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Chapter 310 Sniffing Out A Item On Lin Jiali's Body

After all, how could Su Yang resolve his hatred if he didn't give this sc.u.m in this industry a lesson?

Director w.a.n.g was taking his money, sleeping with the actresses in the crew, and almost ruined his project that could jeopardize the completion of his silver mission. He even coerced the interns in his company!

Su Yang wasn't someone to be messed with. Whatever transgressions made against him must be doubled in return!

He had already instructed Little Deeny to get in touch with the best lawyer in Shanghai. He'd hire that lawyer to go directly to Director w.a.n.g, and squeeze him of all his possessions and savings. He would do it with the condition that the matter with the crew would be settled privately and Director w.a.n.g would relinquish any rights he had to any damages.

Su Yang was a man of his word. He wouldn't sue the director after settling with him. However, that didn't mean he couldn't sue the guy personally. 'When the time comes, I'm sure that w.a.n.g won't be able to make a comeback in the film industry.'

Su Yang was always like this. “I'll kill you if you hit me, I won't give you a chance.'

Su Yang watched as Director w.a.n.g got thrown out of the set by Janet. The sun was clearly s.h.i.+ning outside, but he was there in the shadows of the set, looking like he was fated to be there.

“Su Yang?”

While Su Yang was deep in thought, Lin Jiali's voice sounded in his ear.

Su Yang returned to his senses as his eyes landed on Lin Jiali who had leaned in front of him at some point. “What's wrong?”

Lin Jiali looked at him. “Is there something you're not telling me?”.

Su Yang, who was used to lying and deceiving people, had waves in his heart and even wanted to laugh a little…

“No. How could I have something to hide from


Lin Jiali looked at Su Yang with a suspicious but pretty face that made her look like a seductive fox. “Really? Why don't I believe


'Well, she was telling the truth. She really didn't believe it. (Heaven's Eye) didn't prompt me to tell me that it was a lie.'

Su Yang spread his hands and replied innocently, “Do you feel like I'm hiding something from you? After all, I'm just a fan of yours, aren't I?”

Lin Jiali's beautiful eyes stared at Su Yang as they circled around him as if seeing him for the very first time.

As Su Yang stared at her bosom, she stretched out her jade- like hand and gently nudged Su Yang. “So tell me, what's up with that whole on-site producer you've been going on about?” Su Yang certainly had the ability to spin a lie if he dared to make one in the first place. He looked around, leaned in, and whispered in Lin Jiali's ear, “Actually, my ident.i.ty as an onsite producer is fake.”

Lin Jiali looked at him as if he was telling the truth. “Then, you…”

Su Yang didn't wait for her to ask and said, “Actually, this was all planned by Producer Zhao.”

He whispered, “Actually, Producer Zhao wanted to replace Director w.a.n.g so he arranged all this in advance.”

“When I went to the bathroom just now, I just happened to into Producer Zhao. When Producer Zhao saw that I was a stranger, he asked me about my situation and asked me to help him out with causing a scene.”

Lin Jiali didn't expect this turn of events at all as her mouth gaped in surprise. “This…”

Su Yang looked at her and said seriously, “Isn't that bullsh*t?!”

Lin Jiali nodded vigorously!

That's a ridiculous plot development! It sounded like it was literally ripped out of the sky! What kind of coincidence was this?! It was a movie!

Su Yang puffed his chest out. “I feel like it's bullsh*t too, but it's true.”

After saying that, he pulled out five hundred yuan from his pocket as well as a piece of paper that was written in Producer Zhao's handwriting. (Hiring a little brother to act in a play, 500 yuan. To be settled another time.) The handwriting was a bit scribbled like it was written in a hurry. However, since Lin Jiali had seen Producer Zhao's handwriting, she could still recognize it. It was indeed his handwriting

Su Yang had asked Gollum to copy Producer Zhao's handwriting beforehand…

Even if Producer Zhao read it himself, he would wonder when he had written this note…

Lin Jiali was confused.

'Could this all be true?'

She half-heartedly looked up at Su Yang.

Su Yang had just the right amount of a sincere and brilliant smile on his face.

Then, she frowned. “You must be lying to me!”

(Heaven's Eye] didn't say she was lying. Apparently, she had almost believed Su Yang's bullsh*t in her heart, but there was still some hesitation.

Su Yang shook his head innocently. “No.”

Lin Jiali replied, “Then why are you smiling so happily.”

Su Yang was speechless.

'I just laughed and smiled. How did that offend


Lin Jiali, looking like she recognized his trick, said proudly, “You must have thought I was afraid to ask the producer, that's why you lied to me! I'm going to ask him now and see if that's the case!”

'This flabby actress is really going to turn around and look for Producer Zhao.'

Producer Zhao was now behind Bubbles with an amazed expression as he watched Bubbles directing the movie.

At first, he thought Su Yang was just messing around by hiring a little girl to direct the movie.

However, he didn't think so any longer.

Bubbles' was simply too good at it! It was like she was a veteran director with years of filming experience! The scene control, as well as the layout of the images were all excellent.

