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Waking up feeling refreshed the next morning, John checked the time through the system interface then went to the bathroom to wash up before heading down to have breakfast with the rest of the family not before speed-reading all the updates his clone and Augur's progress on different projects.

"Nice already got one of them stupid stones already. Ooh, Skye is already working hard huh.. Looks like Dr. Maya need to go to therapy after what she'd been through, Augur make sure that's been properly handled don't want her breaking down now after rescuing her."『John』 already making plans and contingencies on the trouble ahead of acquiring Quake and messing with the timelines this early.

"Noted, sir. By the way, it's about time you meet with the Ancient One sir as you've made multiple changes already in the timeline in regards to your clones clean-up operation..."『Augur』 stating the most obvious that his host always seems to look over.

"Ahh, s.h.i.+t! That's true, as I've killed off most troublesome villains and put some to the think tank where they can't die and do anything but think of ideas, improvements and solve problems."『John』replied with a ruined mood by being splashed of cold water from his partner.

"There is also the meeting with your expected 'Uncle' to help you with your 'cause' today sir, do keep that in mind to be prepared once you meet him"『Augur』splas.h.i.+ng another bucket waking him from his musings again.

"G.o.ddammit! Is it really so hard to get a breather here in the Marvel-verse, everyone is literally out to get you. G.o.d, how I miss where my only problems were how to live decently and not fighting to survive."『John』recalling his past life, that now feels like just a dream life compared to having powers.

Upon reaching the dining area, he stops by the door as he now notices the stranger looking over the family portraits by the adjacent wall. Wearing an all-black outfit starting from the eye-patch on his left eye, black leather trench coat, tactical fleece jacket (weaved from kevlar-based from the patterns), same as the pants with a hidden pistol holster on his right leg (no gun in it, courtesy of mom I guess), finis.h.i.+ng up with s.h.i.+n-high combat boots.

The one and only NICK FURY looking like a bada.s.s Samuel L. Jackson of the MCU, who is now looking back at him, eyeing him head to toe then going around him as if checking out merchandise like a car looking at every angle to make sure your not making a mistake on purchasing the wrong one.

"Well, I'll be d.a.m.ned. I can't believe my nephew is this tall already. You sure you a 17-year-old? Last I held you, you were but a peanut compared to your size now... Are you ok son?"『Nick』hugging the frozen John after looking him thoroughly asking worriedly, little did he know that his 'Nephew' is already searching his memories to find his answer to the black/white Fury dilemma.

"Y-yeah... I'm cool.. cool, co-cool, cool, it's just that I can't believe my uncle is 'the' Nick Fury director of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division also known for short as s.h.i.+ELD. Nice to meet you, UNCLE!"『John』reciprocating the hug back with a little bit of strength lifting him off the ground without breaking sweat shocking Nick upon outing his secret ident.i.ty and at his strength, upon finally getting the answer he wanted from the memory search.

"Did Janeth told you that? I swear, she's gonna be one of the reasons I'll die if not by her hand directly."『Nick』still can't believe he got manhandled easily by a kid no less. As they sat in the dining table sipping on his coffee only for him to do a spit-out-scene from what his nephew's reply.

"Nah mom barely talked about her side of the fam if not nothing at all didn't even know you were related to me til now. I hacked your servers back when I was just 10, you really need to work on your firewalls."『John』giving out a smirk watching his uncle spit out the coffee he just sipped.

"You did what now? When you were 10?"『Nick』still shook to the core that their systems got hacked by a 10-year-old kid under their nose without even seeing his shadow as he got in and out with one of the most fortified systems around the globe.

Before they got any further, the doors opened like the rest of the family streamed in to have breakfast altogether with his little brother running around before being picked up by his dad to be placed in his baby seat in between his parents with nothing but a death glare to give to his nephew he composed himself quickly from the surprises he got.

"I see you are already acquainted with each other, let's have a meal first before you both start your discussion and do that after the meal in the study room." 『Janeth』picking up a napkin before placing at her lap, as the refined woman she is before everyone copied her except lil Steine who still has a toddler bib.

After the meal, John headed out to the study room with his little brother waiting for his uncle upon which he played "Omae wa mou(deadman)" the remix of Tiny Little Adiantum on the piano to clear up his head and prepare his real talk to his uncle with his little brother dancing cutely along with the music like the memes as he taught him.

The memory he got from the interaction earlier cleared most of the doubts he had regarding the version of Nick Fury of this Marvel-verse and his mother's relations.h.i.+p and the bloodline included which he guess his little brother now has too.

Nick Fury of this verse had originally been a white man with a weathered face and prematurely graying hair and an eye patch over an eye he had lost to shrapnel during the war, therefore, clearing up Jake's and Dawn's existence.

Now he was a slightly taller black man with no hair (that part had actually bothered him more than all the rest surprisingly), but the eye-patch remained the same due to it being scratched later on by Carol Danver's cat (Flerken) just like the MCU.

His personality(soul) had been transferred into his new body when he had been captured by one of his old enemies (now dead) and had his mind replaced by one of the enemy's minions. It had backfired first because Fury had set up several pa.s.swords with his men, most notably his best-friend/second in command Duggan, which no one else knew. Duggan had then tried to capture the double.

The second thing that went wrong was when Fury had escaped from where he had been placed, breaking the mind control that should have kept him as a zombie, able to watch but not do anything. Unfortunately, his old body had killed itself rather than be captured. The upshot of this adventure was instead of having his reputation ruined or s.h.i.+ELD a.s.sets subverted.

Nick had come out of it with his reputation enhanced and a new, somewhat younger body (that is related to John's mother). Duggan's performance also gave him the ability to override the higher-ups on who should be his second in command. Wherein later was seriously wounded in France during the war. He was saved in part due to Professor Sternberg's Infinity Formula that my mother received through a blood transfusion.

