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Chapter 311 The Scent is Lin Jiali's Thigh?

As an actress on a downward spiral with thoughts of quitting the entertainment industry, there was nothing that scared her any longer. Well, at least that was what Lin Jiali had in mind.

That was why she dared to stand up and protect Su Yang despite him making things difficult for the director.

Even when the director threatened to get her to quit the crew, she didn't hesitate when she threw her shoes at him to show him how upset she was.

She thought that her heart had now been purified to the point where she no longer cared for the flashy entertainment industry so she could be comfortable being herself. However, she didn't expect that she'd feel so afraid after a threat from Producer Zhao.

That was when she realized she wasn't as brave or strong as she had expected, only being that way because she was forced to.

'So… I wonder if I still have feelings for the entertainment industry…'

Although Lin Jiali was someone rather amusing, she was actually very clever or she wouldn't have realized how abnormal Su Yang's relations.h.i.+p with the producer was. Naturally, she managed to deduce the reverse as well. After thinking for a moment, she realized that she still had a spark within her which was really just a fantasy. 'Perhaps, I can still become a star!'

'Besides, it's not like I have anything to lose.'

Lin Jiali knew that she didn't have the charisma, acting skills or the voice Han Yi had, making it rather hard to become popular as a shadow of Han Yi's achievements.

However, when it all came down to it, she was still slightly reluctant. 'Is it true? Can't an actress without a background or power become popular?'

Sometimes, Lin Jiali really envied Han Yi for her beautiful voice, superb acting skills, and a charisma that easily endeared her to people at first glance.

She has met leaders and agents who were willing to grow her career without asking for a favor in return. One she grew out her wings, they let her leave so she could fly freely.

Han Yi was like the model heroine. She was the epitome of beauty and elegance as she moved about like a phoenix, making everyone around her envy and jealous.

Thinking of this, Lin Jiali suddenly felt like it was a little wrong. 'A heroine shouldn't be like this. Isn't the heroine supposed to be subjected to all kinds of tribulations and difficulties, and finally succeed with difficulty?'

'Is Han Yi the extra?

'A girl like me who's been through a lot and been hammered by life… Shouldn't I be the lady of the house?

'So when exactly is my true love going to show


'Will it be a bully?

'If it's a domineering president, I want him to be a big boss of a film company. That way, I can have a good career and love!

'When the time comes, I'd be able to act in whatever drama I wanted. Even Big Brother Long, Sun Lei, and Huang Bai would randomly be brought in to give me scenes.'

Thinking of this, Lin Jiali couldn't help but laugh out loud. The feeling of dreaming was amazing.

However, she remembered that it was a film set after laughing for just a moment. She covered her mouth, looked around, and found that n.o.body was paying her any attention. So, she laughed out loud once more.

The smile and joy on her face was as beautiful and warm as the brightest suns.h.i.+ne and the first blossoms of spring. She was a girl who loved to dream…

While Lin Jiali laughed, Su Yang happened to come over and saw her hiding in the corner with a smile plastered on her face. She was like an innocent little girl who just had a piece of candy that was so sweet it filled her heart with joy. She looked like she was a white feather floating happily in the air.

Her smile struck him, and Su Yang felt his heart skip a beat. After being disoriented for a moment, Su Yang came back to his senses and shook his head disapprovingly.

He was longing for a soulmate who was truly compatible and on the same page as he was. Then, he'd settle down with her for the rest of his life.

However, he was still attracted to her appearance in the end.

Fortunately, he restrained himself. Else, he would've fallen in love with that one smile of hers.

He was a greedy man that was captivated by her beauty.

With that in mind, Su Yang adjusted his thoughts, walked over, and knocked on Lin Jiali's head while she was still chuckling. “What are you laughing at?”.

“Ouch?” Lin Jiali looked up and realized it was Su Yang, so she said fiercely, “Is this how you treat your idol?”

Su Yang laughed and replied, “Aren't idols just bullied by their fans?”

Lin Jiali wasn't as easy to fool as Qu Xiaomeng as she glared at him with her pretty eyes, “Whoever in the world said that?! Fans pay their idols!”

Saying that, she stretched out her hand and asked proudly, “Come, meet me halfway and cough up half.”

Now it was Su Yang's turn to be confused. “Cough up half of what?”

Lin Jiali had already reached out and started digging into Su Yang's pocket. “Money. Didn't you just make 500?! You don't even show any respect to your idol! Come, come, cough up the money and give me half.”

Su Yang was speechless.

'This actress is simply shameless!

'I blackmail people every day, but I never thought I'd be blackmailed in return!

