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Chapter 733: Your Gift

“Did you steal my Lafite to drink?” Sheng Xiao scoffed.

Mu Qiqi shook her head and leaned against Sheng Xiao’s neck. “Other than preparing a gift for grandfather, I’ve also prepared a gift for you…”

“Why are you saying it now?” Sheng Xiao hugged her but slowed down because he felt that once she drank, there would be no secrets.

If he walked a little slower, he could ask her a lot of questions.

“But I won’t tell you… What it is.”

“Don’t say it. If you dare to say it now, I’ll strangle you to death.”

If she said it, there would be no surprise.

Mu Qiqi giggled and fell asleep in Sheng Xiao’s arms. Initially, he had wanted to ask more, but he could not bear to. After he carried her home, he washed her up in the bathtub, put her on the bed, and hugged her to sleep.

However, the same situation would not work for Feng Shanshan.

Feng Shanshan pretended to be asleep, but Tang Yan ignored her the whole time. This made Feng Shanshan very angry. She lay on the bed and could not pretend anymore.

“Mu Qiqi must have been taken care of very carefully when she went home, but what about me? Are you just going to leave me alone?”

After Tang Yan finished showering, there were still water droplets on his body that slid along the lines of his muscles. He only said, “I know you’re never drunk.”

Feng Shanshan was speechless.

“Boring man, haven’t you ever had s.e.x after drinking?”

Tang Yan turned around and looked at Feng Shanshan who reeked of alcohol. “I didn’t drink, but I don’t mind being even crazier than I get after drinking.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Feng Shanshan took the initiative to pull away the towel around his waist.

Tang Yan had been investigating Cheng Bin for a few days, but Cheng Bin looked like a good citizen. It seemed like he had no intention of taking revenge.

However, he was secretly contacting Third Master Long again. From this, Tang Yan guessed that Cheng Bin wanted to rely on him. However, Cheng Bin would not come to take revenge on him so quickly because Third Master Long would not give others a chance for nothing.

He had to let Cheng Bin gain some “achievements” first.

Therefore, he did not plan to continue wasting time on Cheng Bin. The special investigations team still needed him to return to lead them.

However, right now, the thing he should be focusing on was Huang Yao’s matter. Who exactly did the things come from?

Two days later, he would make arrangements for the Sheng family’s birthday banquet whether it was necessary or not.


Everyone knew that Old Master Sheng had undergone surgery and had been hospitalized. Sheng Bowen had been preparing for the banquet since a month ago. He wanted to try his best to make the old man happy.

Two days before the old man’s birthday banquet, Sheng Bowen had already asked people to check the guest list and the security. Of course, for some special reasons, Sheng Bowen also had to communicate with the security personnel in advance to avoid delaying the good show.

Sheng Bowen acted as if he didn’t know about the things in Huang Yao’s warehouse. He did whatever he had to do to not put Sheng Kai on alert and make him think that he was already in the middle of his trap.

Since he was going to put on a big show, he naturally had to do his best.

However, at the moment, he had no way of knowing who the spy that Eighth Brother was talking about was.

The night before Old Master Sheng’s birthday banquet.

Sheng Kai was still trying to confirm whether the things in Huang Yao’s warehouse had been discovered by Sheng Bowen. After confirming that Sheng Bowen didn’t know, he contacted the spy. “Tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m., call the police and make sure that the police catch the thief on the spot.”

“Keep in touch. The channel has already been opened for you.”

“I understand. I will definitely not disappoint the public,” the spy replied.

Sheng Kai hung up the phone and felt even more excited and nervous. It was tomorrow, it was tomorrow. After such a long period of humiliation and torture, he would be able to get his revenge tomorrow.

Of course, he would also go to the old man’s birthday banquet tomorrow. He wanted to see the old man and Sheng Bowen’s expressions in person. It would definitely be wonderful.


The next morning, the Sheng family was very lively.

Old Man Sheng woke up early in the morning. He was in high spirits and looked radiant.

The blessings and gifts from his children and grandchildren were sent to him one after another. Although there were all kinds of new and novel gifts, none of them truly touched his heart.

As for Sheng Bowen, he had promised to bring Secretary Ren over, a filial act.

However, Ren Yufei was not just an attendee. She had also seriously prepared a birthday gift for Old Master Sheng. Using various herbs good for sleeping, she made a health-preserving pillow for the old man.

“The doctor said that these herbs have a very good effect on the recovery of the brain. I hope you like them.”

Old Master Sheng took the gift and pointed at Sheng Bowen. “Look, you’re not as sensible as Xiao Ren. This old man will use the pillow tonight.”

Sheng Bowen smiled smugly because he didn’t expect Ren Yufei to be so attentive.

So, in private, he lowered his head and whispered to Ren Yufei, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You’ve been working so hard these past few days. I didn’t want to distract you, so I made the decision on my own,” Ren Yufei explained.

“Yufei, you did well.”

Everyone was looking forward to seeing what Mu Qiqi had prepared.

“We’re about to leave. Why haven’t Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi arrived yet?” Old Master Sheng also asked.

“Qiqi must still be having a headache over what to send. After all, it was Eighth Brother who gave the task.” Sheng Bowen laughed. Now that he had Ren Yufei’s pillow, it would be even harder to surpa.s.s Mu Qiqi.

“Hmph, is this old man that hard to please?”

“Wasn’t he in the past?”

The old man was stunned when he heard this, but he also laughed. “I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t argue with you.”

It was also at this moment that Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi entered the Sheng family’s hall. Xu Che was carrying a big box and following behind Mu Qiqi.

“Why are you guys so late?” Sheng Bowen quickly went up to the two of them.

“I went with her to get something, so…” Sheng Xiao’s gaze fell on the box that was covered with a black cloth.

He really did not know what the h.e.l.l was going on with this thing.

“You… don’t know what she’s going to give me?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head.

“It’s so big. I’m afraid this thing won’t be able to make this old man happy.” Sheng Bowen sighed. The box was big and heavy. It didn’t seem like a practical gift.

“Xiao Qi, what’s in that box?”

Old Master Sheng pointed at the box on Xu Che’s shoulder and asked Mu Qiqi, “What tricks are you playing?”

“It’s a gift for you.” Mu Qiqi turned around and gestured for Xu Che to put it down.

“Don’t keep me guessing. What exactly is it? Take it out and let me take a look. We’re leaving for the banquet venue soon.” Old Master Sheng was also anxious.

“Let me say this first. If you don’t like it, I won’t give you any more gifts.” Mu Qiqi walked up to Xu Che and personally placed the box in front of the old man.

“You’re the only one who’s weird about it. Open it.”

Mu Qiqi removed the black cloth covering the box and revealed an ordinary wooden box. It looked ordinary, of course it wasn’t anything precious.

However, when Mu Qiqi took off the lid of the box, Old Master Sheng’s eyes widened when he saw the contents.

He had an extremely complex expression on his face.

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