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As John was busy having wet dreams with his girlfriend, his Augur went to OVERDRIVE as he is busy finis.h.i.+ng all projects computations, and simulations that were stationary for a long time now. With its upgrades, it was able to sort out most of the important projects (imagine something like the 'A.I Chip' of Leylin Farlier from Warlock of Magus World though much better).

"Zodiac Key, a.n.a.lysis complete. Basic A.I. system removed."

"Siege Perilous a.n.a.lysis complete. Basic A.I. system removed."

"Power Prism a.n.a.lysis complete. Krimonn sentience scanned and removed."

"Moonstone, Gravitonium, Terrigen Crystal, LMD, Eidolon Warwear a.n.a.lysis complete!"

"Muramasa Blade a.n.a.lysis complete. Wolverine's lingering soul, sentience removed."

"Sentinels a.n.a.lysis complete..."

"Nimrod's A.I. removed, data banks contained within the black box have been compressed and sorted."

"Ten rings a.n.a.lysis complete... Individual A.I.s completely removed. Commencing creation of physical counterfeit... Done! Sent to clone J1 location Lighthouse."

"Di'Allas a.n.a.lysis complete... Basic A.I.s removed. Commencing creations of limited properties counterfeit... Done! Sent to clone J1 location Lighthouse."

A little while later the clone that is responsible of breaching Wakanda, now equipped with the [Speed Force], [Phasing(Invisibility)], and [Inaudibility] is able to breach the previous area he couldn't access without alerting anybody, the inner sanctuary where they kept the Vibranium and Heart-shape Herb taking samples and seeds. Not forgetting to touch the Panther suits old and new(currently in works) versions to be a.n.a.lyzed by Augur.

"Updating Database with the a.n.a.lyzed properties..."

"Complete! Improvements on currently stalled projects now being calculated..."

Brief Particle (Previously know as Pym Particle) - formula completed. Capsule application (25%) ---u003e (60%) ---u003e (85%) ---u003e (100%)!

Extremis - formula completed! Schedule of saving Maya Hansen moved up. Removal of Extremis research materials within A.I.M's now commencing.

META Formula (80%) ---u003e(100%) - applying Extremis formula and Heart-shaped Herb a.n.a.lysis... Completed!

Unstable Molecule Fabric (10%) - applying Mystique DNA, Nimrod's memory banks, Zodiac Key restructuring properties, Di'Allas (Grey - Creation) Monolith.

Progress (10 %) ---u003e (50%) ---u003e (100%)!

Promethium (6%) - inserting Nimrod's memory banks on synthesization of Vibranium(Wakandan), Adamantium, and Carbonadium.

Progress (6%) ---u003e (45%) ---u003e (90%) ---u003e (100%)!

a.s.sault Cuira.s.s (13%) - fragmenting and optimizing UMF, Eidolon Warwear, Panther Suit (Old u0026 New), and Nimrod's memory banks.

Progress (13%) ---u003e (36%) ---u003e (78%) ---u003e (100%)! Inputting Fail-safe Protocol... Completed!

AC (a.s.sault Cuira.s.s) - Malleable, DNA bound, Interstellar travel proofed suit meaning it is heat, water, and shock-resistant, able to convert water to be oxygen supply when submerged underwater and able to morph to scanned regular clothes. Basically one set of clothes to wear the whole lifetime no need to shop and just scan what piques your interest and it's moddable when in Battlesuit form meaning if I put gadgets on it it will absorb it on the suit, therefore, no need to take it off after battles just need to replenish the consumables stuff.

[A/N: Have I not yet been subtle enough that I'm a Dota 2 gamer?]

Beginning building ma.s.s production facility on secured factory within Sector#F13x.x.xX.

Though the ones mentioned were just one the most important projects John and Augur currently working on there are still other futuristic stuff that is undergoing breakthroughs in the research and development area thanks to Nimrod's data banks containing futuristic technologies alien and Earth-based including future knowledge of any humanoid race regarding the advances made in science.

--- AIM's Facility---

"(Finally time to clean up these little s.h.i.+ts! It's been stressing me lot lately since I had to contain all my pent-up rage from number 1's orders from just observing on the sidelines...) It's Clobbering TIME!" 『Clone』Thinking it's finally time to relieve himself of just being an observer he cries out the cla.s.sic yell of the Thing from F4 before wreaking havoc taking out the guards in front of the AIM's secret hideout that contains Dr. Maya Hansen and the Extremis Research.