“Girl, aren't you afraid of taking my money? Will you pay me back?'

Su Yang couldn't see her hands but Lin Jiali was already smiling once again as she proudly pulled out the 500 yuan from Su Yang's pocket.

She then counted the money and returned him 200 before putting the remaining 300 into her bag as she smiled beautifully while patting it to put on a show for him 'I have to say, this girl is really p.i.s.sing me off… I just can't…

'Surely this is the reason why one should look for a pretty girlfriend?

'When the time comes and she makes you angry, all you have to do is to look at her pretty face and you're all good.'

Su Yang was there blindly thinking, but Lin Jia Li was curiously looking at Su Yang, waiting for his reaction.

She sat there and waited until she could no longer wait for Su Yang to snap out of the dazed state he was in. As she waited, her expression darkened and gradually, her smile dimmed as she looked at Su Yang apprehensively like he was a child who had done something wrong before carefully asking, “Are you angry?”

After asking that, she added, “I'm just joking…”

She took out the 300 yuan from her bag and shoved it into Su Yang's hand. “I'm really joking, don't be mad at me.” That expression that was neither happy nor sad was really sad to look at.

Su Yang snapped back to his senses as he held the money in his hand and looked at Lin Jiali with a confused face. 'What happened? Why is the money back?

'You're just a girl, right? Why is there so much drama?

'She seems to be happy one moment and sad the next… It's just too easy for her to change states, isn't it?'

Su Yang was a little puzzled, but he suddenly recalled the system's judgment of Lin Jiali's mental state. She was about to be diagnosed with depression.

Depression was a very frightening mental illness that can cause sudden sadness, anxiety, and antisocial behavior. In its earliest form, it could also lead to a loss of motivation and not wanting to work.

This was consistent with Lin Jiali's symptoms.

When Su Yang thought of this, he couldn't help but feel that a thread had been strung together. 'It's no wonder Lin Jiali always wanted to leave the entertainment industry despite getting film contracts, and announcements that she was gaining momentum.'

At first, Su Yang thought she was just saying it for the sake of saying something. However, when he saw her today, (Heaven's Eye) told him that she was telling the truth.

'It seems that this comical actress isn't as funny as she appears to be.

'Perhaps… She's actually very fragile and sensitive inside, and cares a lot about the opinions of the people she cares about.'

Thinking of this, Su Yang said with a smile, “Of course I'm angry! You stole my money! If you don't buy me a meal! I definitely won't let you go!”

Seeing Su Yang's expression that looked like he was joking, Lin Jiali hesitated for a moment before slowly blossoming into a smile as well. With that, she returned to her previous happy demeanor, “Pfft! I'll rob you and be done with it! I'm not buying you dinner! It's all about fans buying their idols dinner! Where's my treat for being your idol?!”

When Su Yang heard that, he had something smart to counter her argument. “That's fine, I can treat you to dinner too. However, is it possible for the idol to give me one of her personal belongings for my collection?” Su Yang thought this was an opportunity to change the topic to special items. This way. there was an excuse to ask for something. Lin Jiali was stunned. “What are you planning to ask for?”

Su Yang propped his hand on his chin and put on an expression like he was Sherlock Holmes probing a case as he circled around Lin Jiali, sizing her up.

His eyes looked peculiar as he sized up Lin Jiali's anxious heart, giving her gooseb.u.mps.

“Well?!” She touched her slender white arm and coquettishly said, “All right! Stop spinning! Say it!”

Su Yang was a bit embarra.s.sed… He wasn't stalling on purpose. He just didn't know what he wanted!

Little Hus sniffed and said there was something on her body, but didn't specify what it was.

'I can't ask her to take everything off or strip off every single piece of clothing one after the other, right? It's a wonder if she didn't think I'm a pervert after that!

Possibly sensing Su Yang's predicament, Little Deeny's voice came through the bone conduction headphones, “Master, Little Hus said it was something in the lower half of her body.” 'The lower half…!

Su Yang's gaze fell to the lower half of Lin Jiali's body, where he could only see her beautiful legs exposed by the opening in her dress.

'Could it be… 'It couldn't be! After all, that's just sick!'

Su Yang looked again, and saw the small bag that Lin Jiali was carrying in her hand. That bag was the same bag she carried when Su Yang first met her. 'It seems like she isn't faring too well financially.' Su Yang looked at the bag and wondered. 'Technically speaking, this bag is also considered to be in the bottom half of her body, right? Could it be the bag's contents?'

Lin Jiali's nimble big eyes blinked as she followed Su Yang's gaze, trailing it until she was looking at her own dress.

