After staring at the silhouette for a few seconds he realized that wasn't the case.

Raising his voice, Ensen asked, "How does this work system?".

A blue box emerged from the void in front of Ensen to explain the functionality of the room.

[Similar to the Skill generation and acquisition dimension, this is the Product creation dimension. Nearly any product you imagine can be actualized and created both through your thoughts. There are no practical limits on what you can create as long as you have the correct amount of education points to back it up. Unlike the Skill generation and acquisition dimension, however, there will be multiple versions created of the item you request so you can choose your preference. While they are all functionally identical, the layout, style, and many other appearances things will be different.]

"If I can create basically anything, does that mean I can sell the items in the real world?" Ensen said, trying to find a loophole like before.

But unfortunately, the system was seemingly prepared for it.

[As indicated on the terms of service you previously signed, you may not directly earn profit from the items. Indirect profit such as creating a building that is used to earn a profit is fine, but selling the building will lead to consequences depending on the severity.]

"Wait, what terms of service? I didn't sign anything." He said with a confused tone.

[The system has signed the terms of service for you as it signing it is required when gaining full access to the system, it was signed a short while ago. Your welcome.] The system displayed in a new blue box with a mocking tone.

'Is this its way to get revenge for me cheating it?' Ensen thought downcast. He would have signed the terms of service either way though, as he didn't have much capital towards negotiations if any at all.

Turning his attention away from the issue, Ensen began thinking about how he would repair the existing schoolhouse.

"Do you perform repairs on buildings?" Ensen said curiously.

[While the system will perform repairs and maintenance, that offer is only for objects the system has created. Maintenance done on objects created by humanity often have innumerable flaws and redundancies that make it annoying and tedious to maintain.] The system responded bluntly.

"So you won't do maintenance on things you haven't made because it's annoying?" Ensen said, not believing his ears. The sheer laziness of the system astounded him.

[That is correct. It is inefficient and a waste of energy to maintain something so horribly designed and crafted.] The system said not bothering to hide his obvious contempt towards humanity's craftmans.h.i.+p.

"So if I were to say… ask if you could repair and maintain the school building on my school grounds your answer would be..." Ensen asked, trying to frame the question as a hypothecal.

[My answer would obviously be no.] The system responded without missing a beat.

'Good thing it doesn't always read my thoughts.' Ensen thought happily. Throughout the past few days, Ensen noticed that the system actually left him some privacy by not constantly listening to his thoughts. Mainly when he was already doing an activity or talking openly to it such as now.

Deciding to test the functionality of the shop, Ensen stopped their conversation and began thinking of SilverLeaf Academy, the formal private Academy he worked at before he was fired. Sensing the intent from Ensen, the system began listening and interpreting his thoughts.

After thinking about the building for around a minute, a blue box appeared before him.

Taking a closer look, Ensen noticed the blue box that looked like a computer monitor.

The layout on the monitor was quite familiar to him. It seemed similar to the plot listing site he had been on previously with some slight changes.

There were pictures of every room from different angles. While the pictures had been staged with furniture and other props, he wasn't sure if they would be included in the final purchase.

Using his finger, he swiped up to move the page down similar to a phone. There were a few things that caught his eyes. Foremost, there were two purchase b.u.t.tons. One of the b.u.t.tons was for the building furnished, and the other was an unfurnished version.

[SilverLeaf Academy main building unfurnished: 500 Ep][SilverLeaf Academy main building furnished: 1,000 Ep]

Ensen was surprised at how cheap the unfurnished version actually was. The building was actually quite large and had many rooms. In comparison with the skills, it seemed like a much better deal.

"System, why is the furnished version double the price of the unfurnished? Shouldn't the furniture be not too expensive?" Ensen asked in slight confusion.

[All objects are made by the system and given at a discount due to a large number of items. Without the discount, the total price of the furnished building would be increased by several times. But as previously stated, the materials for creating the object must be gathered by the host for the object to be created.]

Nodding in understanding, Ensen turned his attention to the other thing that caught his eye. It was a description of the building itself.

[Built with a modern layout and a large student body in mind, this building combines the elements into a reasonably well-designed school. There are no irregularities or oddities in the layout. Due to the building being built quite a few years ago, it is not currently up to date with current trends. The building has large entry-ways but is closed-concept by design.]

Intrigued by the evaluation done by the system, Ensen decided to check the already existing school building he had to compare it to see if it was worth trying to save.

Once again imagining the school building for around a minute, the blue box in front of him refreshed, filled with the information about his schoolhouse now.

Looking at the pictures, Ensen noticed that the building itself looked like it was built just yesterday. The walls and floors were spotless.

Scrolling past the pictures taken by the system, he turned his attention to the prices given by the system.

[Unnamed Academy main building unfurnished: 20 Ep][Unnamed Academy main building furnished: 40 Ep]

Taken aback by the price point, Ensen began reading the description left by the system. As he read more of the description his face began to frown heavily. His cheeks also lit up in embarra.s.sment from the harsh critique.

[This abomination of a building was constructed with no care. There are several horribly designed rooms and some essential rooms that are non-existing. There is no bathroom, cafeteria, or place to eat. While the cafeteria is not necessarily essential, it is a large part of every school as it facilitates both the income and care of students. The only practical place to eat in the building is in the cla.s.sroom or outdoors. But there is no outdoor seating. The layout is bizarre and seems like it was not considered when it was constructed. This disgrace of a building is unfit for use as a school.]

With an awkward smile, Ensen thought to himself 'So it really is that bad, huh?'.

Although Ensen was still undecided about what to do about his schoolhouse, he no longer had the desire to save the building. The system was right, after all, it had no business being a school. It was simply too impractical and was missing several features. Not many students would be willing to attend education at such an ill-designed building.

With various ideas filling his head, Ensen decided to check the Auction House before making any big decisions. He wanted to get all the information and benefits he could after all.

Ensen quickly opened up the menu while staring at the live laugh love painting, trying not to laugh.

[Ensen Fuentes]

[Education Points: 18]

[Academy Rank: Null]

[Age: 27]

[Math average: C]

[Science average: F-]

[English average: F-]

[Foreign language average: F-]

[Sports average: F-]

[Teaching average: D+]

[administration average: D-]


[Skill Market]

[Product Market]

[Auction House]

With a gentle touch, Ensen clicked on the final shop.

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