In the beginning, Producer Zhao had to help Bubbles with the scene and give her orders. However, when the real shooting started, Bubbles quickly took control of the situation and the crew could not help but follow her lead.

It wasn't that she was working some kind of magic. Instead, it was because she was right about the problems and the arrangements. After the staff did what she said, they found that they could actually shoot better, and naturally, they were gradually convinced.

Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Director w.a.n.g, the crew was scattered like sand. However, now that Bubbles was the director, it was like a precise instrument that worked like a work of art.

As Producer Zhao was admiring this 'work of art', a familiar woman's voice suddenly sounded beside him, “Producer Zhao. I want to ask you something.”

Producer Zhao turned his head and saw Lin Jiali standing beside him.

She was just an ordinary actress to him. At most, she could be considered to be the 'boss actress' among the rest in the company. After all, a producer was at the top of the industry pyramid. Even if he was a small-time producer, he wouldn't have to worry himself with the affairs of third or fourth-tier stars.

However, after seeing this actress who seemed to have a close relations.h.i.+p with his boss, he changed his att.i.tude. 'Who knows if these two have a relations.h.i.+p…'

Of course, as an old fart who had been in the entertainment industry for many years, he wouldn't show too much enthusiasm. It was something that everyone understood.

So, he turned his head and asked in a very normal tone, “What's wrong, Jiali?”

Lin Jiali pointed at Su Yang and asked, “My friend said he wasn't actually an onsite producer, but was hired by you to cause a scene. Is that true?”

Producer Zhao looked over at Lin Jiali's finger and she was pointing it at Su Yang. As soon as his head turned around, he knew that this boss of his was joking around again.

'Ah… The young people nowadays.' Still, he couldn't help it since he was his boss. He was also a boss who trusted him wholeheartedly, even to the point of helping him solve his problems when he did something wrong.

Where would one find a boss like that?

Because of that, the first thing he wanted to do was lie for Su Yang.

However, just as he was just about to open his mouth to corroborate the lie, his mind raced when he saw Lin Jiali's suspicious expression. 'If I admitted the lie, wouldn't it backfire and expose him?!

After all, as the producer who was the boss of this crew, wouldn't it be obvious that he's taking the blame for Su Yang if he admitted the moment he was asked?

So he paused with a solemn expression and warned her, “What are you talking about?! I don't know what you're talking about!”

Sure enough, after hearing him say that, the sceptical expression on Lin Jiali's face turned back into a half-hearted one.

Producer Zhao looked at her seriously and warned, “I don't want this kind of rumour to spread.”

Saying that, he pointed at Lin Jiali threateningly, “I think you understand what I mean.”

Producer Zhao's expression startled Lin Jiali. She felt as if she had accidentally learned the producer's secret and he was trying to cover it up. 'What an idiot!' She replied nonchalantly, “Yes! Producer Zhao!”

After saying that, she ran away and disappeared. Producer Zhao proudly looked at her back. 'Little sh*t is trying to spy on me! I'm an actor of the highest calibre!'

As she ran to the side, Su Yang thought. Lin Jiali was fooled by Producer Zhao's act.

If Producer Zhao had directly admitted that he hired Su Yang, she would indeed wonder if Su Yang had some special ident.i.ty for a producer to take the blame for such a shady situation.

However, now that Producer Zhao was clearly annoyed that his secret had been pierced, it was like he was stating an obvious fact while forbidding Lin Jiali to reveal it in public.

This made her believe in Su Yang's words.

She couldn't help but think innocently. 'It turns out that life really is more magical than the movies. Getting accidentally caught up in the internal strife of the crew and temporarily becoming an actor… Things like this really do happen, huh?'

At this time, Su Yang was sitting in the corner of the set and wasn't in the mood to take care of this amusing actress' thoughts. He was distracted by something more important.

He quickly typed on his phone. (Did Little Hus really smell an item with a scent on Lin Jiali?]

After a moment, the phone showed, (Yes, Master. Little Hus says the scent isn't very strong, but it is particularly clear.] Su Yang questioned, [It can even smell scents through the virtual s.p.a.ce now?]

Little Deeny replied, [It says it has always been able to do that.)

Su Yang was a bit grumpy, (Then why did it let me carry it around last time? I had to stroll all over Shanghai just to find a scent!)

Little Deeny replied, [He said he wanted to hang out and you didn't ask.)

Su Yang was speechless. 'This stupid dog thing.' Surely enough, it was always hiding something

If not for the fact that it had encountered something useful today, it would probably still be hiding something. At the same time, a beep sounded in Su Yang's mind. (Random Mission complete!)

Su Yang called up the interface and saw that the random task of (Helping Producer Zhao Solve His Difficulties In Choosing A Director] was now complete.

Looking at the Random Point he just got, Su Yang felt like it was fated. Since he had just solved the matter, gained the random point, and Little Hus had smelled that there was a special item within Lin Jiali's body, he should strike while the iron is hot! He wanted to add points to that item and see what it was!

Thinking along that line of thought, Su Yang walked toward Lin Jiali who just ran away from Producer Zhao…

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