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Augur mentions he removed the dragon shout I made from the list as it is just a type of application from said ability much like how [Pyrokinesis] and [Cryokinesis] control of fire and ice are under [Elemental Control]. That all John does is put a name to the abilities application which he can still do if he wants to be acting like he is in an ANIME.

Besides he had to keep his dragon language written journals in card form within his Mind Palace as the gaming world now knows of it through the games released by his company. Moving on to the »Body (White)« section within the status screen along with Truck-kun's final blessing...

His body now so durable that Vibranium based weapons like Black Panther's claws will only leave a scratch, though he bet he will still get injured taking a slash from Thanos's sword that managed to break apart Captain America's Vibranium s.h.i.+eld so he still has a long way to reach Indestructibility level of the body like Superman's.

Lifespan showed as 'Unknown' as his soul is already at the 'Undying' state, meaning he can just reconstruct his body back once it has been destroyed spectacularly like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (Movie). While his Healing Factor now reaching Namekian level where he can regrow his lost limb almost instantaneously as he wills it though will grow weak depending on the size of re-growed limb unlike Deadpool's that takes time.

»Mind (Gray)« reaching [Ascendant - Intermediate] tier his Mindscape's area extended outward now producing more realism towards the flora and fauna as like how Augur termed it as 'Patch Update' on his soul and system enabling it more processing power and enabling it to run more mods.

[Astral Manipulation] - where he can create, shape and manipulate astral energy, allowing them to project their (Astral Form) on physical plane and to the astral plane and interact there, see spirits, making spirits visible to others, astral trapping and potentially harming the dead. They can allow others to be able to use temporarily astral projection or block others from astral projecting, sending them back to their bodies if they had already projected.

Most abilities included in Mind category has been augmented through multiple powerful Telepaths shadowed by the clones. Such that Astral Manipulation is almost a prerequisite skill to be considered as a powerful mental art that even the Mystics at Kamar Taj in Nepal teaches where the Ancient One used it to break Stephen Strange's firm belief on science.

[Hive Mind] - though all people who have the ability to clone themselves has this one it is still important to upgrade this ability so that at the event one has been separated between two different universes they will still be able to communicate between each other through soul connection even if there is someone strong enough to disable the function of the system.

This also serves as the link that allows the original to swap bodies to his clones once his original body has been destroyed beyond regeneration. Thanks to Alisha Whitley an Inhuman who lives in 'Afterlife and Jiaying's one-woman army' this ability was greatly enhanced. This could be interpreted as a type of 'Horcrux' from Harry Potter-verse where John keeps a separated soul(body in this case that has soul fragment) as a back up for Resurrection.

Therefore granting the [Soul Split] ability that was also enhanced from another Inhuman from the moon named Ahura Boltagon though currently a kid, he is still a member of the royal family and therefore granted multiple abilities.

[Knowledge Replication] - from David Alleyne (Prodigy) can gain/replicate any kind of knowledge, learned knowledge, and skills of others, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. They can duplicate information from creatures or inanimate mediums of data, such as books, computers, etc..

Potential company recruit will be taken in next year right after his cover is blown at Chicago together with Karma another mutant guarded by John's clone waiting before Shadow King takes over to incinerate the fellow for good saving her after 2-birds one stone thing and all that.

[Hyper Mind] - Sage, Amadeus Cho, and his nemesis Pythagoras Dupree perk. Once Amadeus showed me the problem he found online when he visited his parents during and wanted to see whether I can solve it or not before he tried it himself where I told him we answer at the same time in a paper to see who's correct getting the result of a tie

And before I let him submit the answer I told Augur to prepare a breach on the HQ network's hack and trace it back to locate Dupree. The target of my think tank project, don't want to do all the thinking by myself all the time as I might fry my brain that's why great people know how to DELEGATE!

[Mental Computation] - another perk of Sage one of the best minds and mental power-related within the current generation. This one helped Augur greatly during the 'Patch' he received.

"As I expected of me(clones)! I know myself better on what skills I greatly need for my cause and how to take advantage of my Otherworldly Knowledge" 『John』 [A/N: WIKIs!] as he already becomes narcissistic from his clones achievements.

