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Chapter 788: Unacceptable

How did Zhong Nuannuan become part of the n.o.bility whose status was second only to the princess of the Luntan royal family in the blink of an eye?

Zhong Qianqian could not accept this at all.

It took her so long to finally recover from her jealousy that Zhong Nuannuan was the daughter of the number one first-tier wealthy family in Camino. She thought that this t.i.tle would soon belong to her, and no matter how great Zhong Nuannuan’s status got, Zhong Qianqian could forever trample on Zhong Nuannuan, making herself a presence that Zhong Nuannuan would always look up to.

Yet, why?

Why was Zhong Nuannuan always so lucky? Not only did she come from a n.o.ble family, but she managed to land herself Duke Eton as her adopted father after getting abducted by human traffickers. Now, she was a part of Luntan’s first-tier wealthy family.

More importantly, this first-tier wealthy family also shared in on the royal crown!

Zhong Qianqian felt like she was down in the dumps. She could only hope that this was just a figment of her hallucination.

However, following the thunderous applause around her, Zhong Nuannuan continued, “Next, I would like to invite my father, Duke Eton; Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Xiao; H District Governor, Mr. Mu; and Jiang District Governor, Mr. Li, into the hall!”

Everyone thought that the appearance of the leaders of the military base, first-tier wealthy families, and the Wu family of Sea District would be the highlight of this auction. Who would have expected such a surprise?

Normally, everyone could only see these overseas big shots in the news. After all, whenever these important people visited Camino, they would definitely head to Emperor District. They would never come to a small place like Jiang District. Even if they came, they would be accompanied by the higher-ups. Only after they left would everyone been informed of these people’s pa.s.sing presence.

Meanwhile, thanks to Zhong Nuannuan and Selina today, everyone present had the honor of meeting the legendary royal family of Luntan. It was none other than the prince with the highest rank.

This was because Duke Eton and the current Queen of Luntan were siblings born of the same father and mother!

Under the enthusiastic applause of the crowd, Duke Eton, Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Xiao Wensheng, H District Governor Mu Xigui, and Jiang District Governor Li Yunshen strolled out from the back as Aiden and Xiao Shenbin led the way.

Leng Jinpeng and the leaders from the military base stood up from their seats. The few leading major generals were waiting for Leng Jinpeng to step out from his seat, but Leng Jinpeng immediately helped Chi Yang’s grandfather up.

Then, Leng Jinpeng supported Old Master Chi as he led him out.

Frankly, when Chi Yang called Young Master Xiao ‘Shenbin’ earlier, everyone had already started to guess Chi Yang’s ident.i.ty. Now, Chi Yang stood in front of everyone. As Commander Leng helped his grandfather personally, everyone could not help but make guesses at the old master’s ident.i.ty too.

A few distinguished personages frowned as they pondered.

That was because they had a sense of familiarity the moment they saw Old Master Chi.

Wu Maosong could not be more familiar with that feeling.

Previously, during the dispute over the raw stones at Soaring Clouds Pavilion, the reason why Wu Maosong spoke to Old Master Chi and stood up to protect Zhong Nuannuan was that he found Old Master Chi familiar. Even so, he could not recall where he had seen Old Master Chi before.

At this moment, when Leng Jinpeng supported Old Master Chi and stepped forward, Wu Maosong could not help but exclaim under his breath, “It’s him!”

“Grandpa, what have you remembered? Who is he?”

Wu Pingting asked. Wu Maosong’s grandson, Wu Zongyang, who had kept quiet the whole time, straightened up curiously.

Those who heard Old Master Wu’s words all perked up to listen in. They wanted to know Old Master Chi’s ident.i.ty because that meant they could finally find out Chi Yang’s ident.i.ty.

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