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Chapter 1906 An Incursion Into A Dimensional Stronghold! L

The Representatives wielded immense power and authority as a Golden Representative like Aileron held some weight. With those above him not speaking out, he continued to control the current s.p.a.ce as he continued to speak while the illusory screen showed scenes of Noah decimating tens of thousands of LEGENDS.

"I bring these images up to remind us all of the power and Destiny of our Lineage- that even amidst the plots and schemes of others, we can easily withstand them as our Bloodline thrives on the destiny of powerful beings taking reigns and leading others forward. That is why from his relative obscurity, I wanted to bring forth and recognize Alexander King- the existence that wiped out a manifesting will of a Dimensional h.e.l.lion Ruler."


The spotlight and eyes of many turned towards none other than the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.


"A Will of a Dimensional h.e.l.lion Ruler appeared in these vast Realities?"

Multiple powerful auras at the same level or exceeding the Ultima Strata rose began to buzz as to silence them all, the last voice that had spoken was from one of the 5 Obsidian Throned Representatives in attendance!

This aura had exceeded the stage of Reality as when one gazed upwards, they would notice the vibrant allure of an existence holding more than a single illusory reality.

Grotto Haven!

There were many Obsidian Thrones, but only 5 were filled as there was a reason why so few Grotto Haven existences were in attendance.

It was also why none had been able to come to lend any aid in the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest…because these powerful existences were stretched out across the vast Realities and Dimensions currently to withstand the unfolding attacks from all angles!

Their power could not be accurately measured as those starting at the Grotto Sanctum were normally the ones who could attain the authority of an Obsidian Throned Representative, with the true power of Primordials being unfathomable when there were still tiers above such beings.

Even as Noah gazed up to obtain information, he found that powerful waves of the Natural Laws of Reality swirled around the Obsidian thrones as he couldn't ascertain the difference between the Ultima Strata and those who stood in the Grotto Haven Realm!

The attention of these powerful beings were roused as Representative Aileron nodded, pointing towards Akaris at the same time.

"The s.h.i.+ELD OF DAWN can attest to this…and also to how Alexander King wiped out this will before it could fully manifest into these vast Realities."


The t.i.tle and ident.i.ty of the s.h.i.+ELD OF DAWN were special as when Akaris remained standing straight and nodded simply, the eyes of many beings released a terrifying light as the air turned extremely unique.

n.o.body else spoke as Noah stood with an unblemished visage even under all these gazes, simply gazing towards the many Representatives as he eventually settled on Aileron to see where he would steer these talks as another Representative spoke.

"Recognition is indeed in order. Saving the lives of his brethren and wiping out a budding Will of a Dimensional h.e.l.lion though…this may deserve more than just recognition, yes?"

A Royal Human Representative sitting on a golden throne spoke lightly when looking at the young genius from his Bloodline who seemed to have hidden himself very well.

At his words, Representative Aileron smiled as he replied.

"Yes, Representative Elnos. Before proceeding with the debriefing of the other events, I believed that the rewarding of the great feat of protecting others from certain annihilation and destroying a budding will should be addressed first."


The vast stretches of enthroned Representatives were silent.

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n.o.body was against this motion as the actions this being had taken were clearly seen to all as their meaning and results could not be ignored!

The only question was…what would be a sufficient reward to a hidden genius who could wipe the floor with Alpha Strata LEGENDS?

And what did a genius like him need the most?

Akaris who stood in front of Noah this whole time locked her languid eyes onto Representative Aileron as he nodded with a light nudge, her older brother reacting soon after as while everyone debated silently, he brought forth a wondrous idea.

"Recognition and rewards go hand in hand as for rising geniuses, the one thing they lack to continue elevating their power is time and a robust foundation in Natural Laws…how about granting Alexander King entrance to the Northern Empyral Domain of Nature?"



What was said seemed to be too heavy as finally, some Representatives showed opposition!

The Empyral Domain of Nature!

A name granted to a special domain that could be accessed from any of the four directions of the Main Reality- a unique land where the Essence of Natural Laws had liquified and even further crystallized over the many years as it was a location that only Golden Throned Representatives could even access.

It was a perk granted to a Representative to continue raising their power as even they were privy to do it once every 1 million years- and this was only for a day!

This was because those entering the Empyral Domain of Nature could draw upon the liquified and crystallized essence of Natural Laws to very quickly develop their understanding and increase their power, but they would deplete these vibrant essences as if all Primordials were allowed to freely access it at all times- the resources would slowly be depleted and thinned as it wouldn't have the shocking effect it currently held.

Among the perks Golden Throned Representative received, this was at the peak!

So this was why the powerful Ultima Strata LEGENDs who held Purple Throned authority…

"Too bold of a reward."

Raised opposition as this existence would be getting something even they had yet to taste!

"Hmph, you might as well grant him the authority of a Representative while at it?" A dazzling Astral existence on a Purple Throne raised her brows as she also raised opposition to this.

The rank of a Representative!

It was too pristine to be granted to a Primordial for a single contribution, even when the one displayed was a shocking one!

The debate continued as some were in favor while some thought it was too much, but everything slowly came to a halt when the will of a powerful Royal Human sitting atop an Obsidian Throne echoed out.

"A deserving reward. There is no harm in increasing the strength of one of our own geniuses, and his actions and contributions are too great to merely mention him in recognition with minor rewards, let us put it to a vote."


A feminine voice filled with authority rang out as everything quieted down.

Noah's luminous eyes shone as he felt the waves of destiny begin to steer into an unknown direction, his Main Body feeling a sea of golden destiny begin to wrap around him as once more…an ability from the Heart of Destiny was cast!


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