"Though some are out of reach as of yet, these powers should be enough for the first phase of my plans." 『John』 while carefully thinking on how to proceed from now on.

"Ahh, never mind that. Let's check out the goods they have already retrieved! Inventory!"『John』he quickly pushed the thought aside with his building excitement towards the artifacts his clones managed to retrieve in this escapade as he commanded Augur quickly changing from 'Status Screen' to 'Inventory Screen'.

—– Inventory—–

Muramasa Blade

Terrigen Crystal

Ten rings of Mandarin


Maveth Monolith


Life-Model Decoy (LMD)


Power Prism

Siege Perilous

Sentinel (Mk X and Mk 2)

Nimrod (Omega Sentinel/Bastion in the future)

Eidolon Warwear

Zodiac Key


Muramasa Blade - was forged by Muramasa by using a piece of Wolverine's soul, just as he used a piece of his own when he forged the Black Blade. This second sword is also made of an unknown alloy that was originally bright red in color, but now has the color of a conventional blade. However, much like the Black Blade, this sword is also extremely durable and is capable of cutting almost any substance.

The blade has easily cut through the armor of a S.H.I.V.A. robot on a molecular level and has also "sliced" one of Cyclops' optic beams into several different beams and reflected them in different directions. The sword is also capable of greatly reducing the efficiency of a super-humanly fast healing rate. Wolverine himself has stated that the sword is the only thing on Earth that can truly kill him.

Terrigen Crystal - from the ledger trap of Jiaying, while some are taken from the Moon hidden within Attilan.

Ten rings of Mandarin - s.h.i.+ELD Lighthouse [A/N: won't be discussing it in detail as it'll be too much to copy-paste from the wiki's just that there will be where it was taken from.]

Di'allas - three monoliths of Izel taken from Lighthouse

Maveth Monolith - portal monolith to planet Maveth where Hive (head and symbol of HYDRA) is currently stranded.

Gravitonium - a small sample is also taken from the Lighthouse, can be used to develop the Gravity Chamber of DBZ.

Life-Model Decoy - one unit taken from Lighthouse.

Moonstone - part of the Lifestone tree taken from the museum Lloyd Bloch was going to rob that died due to the one he got shot with was a rock counterfeit. Not before taking intel regarding the Secret Empire (HYDRA) branch.

Power Prism - part of the Lifestone tree, taken from the sleeping Kinji Obatu the first (Dr. Spectrum). John feeling smug thinking being able to stop that useless Dr. Spectrum s.h.i.+t.

Siege Perilous - Taken from the hands of the psychopath family of Kensington.

Sentinels - Mk X and Mk 2, from Steven Lang's base. Though he hasn't finished creating the Master Mold yet, John already plans on wiping his place and Trask's bloodline or sentinel research clean. For he doesn't want him and the anti-methuman purists' government set up the stage for "The Phalanx" race and disturb his MMBN project.

Nimrod - picked up by the clone near the place where he and Juggernaut were having a slug-fest good thing alternate Forge made him arrive offline cause if not the clone wouldn't have been able to convert him to a card thanks to that the creation of 'Bastion' has been avoided.

Eidolon Warwear - another one within the secure facilities of Lighthouse. Works like the Iron Man Suit and Black Panther suit from the Infinity War but way more advanced as this alien tech is made for the interstellar level battlefield.

Zodiac Key - taken from John's uncle(?) Jake Fury, as he has further use for it rather than his future nephew(?) Vernon becoming (Scorpion).

Finished reading the list of the items looted, he makes Augur a.n.a.lyze some items such as the Monoliths and rings that need to be replaced with counterfeits soon that will only last til when they supposed to before being destroyed. In order to avoid altering the timeline too much as f.u.c.ked up as the world currently is going through multiple time travel rewrites just to avoid blowing Earth up.

That's why our MC here just scans the pasts and futures through his [Time Force] power but not really traveling in time to avoid creating another reality and timeline. As he doesn't even understand his background family where according to his clone that took the Zodiac key.

