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Chapter 394: Side Story 14: It Was A Success!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Repair damaged organs? Even the adhesive cell wouldn’t be able to do that, how was it possible for her to be saved?

Even though Zhu Yuan was the one who said this, Ye Xuan’s attending doctor still didn’t believe it. He turned to look at Xiao Yichen and Tan Yongsi, his voice grave and serious as he repeated his words, “Are you sure you want the patient to die in pain?”

Outside the emergency room, there were also family members of other patients waiting.

“It’s better to let her pa.s.s in peace, why would you want to drag out her suffering right before her death?” Someone looked at Tan Yongsi, chiding her.

Tan Yongsi looked back at the doctor’s face, calm and collected compared to before. “As long as there’s a slight chance, I won’t give up. The only regret I will have is never taking the chance I had to save her!”

“You’re right.” At the end of this corridor, it was an elevator. The door opened just as she said that, and a cold, clear voice rang out from it, catching everyone’s attention.

Two figures stood in the elevator, a man and a woman. The man was wearing a crisp, white s.h.i.+rt and gray slacks, and he had sharp, distinct facial features. He was tall and extremely good looking, and you could feel the majestic and n.o.ble aura that he exuded with one glance. The woman was also wearing snow-white clothes, and against her pale-white skin, it was hard to tell which one was fairer. Her delicate facial features were as pretty as a picture.

Gu Xiqiao narrowed her eyes at the attending doctor. “No matter what the time is, as a doctor who wields a scalpel, you shouldn’t give up on a patient on the operating table.”

Her eyes were indifferent as it gazed at all the doctors who were present.

Her gaze was obviously not piercing, and it could even be said to be peaceful, yet the doctors all didn’t dare to look directly into those clear, bright eyes.

What people were worried about were the many diseases out there, while doctors worried about how few treatments to those mentioned diseases.

Her eyes were too clear and bright, and perhaps the doctors felt the guilt stabbing at their hearts at her words, and didn’t dare to look at Gu Xiqiao.

Tan Yongsi had been stunned to the spot the moment Gu Xiqiao had made an appearance.

She probably never expected to see Gu Xiqiao appear at this time.

“Do you believe me?” Gu Xiqiao finally turned her attention towards Tan Yongsi.

Tan Yongsi had not shed a single tear since this matter had started, and she didn’t know why, she suddenly started crying. She sniffed, and cried through her tears as she looked at Gu Xiqiao, “Yes, I believe, I do!”

Tan Yongsi first knew about Gu Xiqiao because her mother liked her very much. Until now, she could still clearly remember that her mom had said in the darkest moment of her life, it was because of Gu Xiqiao’s interview that had shed light in her life and she survived because of that, going on to having Tan Yongsi after that.

Perhaps Gu Xiqiao wasn’t aware just how many people had been affected by the phrase that she had said that day, ‘You’re not living right if you’re not crazy’, and how many people she had pulled out of the darkness with it, saving their lives. (T/N: Referring back to Chapter 354, the author says, 不疯魔,不成活, which can basically mean ‘nothing short of obsession will bring you success’.)

If she couldn’t even believe in Gu Xiqiao, then Tan Yongsi didn’t know who else she could possibly believe in.

“That’s good.” Gu Xiqiao snapped her fingers.

Seeing that she looked like she was about to enter the operating theatre, the attending doctor moved to block the door immediately. “What nonsense are you talking about? You’re just a silly little girl, and you dare to boast shamelessly about entering the operating room? Do you know what state the patient is in there?”

“Pft.” Before Gu Xiqiao could say anything, a chuckle came from the end of the corridor.

Zhu Yuan and Hua Youlin were leading a medical team over, and the older man’s lips were curled up in a smile. He looked at the attending doctor who just spoke. “A silly little girl? You’re the founder of the world’s top medical laboratory that she’s shamelessly boasting about saving someone? This is the biggest joke I’ve heard this year.”

Zhu Yuan wasn’t the only one laughing, Hua Youlin and the medical team behind them were also snickering. Zhu Yuan was right, that was the best joke any one of them had heard in the entire year!

The attending doctor never imagined that Zhu Yuan would turn up in person, but what shocked him even more were the words that he had just uttered. What did he just say? The founder of the world’s top medical laboratory? This silly little girl in front of him?! How was that possible?!

The medical laboratory had been in existence for at least twenty years, and the girl in front of him looked to be around twenty.

Hua Youlin didn’t speak to him any further, handing a set of sterile clothing to Gu Xiqiao instead, greeting her quietly under his breath, “Sister Gu.”

“How can all of you mess around in the city hospital like this… ugh…” The attending doctor was pulled aside by Jiang Yirui before he could complete his sentence.

Gu Xiqiao led the group of people into the operating theatre.

“Beauty Gu, this is the first time I’ll be working with you on the same stage, I’m so excited,” Zhu Yuan said, the tone of his voice clearly conveying how excited he felt. Then, he turned to the person beside him. “Did you bring the recording device?”

“The audio recorder?”

“It’s been prepared.”

“Is there a live broadcast?”


It went on for a short while, and when Zhu Yuan was done with his questions, he was the last one to enter the theatre. Before he did, his eyes fell on Tan Yongsi, who was standing at the side and watching them. He chuckled. “Don’t worry, this team of people will save her even if she’s already dead.”

Having said that, Zhu Yuan entered the room, and the gla.s.s door was closed behind him.

Tan Yongsi stood next to the gla.s.s door. Her heart that had been dull and anxious slowly calming down. She turned around, looking at Xiao Yichen, seeing that the other seemed to have already let go of all her worries early on.

