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I began to think of what I should be doing next.

"I wonder, would it be alright to meet humans as a skeleton? Based on the reaction I got from them earlier, I guess it would be better to level up first."

I walked in the tunnel I had come out of and immediately met two skeleton soldiers. I tried to speak once again, just to try my luck,

"Can you understand me?"

The skeletons replied, "Rgrgh....rgh..."

Just why is it so hard just to find someone to speak to?! Infuriated with the situation I was ready to face the skeletons. I held my guard in a defensive position.

To my surprise, the skeletons weren't moving from their positions. I looked around to find a solution to this anomaly and noticed a line separating the outside light from the darkness of the tunnel. The skeletons, for some reason weren't crossing that line. I guess this was a privilege that only I, as a skeleton leader, had.

As I walked forward, the skeletons relentlessly started to hit me on my head. Honestly, those hits felt like feathers brus.h.i.+ng across my head when compared to the late skeleton-san's attacks. Their heads were aligned with each other from the side. I took this opportunity to bash their skulls simultaneously with the help of Skele.

u003cYou have slain a skeleton soldier.u003e

u003cYou have slain a rare skeleton soldier.u003e

u003cSpecial skill will be obtained.u003e

u003c[Endurance] level 1.u003e

What the..?! There are rare species as well? This makes it a lot more problematic. I wasn't able to determine any difference between the normal skeleton and the rare. Knowing that all skeletons don't have the same skill set, made me realise that there was a possibility for an average monster to have a skill that could kill me.

u003c[Overthinking] level 5.u003e

Man... this voice in my head is irritating. If leveling up the system stops this voice, I'd do anything it takes.

u003cCurrent Soul Count: 4.u003e

Nani?! Skeleton's have souls? I thought they were just another npc in this game like world. I guess the system didn't count any souls before the two humans that I killed. Either way, this does bring about the possibility that some of them may be like me, but yet unable to speak. But then again, why would all of them attack me?

Other than that, what makes me wonder is, did the skill come from a rare monster or could it be obtained from any monsters I kill? Plus, could the rare monsters leave behind a rare drop item?

u003c[Overthinking] level 6.u003e

u003c[Overthinking] level 7.u003e

u003c[Overthinking] level 8.u003e

u003c[Overthinking] level 9.u003e

u003c[Overthinking] level 10.u003e

u003cConditions are met.u003e

u003cSkill [Overthinking] upgraded to [Calculative thinking].u003e

u003c[Calculative thinking] level 1.u003e

Now that's what I'm talking about. Nice. Forgive me weird robotic voice person, you're always great!

I hope this skill helps in the future...

Nonetheless, it's great to know that I'm finally able to think faster than the voice acts. Man, this is some weird way to have fun.

I waited for 5 minutes, and the bodies disappeared. I looked around and found a black metallic s.h.i.+eld and a sword similar to Skele. The s.h.i.+eld had a loose leather handle and wooden material covering the edges.

"I wish I could use this s.h.i.+eld directly but I really can't."

The s.h.i.+eld was way too heavy. I tried lifting it several times but I just couldn't.

"Urghhh....", I grunted as I tried to lift the s.h.i.+eld once again.

u003c[Endurance] level 2.u003e

Holy moly. I leveled endurance by weight lifting. This is amazing! I can raise a skill's level by simple weight lifting. How convenient.

I spent the next ten uninterrupted hours weight lifting. Meanwhile, my inner voice continually spoke as the endurance skill kept on increasing in levels.

u003c[Endurance] level 99.u003e

I was on level 99 by the time I could lift the s.h.i.+eld easily. I didn't know if this was a special drop item, but for me, this was special alright.

I continued lifting the s.h.i.+eld for an hour more and saw no progress.

"Huff...I guess this is it for today."

I sat on the ground knowing that the only place I could go was further inside the dungeon.


Species: Skeleton leader

t.i.tle: [Slayer]

Level: 11

Rank: D

Status: Unknown

Soul Count: 4

Skills: [Calculative thinking] [Anger] [Poisoner] [Endurance]


Swords: [Skele] [Poise]

Armour: [Leather Boots] [Leather Gloves]

s.h.i.+eld: [???]

Tools: None

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