Guessing everything is finally over slowly peeking out from under the table within her office noticing the sudden quietness that enveloped the area from all the gunshots and screaming she heard earlier.

"Is it finally over?" 『Maya』murmurs quietly under her breath, still shaken at the thought that she might die today from the hands of the intruder.

"Yeah, are you hurt?" 『Clone』as he pops out behind her answering her question shocking to the point she out from the sudden surprise of somebody behind her.

(I guess you aren't, welp this just made my job easier to take her out of this place before it blows.) 『Clone』catching the target before she falls to the ground and carrying her princess style, disappearing where he stood before reappearing in the luxury suite of a 3-star hotel miles away from the base.


Clean-up of Extremis Research materials and Facility

Loot AIM (Cash mostly as for the materials and research can be produced)

Rescue of Dr. Maya Hansen (Subquest: Hiring of Maya Hansen to the Enterprise)

(Finally! Whoo! That was fun stress relief activity, the subquest will be easy I will just do it tomorrow once she wakes up as I can finally sleep like a log)『Clone』putting Maya in the only bed in the suite before pa.s.sing out himself on the fold-able bed couch.

The same scenes are happening throughout the globe taking out troublesome villains removing their superpower abilities first and putting them in the Think Tank in his own pocket dimension i.e materialized Mind s.p.a.ce with the help of [s.p.a.ce Force].

Villains such as Ca.s.sandra Nova (Charle's evil twin), Steven Lang (though still in a coma), Nathaniel Ess.e.x, Apocalypse, and Pythagoras Dupree were put in the Think Tank. Whilst others such as Trask bloodline, The Orb before he kills the Watcher, Midas (Cosmic Man) owner of Midas Foundation and abusive husband/father, Mikhail Rasputin, and Henry McCoy were taken care of which means wiped out of existence removing the possibility of them ever resurrecting in some way.

Of course not forgetting to collect all a.s.sets in the target's hands making John richer than the mythical Rothschilds family with the collective fund of all the villains his clones cleaned up. Our MC is not the morally based type as he knows to beat and just imprisoning them after will just result and creating a bigger problem making the villain come back up stronger with a more heinous plan regarding world domination.


In an abandoned settlement of the Kree somewhere on the moon...

"What is this strange feeling of sudden relief of a 'weight off your shoulders' as the mortals say it and the constant feeling of being watched... Hmm... It's crazy just thinking about it, me the WATCHER is being watched myself?!"『Uatu』muttering by himself to pa.s.s the time.

"Must be the council keeping an eye on me due to my last blunder with the Kree's on this planet... I guess I should watch how I conduct myself more of being just a Watcher an observer on the sidelines."『Uatu』as he shook off his head misunderstanding the feeling his guts were telling him.

(d.a.m.n, that's some instinct he has... He must've been talking about me and the clone that took care of Orb. Orb must've bypa.s.sed his senses due to his unique physiology and powers being closely related to the Watcher's kind if not I don't understand how he got killed by a measly 'mortal' then. Now that I've found his hideout, should go back to Attilan and take Kadlec's power as the Seeker of Inhumans for the quest.) 『Clone』wiping his imaginary sweat on the forehead while hiding within the shadows of the abandoned Kree facility on the moon leaving the area and heading to the Inhuman settlement on the moon.

--- KAMAR TAJ ---

(He is coming...) 『Ancient One』murmurs as she slowly opens her eyes leaving the meditative trance from using the time stone.


A man looking like a young 25 yo Leonardo Dicaprio in a Men in Black attire with in the middle of the night knocking on a 1983 GMC Conversion Van parked discreetly with keyboard noises being produced within.


Upon hearing the knocks the noise quiet downs suddenly before the van doors slowly open with a young teenage girl around 21 yo that has brunette hair holding a bat behind her as she confronts the person who looks like a CIA agent wearing in the dead of the night.

"(Have they found me out already? This is too fast even for the CIA to catch on my trails and track me. Did they hire a hacker of a higher caliber than me to trace me? s.h.i.+t, I'm not prepared to leave my van this soon...) Hi, good evening! How may I help you?『Skye』as she panics but still shows an amicable smile while tightly gripping the baseball bat behind her thinking of how to escape her current situation.

"Good evening Ms. Skye Johnson! Fret not as I'm no government agent... name is Jay Gatsby of Wayne Enterprise, here to offer you a job on our tech department as we have been aware of your exploits through the net recently." 『Jay(Clone)』introduces himself taking off his shades and giving a business card to Skye properly identifying himself and relieving the target of any worries with his charming smile.

