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Chapter 1345: A Get-Together

Upon returning home, Qiao Mu was not spared from Wei Ziqin’s nagging.

Wei Ziqin was complaining about how neither she nor Mo Lian could be relied on. Even with only several days until the couple’s wedding, not a trace of them was to be found, and this made them frantic from agitation.

As Qiao Mu returned home at night, she did not disturb anyone else besides the Qiao Zhongbang couple.

It was not until early next morning when everyone got together for breakfast that Second Uncle, Brother Xiao Hu, and her siblings found out that she had returned.

This was also the first time Qiao Mu saw Second Aunt née Ren since Second Uncle’s wedding.

She looked 24 or 25 and was sharp and keen-witted, whipping up a breeze even when walking.

“This is Qiaoqiao.” Even the corners of Second Uncle Qiao’s eyes and mouth were smiling, showing that he was doing extremely well these past couple of days.

Née Ren walked up and held Qiao Mu’s hands to give her a greeting gift. Afterwards, she exchanged greetings with Qiao Mu with a smile before the whole family sat down for a harmonious breakfast.

These last few days, née Ren had already gotten accustomed to how bountiful the Qiao Family’s breakfast was.

Besides white porridge, today’s breakfast also consisted of red bean porridge, meat buns, as well as four kinds of colorful pastries.

The Qiao Family did not require that many strict rules at the table and chatted as they ate, just like in common people’s families. Née Ren very much liked this family atmosphere.

Eldest Uncle and Sister-in-Law were also kind people. Furthermore, although her husband was several years older than her, he was considerate and dependable.

She also got along well with her stepson after interacting with him these past few days.

That was why there really wasn’t anything née Ren was dissatisfied with. She was even extremely grateful to her mother’s astute foresight in choosing such a good family for her.

“Sister-in-Law, as there are only a few days until Qiaoqiao’s wedding, if you need help, remember to call me. Although I have just married into the family, I am still able to help with some miscellaneous things,” née Ren offered with a smile.

“Okay, okay. I’ve really been incredibly busy these days. It would be wonderful if you could come help me.” Wei Ziqin nodded happily. There was nothing to nitpick with this excellent sister-in-law.

Née Ren agreed joyfully.

On the side, Xiao Lin’er was mixing the red bean porridge in her bowl with her spoon as she griped, “Sister, you will be living in the palace after this. Who knows how long it will be until we can meet again.”

Qiao Zhongbang couldn’t help jerking the corner of his mouth upon hearing this. “Cough, other than that time in closed-door cultivation, when else has your sister ever been lazing about at home.”

Xiao Lin’er couldn’t help but concur upon thinking about it, and her face relaxed as she giggled, “Sister, then I’ll go look for you in the palace every few days to play.”

Qiao Mu nodded.

However, Wei Ziqin couldn’t help but laugh, “If you go every few days, even if your sister doesn’t find you annoying, your brother-in-law will be annoyed to death by you.”

Xiao Lin’er frowned. “Why would my brother-in-law be annoyed when I’m looking for my sister. At that time, I’ll just ask my brother-in-law for an access token. It’s not like I need him to lead the way.”

Wei Ziqin poked her daughter’s forehead while feeling both annoyed and amused.

Qiao Mu’s eyes smiled faintly as she looked at her mother and sister.

“These last few days, has Zhou Yuan’s family come to make a fuss?” Qiao Mu asked offhandedly.

Qiao Zhongbang shook his head. “They did come the second day after you left, but not again since then after I ordered for them to get kicked out.”

“Ay, but speaking of which, Qiaoqiao. Do you still remember that little fatty Zhou Tao from the wealthiest family in our village?”

Qiao Mu was astonished. “Dad saw him?”

“Exactly!” Qiao Zhongbang lamented, “I saw him a few days earlier as one of Zhou Yuan’s family’s servants.”

Wei Ziqin sighed. “He was as skinny as a monkey.”

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