She couldn't help but feel that it was a little strange. 'Was Su Yang planning to ask me for my dress?

'What does he need my dress for? Does he have a weird fetish?'

While each of them was thinking to themselves, Lin Jiali's a.s.sistant hurriedly ran over, “Jiali, Jiali, aren't you here yet? It's your turn soon!” “Huh?” Lin Jiali was stunned. “Am I up so soon?”

Lin Jiali's a.s.sistant replied affirmatively as she reached over to help Lin Jiali remove the bag. A new director shoots fast!

Hearing the a.s.sistant say that, Lin Jiali couldn't care less about what Su Yang was paying attention to. She even shoved the bag she had removed into Su Yang's hand and ran to the filming set. “I'm on my way!”

After saying that, she ran over on the high heels she had put on when Director w.a.n.g left.

Her a.s.sistant replied, “Auntie, be careful!” One even kept up and held on to Lin Jiali.

After looking at the backs of the two that ran after Lin Jiali, Su Yang smiled. This girl really doesn't treat me as an outsider. She gave me her bag so easily.'

It was just in time. He suspected that the bag was the source of what Little Hus sniffed so he took the opportunity to see if there was anything in there that could be a special item.

Su Yang looked around, and found that no one was paying attention. Then, he brought Lin Jiali's bag to a corner where he sat down and quietly opened it on one side to let Little Hus have a sniff.

After a moment, Su Yang's ears rang with Little Deeny's voice, “Master, Little Hus said… he can smell a big fat pile of nothing!”

Su Yang was speechless.

“This little sh*t is becoming a bit of an a.s.s. It seems like I've got to put him in the was.h.i.+ng machine one of these days.'

Su Yang had no choice but to take his bag to the toilet, and put it into the virtual s.p.a.ce so that Little Hus could see if there was anything fragrant.

As a result, Little Deeny's voice rang in his ears again before ten seconds pa.s.sed. “Master, Little Hus said that the bag is scentless.”

'The entire bag is scentless…

'It's over, it's definitely on Lin Jiali.

'What's in a girl's bottom half?

'Whatever's there is sick!'

Su Yang decided to give up. There were thousands of special items, he didn't need to be a pervert. 'It's just one special item, right? Don't… Just don't.'

Thinking of this, Su Yang took out her bag from the virtual s.p.a.ce, went out of the toilet and went to the film set, intending to see if everything was going smoothly before he went home.

When he arrived, they weren't filming. Instead, it was as if there was some kind of accident.

Su Yang leaned over and took a look around. Filming had indeed been suspended, and Lin Jiali was being reprimanded after being called over by Bubbles.

'The first thing I need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what I'm looking for.'

To think that Su Yang thought she was a ticking timebomb with a temper. It seemed like her earlier outburst with Director w.a.n.g was for her own sake.

Soon, Bubbles finished her speech and everyone took their places to begin shooting after she waved her hand.

Filmmaking wasn't as interesting as people thought it was. One of the most common misconceptions was that people outside the industry always thought that movies were shot in the order in which they are shown, but that's not true.

Most movies and TV shows air were shot out of order. The shoot could have you getting killed after being hit by a car today. However, tomorrow's shoot could be about you going out happily on a date with your boyfriend.

However, the guy who killed you was your boyfriend.

Movies were shot in separate scenes, which always led to some seemingly confusing situations.

Of course, a good director will try to adjust the filming order to keep the actors' emotions consistent all the way through and not stretch the two extremes. Another misconception of the public was that everything would be shot in a single take. In fact, they probably aren't. Most movies usually need several takes due to bad acting, re-shoots with different cameras before post-processing sifted through the videos to find the right ones to edit into a single clip.

That was why there were some continuity issues where the actor wore something on his head that would disappear in the next scene.

This was also the case with this scene. The scene was about the green tea hostess played by Lin Jiali and the man who has returned to his true form.

Su Yang saw Lin Jiali lift the hem of her dress, then her hand caressed her slender legs, arrogantly said, “Are you rich? Do you have a car? Do you have a room? You've got nothing! Why should I follow you? Because you're the f.u.c.king Buddha? You think modern society cares about this stuff?”

'I have to say that the plot is incomparably sh*t, but I also have to say that Lin Jiali's provocative style really makes one's heart tremble. It's too beautiful.'

Just as Su Yang was looking dumbfounded, Little Hus's voice sounded in Su Yang's ears through the bone conduction headphones, “That's it! Su Yang! That's the scent!”

Su Yang was a bit confused. 'Where is the scent? On Lin Jiali's legs?'

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