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Chapter 710 – Gains

“Give up?” Everyone looked at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head without hesitation and said, “We didn’t spend a lot of time on this mission and have gained some benefits from other aspects. Why don’t we hurry back and do another mission?”

Qian Lei clenched his fists. “Combat missions are better, at least we have a clear goal.”

Lan Xuanyu: “Let’s go back and complete the transaction.”

Liu Guiting’s ability to handle matters was stronger than what Lan Xuanyu had imagined. When they returned to the Exchange Center, the appraisal of the two complete wars.h.i.+ps was completed. Each wars.h.i.+p was worth 120 tons of rare metals, for a total of 240 tons.

This time, Lan Xuanyu didn’t exchange for any more rare metals because they had enough for the time being. It wasn’t worth it to exchange here, so he might as well bring the basic metals back since there was enough s.p.a.ce in the Ring of Fate.

Lan Xuanyu stood in front of Liu Guiting and said indifferently, “Liu Guiting, you did well. I’ll leave the Purple Fire Pirates to you. I’ll leave you a way to contact them. You can choose to return with the Purple Fire Pirates or you can choose to join us. We’ve achieved our goal for this operation and you’ve played your part. It’s up to you how you choose next.”

Liu Guichao gritted his teeth and said, “I am willing to join the 33 Sky Wings, please accept me. I used my savings to exchange for this, please accept it.” As he spoke, he took out a small metal tube from his pocket and handed it to Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu looked at him doubtfully and asked, “What is this?”

Liu Guichao said, “This is the implant Mind Needle, it can be implanted into a person’s brain. After it is implanted into the brain, there is a remote control that connects to a satellite. As long as the controller presses the remote control and is in the same galaxy, the Mind Needle will explode and cause the implanted person to die. I am willing to implant this to myself and prove my loyalty to you.”

Lan Xuanyu didn’t expect Liu Guiting to be so resolute. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Aren’t you afraid that I will harm you? After all, you have some understanding of us now.”

Liu Guichao smiled bitterly. “I’m considered the oldest among the s.p.a.ce pirates and have seen many s.p.a.ce pirates. I have some judgment capacity. Although I don’t know the history of the 33 Sky Wings Pirates, I can feel that the aura on your bodies is different from the filthy aura unique to ordinary s.p.a.ce pirates. I feel that only by following you will I have a future, and I might even have a good ending. My demands aren’t high. I will serve the 33 Sky Wings Pirates for 10 years. If possible, buy me a small house on Planet Heaven and let me enjoy my retirement. I will be satisfied with this.”

“You’re very smart.” Lan Xuanyu looked at Liu Guiting’s bitter smile and nodded slightly.

Liu Guiting was undoubtedly smart to place such a heavy bet without knowing Lan Xuanyu’s background. In fact, his bet was undoubtedly correct.

The 33 Sky Wings came from Shrek Academy. Lan Xuanyu and the others were the elites of Shrek Academy and were students of the unprecedented Star War Experiment cla.s.s. In the future, they would undoubtedly become stronger. Once they entered the Inner Court of Shrek Academy, they would reach a completely different level and were not comparable to s.p.a.ce pirates.

Liu Guiting took the metal tube from Lan Xuanyu’s hand and pressed it against the back of his head. He pressed the activation b.u.t.ton and in the next moment, his entire body began to tremble violently. He only calmed down after ten seconds.

Then, he handed the metal tube to Lan Xuanyu and said, “The blue b.u.t.ton on top is the activation b.u.t.ton, while the red b.u.t.ton is the removal of the Mind Needle. This concerns my life, so please take good care of it. If you feel that I am qualified to break free from this control one day, please help me take it out.”

Lan Xuanyu did not argue and kept the metal tube properly. Then, he took out 10 tons of rare metals and handed them to Liu Guiting.

“This is the money I’ll leave to you. It’s fine if you want to stay here or go to Planet Heaven. We will keep in touch.”

Liu Guiting obviously didn’t have such a large storage soul device to store so many rare metals, but it was up to him how to deal with it. Lan Xuanyu believed that he definitely had a plan.

After watching them leave, Liu Guiting’s expression calmed down. He furrowed his brows and rubbed the back of his head. He sighed softly. “I hope I made the right choice. The place I really want to go is actually the Douluo Federation. After all, I’m already old.”

Seven Sky Wings s.p.a.ce fighters charged out of the atmosphere and returned to s.p.a.ce, returning directly to the 33 Sky Wings wars.h.i.+p.

The 33 Sky Wings wars.h.i.+p gradually revealed itself in s.p.a.ce and left its invisible state. It turned on the guidance beam and pulled the Sky Wings s.p.a.ce fighters over, allowing it to enter the wars.h.i.+p slowly.

A few minutes later, the main launcher of the 33 Heaven Wings wars.h.i.+p opened up, and the wars.h.i.+p gradually turned illusory and disappeared into s.p.a.ce without a sound.

Activating the invisibility state was undoubtedly quite energy-consuming, especially when one was flying at full speed. But at this time, the 33 Sky Wings would not be stingy.

Their gains this time were not small, and they might have offended a lord of Sin City. The most important thing was to escape successfully.

The only pity was that they were unable to complete the team’s mission this time. However, there was nothing they could do about it. The most terrifying thing about an exploration mission was that the target they had to explore didn’t always exist. This was also the reason why the mission wasn’t difficult but ranked as level tree —the failure rate wasn’t small.

“Next, we need to discuss our next plan of action.” Lan Xuanyu was in the main control room and called all the students over. The wars.h.i.+p had a navigation system to guide them and they didn’t need to do much.

“Let me tell you what I’m thinking first,” Lan Xuanyu said. “We’ve gained a lot this time. The rare metals are enough for everyone to make your Two-Word Battle Armors.”

Before he could continue, everyone cheered.

The rare metals required to make Two-Word Battle Armors were extremely precious! Generally speaking, many students might not be able to gather all of them after completing their Sky Fighter missions, and they would have to give it their all in order to gather the resources needed to make them.

Now that they had the rare metals, the only thing left was forging and manufacturing. It was naturally much easier.

Lan Xuanyu continued, “Don’t be too happy just yet, you guys haven’t paid me back the emblems you owe me for making your One-Word Battle Armors. The rare metals used to make your Two-Word Battle Armors were earned by working together, but you guys have to pay for the handiwork, right?”

“Hahaha, I will definitely pay, when I can, I will.” Bing Tianliang laughed heartily.

In fact, Lan Xuanyu had never asked them to pay their debts.

Lan Xuanyu said in an unpleasant tone, “Then take the back row. What I want to discuss with everyone is that other than obtaining enough rare metals to make the Two-Word Battle Armors, we still have 230 tons of basic rare metals. How are we going to deal with these resources? We need to leave 30 tons as the wars.h.i.+p’s power storage for the time being.”

“We have a few choices for the remaining 200 tonnes. Firstly, we can exchange them for emblems and distribute the gains to everyone. But it still won’t be enough to pay for the Sky Wings’ fees, but it is still quite a lot. Secondly, we can buy some ammunition from the Tang Sect and continue a.s.saulting pirate fleets during our missions. 200 tonnes of basic rare metals may seem like a lot, but it is actually not a lot if it is used as a battle resource. Of course, we still have the ammunition and rare metals that we seized from those pirate wars.h.i.+ps. We can exchange them for some emblems when we return, but I have not counted the exact amount. I will discuss with everyone, mainly to determine the direction of our operation. Also, because of the failure of this Sky Fighter mission, we won’t have much time to rest when we return. We will have to set off for the next mission, so we have to speed up.”

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