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Chapter 2859 - 2859 Reactivate the Five Major Professions (5)

2859 Reactivate the Five Major Professions (5)

After a few seconds of silence, Han Fei suddenly shouted at the battlefield, “Yi Xiyan, Su Daiji, Xing Yue, Su Sanqian, and Gu Qi, the five of you, don’t fight separately. Fight together. I want to see your true strength.”

The five of them were shocked. “Eldest Senior Brother?”

Since Han Fei had given the order, they certainly didn’t dare to be negligent. In fact, they didn’t cooperate to fight for a long time. This was because their individual combat ability was very strong now. If they fought separately at the same time, they could kill five people, but if they cooperated, they could only kill one person. Unless a group of people rushed over and wanted to fight them head-on.

Of course, because they were close partners and the Sea Establishment Realm battlefield wasn’t big, they were close to each other. In just three or five seconds, the five of them met up.


The five of them looked at each other and Yi Xiyan shouted, “It’s been a long time since we’ve fought like this. We can’t disgrace ourselves since Eldest Senior Brother wants to watch it.”

In the next moment, as the captain, Xing Yue shouted, “Go to the area where the Seven Kill Army is fighting.”

After a while, on the battlefield, a Sea Establisher from the City of Origin saw thw five people coming together and immediately called out, “Anyone come to help?”

Originally, there were many Sea Establishers in the City of Origin, but most of them were fighting the Seven Kill Army. The Seven Kill Army was powerful, so there were naturally many people besieging them.

At this moment, with a shout, someone naturally temporarily withdrew from the siege and attacked Xing Yue and company.

Xing Yue shouted, “Gu Qi, lure the enemy.”

Gu Qi took out an armor box that she hadn’t used for a long time. As soon as the armor box was opened, the Blade Storm slashed out.

There were seven enemies. The Great Dao swept out and fists and saber beams struck out as the Blade Storm dissipated. In the next moment, Su Daiji carried two huge hammers and rushed over alone. As she jumped, thousands of hammers shot out.

As for Xing Yue and company, they followed Su Daiji’s footsteps and maintained a relative distance without changing.

Su Daiji could fight seven alone, but this was not the time to show off. This was cooperation. Since Eldest Senior Brother wanted them to cooperate, they had to cooperate well.

Seeing that Su Daiji’s attack was quick and fierce, the seven people opposite almost unleashed their speed at the same time. They could tell that although Su Daiji was small, her combat strength was rather terrifying.

“Armor, Ten Thousand Phenomena Armor.”

As Gu Qi shouted, Su Daiji put on an invisible armor. There was a semi-curved armor s.h.i.+eld on both sides of her body to block. Su Daiji placed her double hammers in front of her. After a series of clangs, she was only sent flying hundreds of kilometers.

“Ah! Puff~”

However, just as the main power of the Sea Establishers of the City of Origin was placed on Su Daiji, Yi Xiyan suddenly appeared beside one of them. The short knife flashed a thousand times in the blink of an eye. The dagger was enhanced by soul power and directly stabbed a Sea Establisher over and destroyed his soul.

The others were startled. They had been careless. They, who were good at speed, had actually been approached by a late-stage Sea Establisher.

Three people attacked. One launched a soul power attack at Yi Xiyan, and two spear beams stabbed at her. However, in the next moment, although Yi Xiyan didn’t move, she retreated quickly.


Just as they were wondering how Yi Xinyan retreated, the three people who had attacked suddenly felt their bodies tighten. They hurriedly nodded and looked over, only to discover that they had been entangled in layers of spider silk.

“Sword Waterfall!”

In the next moment, six sword shadows flashed out of Gu Qi’s armor box in a row, but what appeared was a dense sword shadow like an upside-down waterfall hanging in the sky. As the three Sea Establishment realm powerhouses were entangled by the spider silk, they were pierced through in the blink of an eye and their souls were destroyed. Since Zhang Xuanyu taught humans many soul techniques, at least every time a student of the Thug Academy attacked, it would attack the enemy’s souls and had very strong destructive power.

Of the seven of them, only three were left in the blink of an eye. When the three of them saw the perfect cooperation of Xing Yue and company, they felt helpless. They felt that their attacks were like stones sinking into the sea and couldn’t touch them at all.

Therefore, the first thing they wanted to do was to retreat and reorganize more people. However, they ignored the fact that there was still the commander-in-chief, Xing Yue. As a spirit gatherer, Xing Yue needed to control the overall situation and could heal his teammates. As a Sea Establishment Realm spirit gatherer, he was very powerful to begin with and only temporarily played a commander and support role.

When the three of them tried to retreat, they suddenly discovered that they had retreated into a misty s.p.a.ce.

“Not good, it’s a maze array.”

A Sea Establishment Realm spirit gatherers could set up arrays with a thought, but as long as they paid attention, they could actually notice it. However, after being knocked down by Gu Qi and the others, they couldn’t tell north from south, so they ignored it.

So, when they blindly wanted to quit, it was already too late. The enemy who had entered a Sea Establishment Realm Maze Array, under the siege of a perfect combination, the outcome could be imagined.

The three of them were tied up by threads at the same time. They were dragged at a certain distance, and then three sledgehammers fell from the sky. With just three hammers, all three of them died.

This battle actually exceeded Xing Yue and company’s expectations. Five against seven, it only took about 30 seconds.

More importantly, the time it took wasn’t the most important. At that moment, Xing Yue and company looked at each other in bewilderment.

Su Sanqian: “Isn’t it a little too simple?”

Gu Qi: “Their cooperation is simply a mess. I feel that even if they are all peak-level Sea Establishers, we can still kill them.”

Su Daiji: “Yes, they’re a little weak!”

Yi Xiyan said, “Perhaps the people in the Sea Realm are relatively uncooperative.”

Xing Yue concluded, “That’s right. We forgot about team battles. Although it’s not impossible to fight alone, the danger index is very high. Even if it’s us, it’s very difficult to kill all enemies in one go when surrounded by multiple peak-level Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses. From now on, if we join forces, it’ll be safer and our killing speed will be faster.”

While Xing Yue and the others made the decision, Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai looked at each other and said almost in unison, “Reactivate the five major professions.”

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God of Fishing Chapter 2859 - 2859 Reactivate the Five Major Professions (5) summary

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