It confirmed that Jake Fury brother of Nick Fury, is currently a white American citizen whereas his mom with a unique glossy skin apparently is a relative of 'a' Fury according to the System and Truck-kun's message hinting that the Nick Fury here is BLACK! So he doesn't really know what the f.u.c.k is up with this universe he is in, he can only find out more clues once he meets another Special Being currently jailed within Asgard.

"Agggghh, f.u.c.k THIS s.h.i.+T! It's very confusing! I'll just wait till tomorrow and meet up with this 'uncle' of mine to clear up this issue. As of now, it's better to start the cleanup mission once I wake up and replace the counterfeits within the Lighthouse with the adjustment on Maveth Monolith, where it won't send Simmons anywhere and just take the fragments the HYDRA has left." 『John』 he yelled within the mind palace noticing his body is now ready to wake up.

Waking up and noticing the pile of black tar covering him in a coc.o.o.n, with a slight vibration of his body with the speed force it broke down and slowly faded away. Remembering the body cultivation of the CN novels he read, he guessed that must have been the impurities that left his body and confirming Truck-kun's gift is. .h.i.tting 2-birds with one stone again.

Resting for a while in a meditative pose he left his body in Astral Form once Augur finished a.n.a.lyzing the items within his 'Inventory' and prepared for another impurity clean up to further increase his body state. This plan which is rather crazy if not total madness as he is not leaving any type of back-up like a clone to transfer on once it fails.

"Alright, Augur I'm ready... Initiate molecular self-destruction of the current body!" 『John』 receiving a confirmation from Augur and seeing his body fade away like a Thanos snap really is an eye-opener seeing the real thing this early in the season while slowly feeling his connection to it being cut-off. Once everything faded away, he proceeded with the next step.

"Whooh that was quick... Aight now start Dr.Manhattan's REBIRTH entrance!" 『John』 his body slowly being reconstructed with the combination of [Life Force], [Creation Force] from the Grey Monolith, and restructuring power of the (Zodiac Key). Of course, everything is currently being filmed as he is doing this within his Bat-cave.

Starting with the skeletal makeup, circulatory system, muscles (including organs), then finally the skin and hair. Though he is not s.h.i.+ning in color blue like Dr. Manhattan, his final skin is now as smooth as a newborn baby, new height of 6'7ft, weighing 93kg, and lean pink muscle build like the Black Panther not buff like Captain America.

Still retaining his matte black hair though reaching shoulder level with a reddish hue at the end, light skin tone which he inherited from his mother, with the lilac eye color irises rimmed with gold while the facial features such as jaw, nose, chin, and sword-shaped eyebrows and a hint of squinty eyes from his father.

DING!"Update [Body State: Status = Peak Form(Gold)] (Ascendant - Peak Stage). Durability: Only takes damage from G.o.d level beings or Celestial level items. Healing Factor: Magin Buu level without setbacks on regrowing limbs."『Augur』as he notifies his host regarding the changes his body went through this purification process.

"NICE! It went as expected! My HEART stopped beating for a second there!" Wink Wink 『John』as he jokes around with Augur through his head.

"..."『Augur』getting no response he explained.

"Get it? Cause I didn't have a heart at the moment earlier?" 『John』

"Agghhh forget it! You might be a little fun later when you go through another upgrade and gain humor!"『John』 complains as the high of the joke was gone. Pulling out another set of clothes from his inventory and wearing it, he proceeded.

"Alright! KAGE-BUNs.h.i.+N TECHNIQUE! x2x2x2x2x2x2…!" 『John』 yells like Naruto whilst creating his clones.

"Initiate 1st PHASE! Disperse!"『John』he commanded his clone with Augur initiating subsequent quest on the clones systems as they disperse to their previous and new targets.

YAAAWWWWNNN "It's bout time to get some sleep and prepare for tomorrow's meeting. Though its a new body, my mind is already tired from all the s.h.i.+t I went through today. I might burn out tomorrow if I push it and carry on like this .『John』 letting out a long yawn, before blinking away to his room finally getting a night of proper sleep.

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