“Sisi, don’t worry. With Beauty Gu here, Xuan Xuan won’t suffer a single bit.” Xiao Yichen patted her on the shoulder. “Believe me.”

Jiang Shuxuan stood beside Jiang Yirui. The two figures looked alike, standing next to each other, however, Jiang Shuxuan’s figure was obviously more distinct than the younger man’s.

“You can’t even protect your own people properly, and you have to have your mother to clean up the mess for you in the end.” Jiang Shuxuan raised an eyebrow slightly. His eyes were as cold as snow, deep like an abyss, and there was also a hint of contempt in them.

“My Beauty Gu is the one who’s cleaning up the mess, not you…” Jiang Yirui’s heart that was practically hanging on a thread could finally be at peace. He couldn’t help but touch his nose at Jiang Shuxuan’s words.

Jiang Shuxuan looked in the direction of the emergency room, a sliver of mental power already stretched out into the room, paying attention to everything that was happening in it. On the outside, he still remained indifferent as he replied, “If you really intend to continue to develop, then you should clean up that shadow in the entertainment industry.”

“The entertainment industry?” Jiang Yirui furrowed his brows. “Who?”

“That Yang Beini. She was waiting for you in front of the hospital entrance today to see you. I had the bodyguards throw her into the bureau.” Jiang Shuxuan wanted to light up a cigarette, but remembered that they were in the hospital, he shoved it back in his pockets. “With such EQ, how are you supposed to be an emperor?”

“That’s why I died after just taking the position for not even three years.” Jiang Yirui couldn’t help but smile, not bothered about the insult at all. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to touch my beauty at all.”

Jiang Shuxuan leaned against the wall, his voice dropping to below freezing. “Say it again, and I’ll throw you into confinement.”

If it were in the past, Jiang Yirui would definitely not feel threatened by the threat. It wasn’t a big deal to be detained for a few days, but now, as he glanced at Tan Yongsi’s direction, he backed down. “Fine.”

If he couldn’t call her ‘my beauty’, then he’d just call her ‘Beauty Gu’.

“Wait a second, what’s with Yang Beini? Do I know her?” Jiang Yirui scratched his head, not recalling anyone with the name.

Jiang Shuxuan shot him a flat look, not replying.

While the surgery was ongoing inside the operating theatre, Ye Xuan’s attending doctor was standing outside the door. He still didn’t believe that torn and broken organs could be repaired!

At this moment, the elevator door slid open with a ‘ding’ again, and a group of people in white coats came rus.h.i.+ng out from it. Seeing the dean of the hospital at the head of these people, Ye Xuan’s attending doctor immediately stepped forward. “Dean, you absolutely can’t tolerate this. Inside, she’s…”

Before he could finish speaking, the dean walked past him, stopping in front of Jiang Shuxuan. “Young Master Jiang.”

The man raised his head, looking at the dean who was already old and gray, standing in front of him. He straightened up, his previously furrowed brows smoothing out and melting into a more gentle expression. “You’re here for her?”

“That’s right, Miss Gu and the others have been researching a medicine that allows cells to perform self recovery.” The dean’s face lit up when he spoke about this matter, even his eyes were sparkling. “If this succeeds, the lifespan of people will be extended.”

There was a flash of surprise in Jiang Shuxuan’s eyes as he turned in the direction of the gla.s.s door.

At the same time, the door opened up, revealing Hua Youlin’s excited expression. “Dean, you’re here? Hurry and come in!”

The dean’s face lit up even more if possible, and hurriedly entered the emergency room, ignoring Jiang Shuxuan. He asked anxiously as he walked, “Has there been a breakthrough? Has the medicine for self-recovery been discovered?”

“It’s almost done. Miss Gu is doing the final fusion…” Hua Youlin’s voice trailed off as the door closed behind them.

Watching so many people enter the room again, Tan Yongsi and Xiao Yichen became anxious.

Ten minutes later, the elevator opened once again, revealing Meng Yunzhao this time.

She was obviously out of breath and looked harried, panting for breath as she came to a stop in front of them. Her eyes were red and her voice was trembling as she asked, “What happened? What’s happened to Xuan Xuan?”

“Xuan Xuan is inside, I don’t know what’s the situation now…” Tan Yongsi was just about to finish her words, when the gla.s.s door to the emergency room opened. A female nurse walked out, and her eyes landed on Meng Yunzhao. “Student Meng, Miss Gu has requested for you to come in.”

“Miss Gu?” Meng Yunzhao was taken aback. “Miss Gu is inside?”

The female nurse seemed to be looking at Meng Yunzhao with envy and admiration in her eyes, and she held out a set of sterile clothing towards the other. “That’s right, Miss Gu is inside.”

Not long after Meng Yunzhao entered, Gu Xiqiao came out.

Jiang Shuxuan walked to her side, taking the head covering that she took off, as well as the sterile clothing.

“Everyone, her condition has stabilized. However, because we had to perform craniotomy, it will be a few days before she wakes up. Someone will be along to explain everything to you later.” Gu Xiqiao smiled faintly at them, then went out with Jiang Shuxuan.

The attending doctor who was still standing at the side of the door was muttering to himself after hearing Gu Xiqiao’s word, his tone clearly one of disbelief, “How is that possible? How can damaged organs fuse themselves? This is definitely not real!”

Just as he said that, the door to the emergency room opened once again. Ye Xuan was rolled out first, and a group of extremely excited doctors followed.

The attending doctor grabbed one of the nurses and asked, “Was the operation successful?”

“It was a success!” The nurse’s face was flushed red in excitement. .”As soon as the result of this research comes out, our lifespan can be extended by at least ten years! If we continue to work hard in this direction, we’ll definitely achieve even more success after this!”

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