"W-wha...what are you talking about? Wait minute... Did you just say theee WAYNE ENTERPRISE is offering me a job?!" 『Skye』taking the business card and blus.h.i.+ng from the smile of her unexpected guest, while being shocked after processing what he just said.

"Yes, and don't worry about your living expenses as both with accommodation will be provided by us and any latest tech that you may require in your work. With a signing fee of $15,000 and starting a monthly wage of $100,000 upon starting, the rest of the details will be discussed further with HR if you have any other requests." 『Jay(Clone)』smiling cutely as he knows he already hooked her.

"With that, I bid you goodbye to think about our offer. You can call my number if you choose to refuse the offer or just head to the HQ once you have made up your mind to join us. Once again Goodnight Ms. Skye and have a wonderful evening." 『Jay(Clone)』throwing the line. Shaking the hand of the frozen, blus.h.i.+ng, and speechless Skye Johnson then slowly putting on back the shades turning around to walk away slowly to his black Chevrolet Impala.

Still processing what the h.e.l.l is happening and having a roller coaster ride of emotions from being shocked at how she thought the government found her only to be relieved that it's just someone from the Wayne Ent. then embarra.s.sed at how the guy in front her is so handsomely cute with that smile, then shocked again at how she was offered by a legitimate job but afraid again at how they knew what she has been up to recently.

(15k as signing fee and 100k monthly wage and that is just the starting salary!! WTF! How did they know what had I been doing recently though?? Forget that! It's my once in a lifetime opportunity to change my current lifestyle and they also have one of the latest tech available. It's about time to move up from second-hand things!) 『Skye』 her mind conflicted at first but then being resolute to take the offered hand, noticing Jay about to leave in his Impala she jumps out of her van to stop him from leaving.

"WAIT!!! I ACCEPT! I ACCEPT! Don't leave!!!" 『Skye』 running across the parking lot to stop the guy from leaving. Forgetting his last statement where she could've just called him or headed to the HQ to sign-up.

"Calm down Ms. Johnson... As I said you could take the time to ponder about the offer and just call me through the business card or you could have just gone to the HQ to confirm your application. Or do you want to come with me to the HQ to finalize everything and stay the night at your provided accommodation instead of sleeping in your van tonight?"『Jay(Clone)』smiling ear to ear knowing she got her at the cla.s.sic hook-line-sinker technique.

*Pant* *Pant* "(You said that? I must have frozen from shock about the offer and tuned out the rest.) Y-yes... YES PLEASE! I will just follow you with my van to the HQ instead of leaving here out of nowhere and coming back later." 『Skye』blus.h.i.+ng being embarra.s.sed at the blunder she made but reluctant to let go of her first private home after leaving the orphanage and the Poots family.

"That'll be for the best."『Jay(Clone)』upon which they both headed to the Wayne HQ to finalize her doc.u.ments. Upon which he receives the notification of quest completion through the system after they left the HQ to drop her off in the Staff's accommodation that is the mansion above the Batcave.


(Hmm, this should be the place. It matches the abandoned warehouse from the movie... Though it's still years before the Convergence I can break through using the [Speed Force] just like the boss thought as the barrier between dimensions here are slowly breaking down in preparation of the Convergence.)『Clone』

Upon arriving at the specific location within the abandoned warehouse that has the thinnest barrier, he vibrates his whole body with varying frequency to breakthrough, which he did after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Opening his eyes and noticing the unfamiliar scenery around him, he confirms he was successful at last and finally seeing the huge square pillar in front of him that contains the Aether (Reality Stone).

"Finally time to collect the good stuff, I just need to send it to Augur to be scanned quickly and place the counterfeit before the f.u.c.king dark elves awaken ahead of time." 『Clone』putting his hand through the gap in the pillar and absorbing the Aether then converting it to Card within the mind s.p.a.ce that is then quickly sent to Augur.

"a.n.a.lyzing Aether's properties..." ---u003e Complete!

"Producing counterfeit..." ---u003e Complete! Sent to clone J36.

Placing his hand back and releasing the counterfeit Aether on the gap between the pillar that has enough energy to last till Infinity war only for it to disappear before Thanos' Snap. The clone smiles wickedly as he can't wait to see the look on Thanos' face once that happens before releasing himself and disappearing in thin air.

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