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Chapter 465: The Zhai Family’s Top Priority

Master Zhai had quite a deep impression of Jian Yiling.

“Yes,” his subordinate replied affirmatively.

“This…” Master Zhai started before he trailed off. This was a puzzling thing… “But… Did the brat really give our family jade pendant to that girl?”

It looked as though Master Zhai was doubting his entire existence.

“But… That doesn’t make sense… Back then, the brat didn’t allow me to abduct her… He even got mad at me! He didn’t allow me to investigate her either… In fact, he didn’t even want me to mention her…”

At that time, Master Zhai really wanted to abduct Jian Yiling into his family.

As a result, he had gotten into a big fight with his grandson.

“No, no. Investigate this matter for me! I need to figure out whether or not the pendant that she’s wearing is the one from our Zhai family!”

Master Zhai was in high spirits. He couldn’t care about anything else.

This was now the top priority of the Zhai family!

If it really was the Zhai family’s Morning Frost jade pendant, then it could only have been given out by Zhai Yunsheng.

And if Zhai Yunsheng had gifted her the pendant, didn’t that mean that she was to be the future granddaughter-in-law for the Zhai family?

That meant that his grandson would be getting married soon! His great-grandson wouldn’t be too far away either!

Master Zhai’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning. He had been wis.h.i.+ng for this for so many years! His wish was finally becoming true!

“No, this won’t do! I will investigate this matter myself!” Master Zhai concluded. It would be fastest if he confirmed the matter himself. He didn’t want to wait any longer.


Qin Yufan didn’t expect to see Jian Yiling in such a place.

In the luxury compartment of a KTV.

Jian Yiling was seated on a sofa in the compartment.

Qin Yufan narrowed her eyes for a moment. Then, she saw another girl seated across from Jian Yiling.

She knew this girl. The girl’s name was Shan Yurou. She was a young lady from the Shan family.

The Shan family was acquainted with the Qin family.

However, Qin Yufan wasn’t really friends with her. Although the two of them had known each other for a long time, she still didn’t want to become friends with such a person.

However, as they were both in the same circle, the two of them were acquainted. They would usually say h.e.l.lo when they saw each other.

Miss Yurou had been present at the Qin family banquet.

After that, she had sent a message to Qin Yufan. She wanted to instigate Qin Yufan to deal with Jian Yiling. However, Qin Yufan had rejected her rather bluntly.

However, as of now, Shan Yurou had a bunch of people with her. They were surrounding Jian Yiling. It appeared as though something was about to happen.

Qin Yufan knew that Jian Yiling was not in a good predicament.

However, she didn’t necessarily plan to interfere. To put it bluntly, Jian Yiling was quite stupid. Otherwise, how did Shan Yurou manage to bring her over here in the first place?

If she wasn’t stupid, then why would she follow Shan Yurou to such a place?

On top of that, she was here by herself.

She had gotten herself into that situation. Now, she had to face the unfriendly bunch in front of her.

Qin Yufan had little affection for Jian Yiling. As a result, she did not think that she had the obligation to rescue her.

Shan Yurou came forward. She spoke as though she was planning to win Qin Yufan’s favor. “Sister Fan, please rest a.s.sured. I was wrong to ask that question from last time. I will take responsibility for what I do. I just asked you to come over so you can watch the fun.”

“Fun? This is not fun. However, it’s rather hilarious. I want to know who gave you the courage to do such things.” Qin Yufan asked. Her eyes were contemptuous and her tone was full of disdain.

“No… Sister Fan, we…” Shan Yurou tried to explain anxiously.

“Do you guys want to ruin her reputation or her body? Well, I’m telling you now that if Master Sheng likes someone, he wouldn’t care about those things.”

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