When she was critically injured on her mission as an ex-s.h.i.+ELD agent, when they ran her DNA through the system to find a match for the donor and surprise surprise, the match is the new body Nick Fury currently resides in explaining the Forever Compound running in my veins.

Though there was a misunderstanding with me and Sharon Carter when she was placed on me, she took the order given to her the other way around when she was just supposed to be doing surveillance and protection in case my alter egos target me. Showing his responsibility to his new body's family, though it his fault for being vague about our relations.h.i.+p when he gave the order and now he lost her to John.

Reaching the end of the music as if on cue Nick comes in the study room with his mom taking away his brother so they can have a private discussion.

"You know I was just here because your mother insisted as I needed to meet your younger brother as I missed a lot of both of your birthdays already if not she will come after my a.s.s. But didn't expect that I was in for a surprise this morning, she said you had something important to discuss with me regarding your 'company'? Is it about the one I planted?"『Nick』striding in before sitting comfortably by the couch in the middle of the room.

"Yeah, she can be really scary when angered. But no, I noticed her when she applied as my secretary and knew who she really was even before accepting her. I guess mom didn't mention anything about the issue to you or do I have to explain it again?"『John』closing the piano before sitting on the couch across his uncle.

"Elaborate..."『Nick』 s.h.i.+fting to his serious look as he feels the tension in the air building up.

"I want to get one thing that is under your care, uncle, to experiment on in a few days before giving it back. In exchange, I will give you info on the hydra moles inside s.h.i.+ELD and government, upgrade your systems to a better standard, and lastly give you some of the latest techs I have on hand." 『John』

Smirking throwing the hook to his uncle for his play on the s.p.a.ce stone that he is guarding himself, showing the advance tech on his smart-bracer with a hologram of the Tesseract along with the blurred photographs of Hydra agents on s.h.i.+ELD.

"That's quite a bargain your asking for, but to be honest I'm quite tempted... but that's not enough for an offer as you still have a prior offense with your confession earlier of hacking a government secured facility. You're lucky I'm not arresting you a.s.s young man."『Nick』keeping his poker face while ma.s.saging his chin with his index and thumb finger checking out the smart-bracer. Gaining a vein popping in the forehead of his nephew after his last statement.

"Well then, I apologize as I wasn't quite learned of the law back then. I will add a UMF suit with your custom smart-bracer that has multiple life-saving functions as an apology gift that's the final offer. Take it or leave it.."『John』showing off the UMFs changing from one clothe to the next in the hologram and a summary of its uses. Showing an irritated smile outside making it look like he is making a loss already though sneering inside.

"Hmmm... interesting. Fine though I feel you're still being stingy with yo uncle but that should be enough, I will only give you 3 days and you have to come to HQ where you'll conduct the experiment as I don't want the item to leave out of my sight. Am I clear?" 『Nick』hiding the fascination and surprise upon knowing his nephew are leaps ahead in the tech even for his standards which is a compliment as he already faced alien tech with Captain Marvel back in the days.

"Deal! I'll have the wares sent to your specific location just sent it through the smart-bracer and do the system upgrade once I go to the HQ. Though I advise you not to reverse engineer my techs as they are built to blow up a couple of blocks if it's even attempted, U.N.C.L.E."『John』noticing him flinch at his enunciation on the last statement as he expected what he'll do upon receiving the items. Throwing the basic prototype of UMF to his uncle which he fakely took from a drawer (inventory) produced while he was asleep last night.

Nick, catching it like a brand new cellphone afraid to even let it touch the ground before putting it at his right wrist. With John taking the controls, producing nanites that surrounded Fury's body from the neck down scanning his current outfit absorbing it within its clothes data banks.

Then inputting a command to change into formal suit composed of a black tuxedo, slacks, and shoes like Raven's scale-changing when she morphs to different people starting from the neck down to the feet. Pulling out a gun from the same drawer (inventory) then shot Nick Fury twice in the chest quickly while he was still fascinated by the UMF making him jump to his feet and putting his hand to his right feet holster recalling there is no gun there.

"WTF is wrong with you?!"『Nick』yells as he was mad his nephew tried to shoot him.

"Nothing, just proving how lifesaver the one I gave you is and its worth. So how was it? Did it hurt?" 『John』smiling evilly, knowing his prank succeeded, hiding the gun back. Knowing no one heard the shots fired as he sealed the room and hid it again within another dimension.

"(This family is EVIL! Trying to kill me already at this age...) I guess it is worth it as I recall it only felt like someone's finger tapping my chest lightly. Though it's still unforgivable how you tried to shoot your uncle like that so I'll reduce your days to 2 as punishment! (It's a shame we can't reverse engineer his techs as he is more paranoid than me. I guess that's what I pa.s.sed on to him as his uncle.)" 『Nick』touches his chest noticing his clothes are still fine without a scratch and the bullets below his feet not forgetting to scold his nephew of what happened.

"(More than obliged, don't want to play the fool a day more once I get my hands on it. Heh, I'll give it back alright though it will be a counterfeit. Hehe). Sorry uncle, but its the fastest way to prove its function so you won't have any doubts. Anyways that finishes things up here, I'll contact you through the bracer as it also functions as a phone, just tap your phone against it to transfer your files. Though remember its DNA bound to you, so even if you lose it, it will just appear as a normal accessory to the layman and won't activate."『John』standing up, headed for the exit as he has more things to do for the day.

Finally figuring out how to change wardrobe and scan clothes with the smart-bracer, he is more than happy to go back to his office and explore more of its functions back at his office, not before forgetting to spend a little time with little Steine and giving him a remote-controlled toy for missing his birthday.

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