Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her! Chapter 830 - Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao'er (2)

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Chapter 830: Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (2)

“I was surprised that Qingjiu ended up marrying Chief Instructor He.”

Yu Bao’er sighed with emotion as she said this.

Huo Yingcheng smiled and glanced at her. “Why are you surprised? Isn’t there a saying in Chinese that ‘All things are possible? In the past, I didn’t quite believe that, but in the end, I accepted it as true. It was very strange back then when they first got to know each other. I had never seen Major-general show a good countenance to any girl previously. There have been countless women who were dying to be with Major-general, but look at how many had succeeded.”

Yu Bao’er nodded vigorously. “Back then when I first saw Chief Instructor He, I felt that he was so handsome it felt unreal. He’s simply not someone people like us can get in touch with. I hadn’t expected Qingjiu to have such courage! And to think she succeeded!”

Huo Yingcheng asked indignantly, “Are you saying I’m not handsome?”

Yu Bao’er said, “…If I’m looking at you alone, you’re quite handsome.”

Huo Yingcheng was the sort of muscular man who exuded a masculine aura. His appearance wasn’t too bad.

So long as he didn’t stand beside Helian Niancheng.

“What do you mean by ‘if you’re looking at me alone’? So you’re saying that when I stand next to Major-general, I’m not handsome?”

Yu Bao’er wasn’t fearful of death. “Commander Huo, why would you say something like that that invites humiliation?”

Huo Yingcheng was speechless.

“I won’t bring you around anymore. Have fun roaming this place by yourself today.”

Huo Yingcheng turned and prepared to leave.

“Hey, don’t go!”

Yu Bao’er speedily went up to grab Huo Yingcheng’s sleeve and said pitifully, “Commander Huo, I’ll get lost here if you leave me alone. You don’t wish to see news of ‘nameless female corpse shockingly found in the palace, determined by experts to have starved to death,’ do you?”

Hearing this, Huo Yingcheng burst into laughter. “That’s impossible.”

Yu Bao’er thought that he meant she couldn’t die in the palace. But in the end, Huo Yingcheng added, “Even if you lose your way and starve to death, news from the palace wouldn’t be known to media outlets. There will at least be someone clearing away your corpse, don’t worry.”

Yu Bao’er was speechless.

d.a.m.n, he’s worse than an animal!

Yu Bao’er tightly gripped Huo Yingcheng’s sleeve and refused to let go. “No, Commander Huo, you can’t leave! I’m afraid of starving to death here!”

She had no idea where Huo Yingcheng had brought her to. All that surrounded her was a vast expanse of green bonsai, and also forests in the faraway distance. Although the palace was a short distance away, Yu Bao’er feared that she would meet dangers in such an unfamiliar place…

Seeing Yu Bao’er’s timid manner, Huo Yingcheng found it hilarious. “Someone like you shouldn’t go out and disgrace Gu Qingjiu.”

Yu Bao’er puffed up her small chest. “That’s impossible. Qingjiu won’t possibly find me disgraceful!”

With that, she shrunk back and complained, “Commander Huo, at least we used to be in the same team in the army, and you were even my commander once. How could you be so heartless? I still remember you had once punished me to sweep the toilet!”

“You still remember something that happened that long ago? Back then if you hadn’t fought, would I have punished you? If I hadn’t done so, you would have been kicked out of the army. Never mind that you didn’t thank me, to think you still bore hatred over that until now. Women’s hearts are indeed vicious!”

Huo Yingcheng started playing the blame game.

Yu Bao’er was speechless.

Dammit. Was this Commander Huo’s head kicked by a donkey or something?!

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Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her! Chapter 830 - Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao'er (2) summary

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