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Chapter 1311: Engagement

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Old Man Gong was not so obstinate a person to deliberately behave contrarily – especially since Gong Yi had expressed himself so firmly. He sighed and decided on a compromise.

However, his thoughts on the matter were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Gong Yi quickly got up to open the door. Standing outside were Sun Xiaoxiao and Bai Beibei. They had arrived at last.

“Auntie, Beibei, you’re here. Allow me to make the introductions. This is my father, and this is my mother.” Gong Yi led them into the room, briefly calling attention to his parents.

Old Man Gong stared at Sun Xiaoxiao as she entered. There was something about her that seemed remarkably familiar. Sun Xiaoxiao possessed a ravis.h.i.+ng beauty. Having given birth to Beibei at the age of 18, she still looked relatively young. At the age of 36, she retained much of her youthful looks. There was no doubt that a part of Bai Beibei’s charming beauty was inherited from her.

Both mother and daughter were beautiful, albeit in different ways. It only took a moment for Old Man Gong to recognize her.

He knew who she was.

He finally knew why he did not like Bai Beibei. It was because he saw a shadow of Sun Xiaoxiao in Bai Beibei.

“Father? Father!” Gong Yi called out twice, pulling Old Man Gong from his memories.

“Father, what are you thinking about? Auntie is greeting you,” Gong Yi reminded.

Old Man Gong stared at Sun Xiaoxiao. She, in turn, regarded Gong Yi’s father with an expression of calm elegance. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Old Man Gong frowned. His face sank faster than the t.i.tanic, replacing it was a mask of stony indifference.

The atmosphere grew heavy and the silence seemed to stretch.

Madam Gong secretly tugged at her husband’s sleeve and tried to smooth things over. “Let’s not talk while standing. Come, let’s eat while we chat.”

Thus, the five of them sat down at the table, each with their own thoughts.

The waiter returned, not long after, and served the dishes.

Sun Xiaoxiao twirled her hair as she eyed Gong Yi’s father. With her eyes burning fervently, she said, “Master Gong, Madam Gong, perhaps we ought to discuss the future of the younger generation. Beibei and Gong Yi have been dating for some time now. What do you think of their getting engaged?”

Bai Beibei noticed the souring expression on Old Man Gong’s face, covering her face in her hands. How could she be so straightforward? Immediately, she tugged on her mother’s sleeve hoping she would take the hint.

“Let’s talk about this in a few years time. Beibei is still young, after all. ” Old Man Gong replied robotically.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the atmosphere dropped to subzero temperatures. The change was so sudden that everyone in the room felt it.

“My father was joking. Please, don’t take him seriously.” As he said this, Gong Yi kicked his father under the table. “I’ve already decided that Beibei and I will be engaged.”

Gong Yi’s father did not react violently. He merely glanced at his son with narrowed eyes and snorted.

Gong Yi was baffled by his father’s behaviour. He felt that his father was behaving rather strangely and it evoked an indescribable feeling in his chest.

“Hehe, yes, yes. We should listen to the wishes of the younger generation. Since my son wishes to be engaged to your daughter, then as parents, we should give them our blessings.” Gong Yi’s mother stood firmly by her son’s side.

Bai Beibei looked at Gong Yi’s mother shyly. Madam Gong was smiling at her affectionately.

Overwhelmed by the favour she was receiving, Bai Beibei returned Madam Gong’s smile with a sweet one of her own.

“Since that’s the case, then this matter has been decided.” Sun Xiaoxiao was pleased to note the distinct absence of any objection in Madam Gong’s countenance.

“Mom…” Bai Beibei cautioned softly.

It was quite inappropriate for her mother to make such a decision herself without consulting Madam Gong on her opinion. It was as if she was purposefully being obnoxious. Was she trying to instigate conflict between their two families?

Sun Xiaoxiao ignored her daughter’s pleading words, sipping casually at her tea.

Bai Beibei looked at Gong Yi’s father who was opposite her. Old Man Gong did not rise to Sun Xiaoxiao’s baits. Instead, he maintained the dignity and self-restraint of an elder. The words left unspoken were: ‘it’s up to you all. Either way, I won’t agree to anything.’

Bai Beibei sent Gong Yi a helpless look.

Sensing Beibei’s gaze, Gong Yi’s lip twitched and curved into a boyish grin. He silently conveyed his support for her: ‘It’s okay. I’m here. Don’t be afraid.’

Halfway through the meal, Sun Xiaoxiao excused herself and went to the washroom.

In the corridor, Old Man Gong stopped her. “Please wait.”

Sun Xiaoxiao turned around and asked Gong Yi’s father. “Is there something you need me for?”

Old Man Gong looked at her indifferently. “You knew I would seek you out.”


“Sun Xiaoxiao, there are no outsiders here. There’s no need to put on an act.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand?” Old Man Gong sneered. “You may have forgotten about me but don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten about you. I honestly didn’t expect you to be Bai Beibei’s mother. At least, now I know that the maid who climbed into Bai s.h.i.+da’s bed was you.”

Sun Xiaoxiao’s face froze into a glacial mask. She glared at Old Man Gong darkly with clenched fists hanging by her side.

A transformation seemed to take hold of her then. No longer was she the elegant woman of dignified grace she portrayed herself to be. Instead, what stood in her place was a woman twisted by jealousy.

“How could I have forgotten you? My life was ruined by you. Bai s.h.i.+da deserves to die, and you more so. You are the perpetrator of all hards.h.i.+p in my life!”

“Heh! Sun Xiaoxiao, you haven’t changed at all. Indeed, the fault is mine. I shouldn’t have shown you mercy, eighteen years ago. I should have exterminated you completely.”

“Sadly, you’ve missed that opportunity. Gong Ping, you’re nothing more than a hypocrite!” Sun Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth and said.

Old Man Gong did not refute her words because he did not think there was any need to. He had nothing to say to this woman.

“Take your daughter and get out of my sight. The Gong family will never accept your child as our daughter-in-law. She can forget about stepping through our doors!”

Sun Xiaoxiao straightened her back and offered her acquaintance a smug smile. “Shouldn’t you be saying these words to your son? Get it straight. It’s not my daughter who is trying to ingratiate herself. Your son is the one who is clinging to my daughter and refusing to let go.”

Old Man Gong frowned. “Did you orchestrate these turn of events?”

“Hmph,” Sun Xiaoxiao snorted coldly. “Gong Ping, haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘the river flows east for thirty years, and the river flows west for thirty years.’ I bet you never thought a day like this would come. Oh, the irony! Your son is in love with my daughter. It seems that I’m the ultimate victor.”

In the private room, Gong Yi’s mother went out to answer the phone. Only Gong Yi and Bai Beibei were left.

Bai Beibei looked at Gong Yi. “Your father really doesn’t like me…”

Gong Yi held her soft little hand, “You’re getting engaged to me, not my father, so don’t take his att.i.tude to heart. When you’re older, we’ll get married and move out. We won’t live with my parents. We’ll have our own home. I know my father. He’s an upstanding man whose actions are always open and aboveboard. He won’t do anything to break us up.”

Bai Beibei was not worried about what Gong Yi’s father would do. It saddened her, really. Why was it so hard to gain Old Man Gong’s approval?

“Your father’s dislike for me is only temporary. I’ll definitely work hard to make him see me in a better light,” Bai Beibei brightened up.

Gong Yi smirked. Pressing his strong, sculpted body against hers, he whispered, “There’s a shortcut to gaining my father’s approval…”

“What shortcut?”

“My father really wants to have grandchildren.”

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