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Chapter 541: Asking For It Again

Under the cold white light on the porch, her exquisite features looked outstanding. She held his wrist tightly, as if she were afraid he would run away.

Looking down slightly, Lu Chengzhou looked into her eyes. He remained silent for a good five seconds.

Gu Mang was also quiet as she stared at him silently.

After a while, Lu Chengzhou’s lips curled up slightly. His smile reached his eyes. Then, he said slowly, “Did the alcohol give a timid person courage?”

Gu Mang said nothing.

Lu Chengzhou touched her chin with his fingers. “Do you dare to seduce me today?”

Fulfill some l.u.s.tful desires… She was pretty good at saying the right things at the right time.

Staring at his smile, Gu Mang narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt rather annoyed and irritation arose in her.

She also smiled. “I won’t go back on my words.”

Lu Chengzhou remembered that he had asked her if she would break her promise. Seeing that he was speechless, Gu Mang felt like she had the upper hand.

This feeling made her lose self-control completely. She reached out and touched his slightly protruding Adam’s apple with her thin fingertips. Lu Chengzhou froze. He felt her hand move down, stopping at his collarbone.

Gu Mang glanced at his lower body and pressed her body against his. Looking up slightly, she smiled and said slowly, “I’m in a good mood today. I can satisfy you.”

Lu Chengzhou’s gaze was extremely profound. His Adam’s apple moved. When he spoke, his voice sounded deep and husky. He warned her calmly, “Don’t stir things up. You reek of alcohol. Go and take a shower.”

Gu Mang said, “After I shower…”

Lu Chengzhou interrupted her. “Go to sleep.”

The smile on Gu Mang’s face was not as wide now. After looking at him for a few seconds, she could not tell what was on his mind.

She removed her hand from his body and turned around to leave.

Seeing her expressionless face, Lu Chengzhou had a bad feeling. Hence, he pulled her back, positioning her between himself and the cabinet.

He asked softly, “I’m suppressing myself. Why are you unhappy?”

Gu Mang looked up at him and smiled. Her upturned eyes looked extremely attractive. “I’m not. Now that I’m sober, I’m going to go back on my words.”

Lu Chengzhou expressed his dissatisfaction and cupped her face with his hands. “I’m protecting you. How dare you be ungrateful.”

There was a subtle smile on Gu Mang’s face. “I drank too much and forgot how young I still am.”

Lu Chengzhou raised his eyebrows. “Even if you are young, there’s still a way.”

“I’m not feeling too good now. I’m not in the mood.” Gu Mang’s smile grew wider as she added slowly, “You can settle it yourself.”

After saying that, she kept a straight face, pushed him away, and turned to leave.

Before she could walk away, he pulled her back.

Gu Mang frowned slightly. “Lu Chengzhou.”

He pinched her chin. There was delight in his dark gaze. “Settle it myself?”

Gu Mang did not answer him.

Lu Chengzhou caressed her skin lightly. “I have a girlfriend.”

Gu Mang laughed softly. “You asked your girlfriend to take a shower.”

Lu Chengzhou’s gaze was dark and slightly dangerous. After staring at her for a while, he blurted, “You are asking for it again.”

This sounded rather familiar. Gu Mang was dazed for a moment before she recalled the time they were in a small villa in Country K…

“Are you happy now?” Lu Chengzhou looked at her, his breathing unsteady. Pressing his forehead against hers, he pinched the nape of her neck.

Gu Mang pursed her lips and remained silent.

Lu Chengzhou could tell what she was thinking from her expression. He chuckled. “Must you have s*x with me?”

Gu Mang glanced at him indifferently. “No.”

Lu Chengzhou played with her ears and sighed. “At eighteen, you are still growing. Let’s wait for two more years, okay?”

Gu Mang pursed her lips and pondered for a few seconds. “Actually…”


Gu Mang looked up and paused for a moment before she continued, “Sure.”

Lu Chengzhou froze and gazed at her.

“I’m done growing,” Gu Mang said.

Lu Chengzhou raised his eyebrows slightly. After thinking for two seconds, he understood what she meant. “You were faking your age?”

Gu Mang did not say anything. She said, “You don’t have to suppress your urges.”

Lu Chengzhou’s gaze became dark and profound immediately. Gu Mang allowed him to gaze into her eyes. Three seconds later, Lu Chengzhou suddenly clasped his hands around the nape of her neck and pulled her towards him.

Gu Mang was silent.

The whole bedroom was a mess.

Gu Mang’s long hair was unkempt and her eyelashes were slightly wet. She lay on the messy bed. They stared at each other with unfocused gazes as they caught their breaths.

Lu Chengzhou brought a cup of water over and he sat on the bed. He held onto the back of her neck and helped her up. He said in a gentle voice, “Have some water.”

Gu Mang seemed to have not yet regained her senses. Leaning onto him, she finished the cup of water like a robot and lay back down.

Lu Chengzhou put down the cup. He turned around only to see that she was back in bed. “Are you not going to shower?”

“I’m tired.” Gu Mang’s voice was very hoa.r.s.e.

Hearing her voice, Lu Chengzhou frowned. He regretted trying to get her to shower. Caressing her cheek with his fingers, he said softly, “I will carry you there.”

Gu Mang acknowledged with a hum.

The two of them returned to the bed. The room was dark.

As Gu Mang lay on her side, Lu Chengzhou inched closer to her and placed his arm on her waist naturally.

“Gu Mang,” Lu Chengzhou called out suddenly.

She answered him with a lazy hum.

Lu Chengzhou asked, “What are you happy about today?”

Gu Mang replied slowly, sounding rather exhausted, “Oh, Jinyang got the second highest score in District 2. She is returning to normal slowly. I’m happy about that.”

Lu Chengzhou was silent.

The next day.

Gu Mang woke up after noon. Her body was still weak. She had not even felt this exhausted when training people at Red Flame.

When Lu Chengzhou helped her put on her clothes, he looked down and frowned. “Do you feel unwell?”

Gu Mang looked at him expressionlessly. “What do you think?”

How dare he still ask her this.

Lu Chengzhou cleared his throat. “I made you some porridge. Have some of it later. I will go get medicine.”

Gu Mang did not reply.

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