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Chapter 805 - 805 – His Cla.s.smates’ Present

805 – His Cla.s.smates’ Present

TL : GoldenLung

Over the past two years, he had been able to quickly improve to the peak of four-ring thanks to the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well and the Treasure Hunting Beast. He had already been at the peak of four-ring for four months. He didn’t know if he had acc.u.mulated enough, but he was certain that he needed to break through with the help of the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. He was prepared and was planning to go on a journey after completing the metal forging of the Two-Word Battle Armor needed for everyone.

By now, his forging level had reached level six, and he was proficient in Spirit Forging. Therefore, his forging speed had been continuously increasing. However, he knew that he would likely remain at this level until graduation. To reach a higher level, he would have to wait until after entering the Inner Court.

“Huihui’s breakthrough is great news. Among us, Yuge is at the eight-ring level, Huihui and Mengqin have soul cores at the seven-ring level, Qianlei is at the peak of the six-ring level, and Xiuxiu has also reached seven-ring. It’s just me lagging behind, but I will definitely break through this time.”

In fact, Lan Xuanyu knew that if he had more time, he should have waited and acc.u.mulated more before attempting the breakthrough. When he broke through to four-ring, he had suppressed his cultivation for a long time. Even then, he still encountered some problems during the breakthrough.

This breakthrough would certainly be more difficult than the last one, and if he followed the situation of his soul ring advancement, all of his five soul rings might become one hundred-thousand-year ones after this breakthrough. If that happened, his cultivation would improve significantly.

Nana had also advised him to wait for more than a year before attempting the breakthrough. However, could he wait? He couldn’t wait any longer. Entering the Inner Court was his dream, and he hoped to lead more of his companions to enter as well. Graduation was approaching this year, and waiting for another year was unrealistic.

Without a cultivation at the five-ring level, how could he qualify to enter the Inner Court? How could he lead his companions to compete as the new generation of Seven Shrek Monsters?


Therefore, Lan Xuanyu had already made up his mind and prepared extensively. If he didn’t have enough acc.u.mulated cultivation, he would make up for it with resources.

Yuanen Huihui looked at Lan Xuanyu and said, “Big brother Xuanyu, you must ensure safety before making a breakthrough! In fact, we are all here for you. You have always been working hard for the whole cla.s.s, and now it’s time for us to help you. Oh, by the way, this is for you.” As he spoke, Yuanen Huihui took out a box and handed it to Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu recognized the box, but he still instinctively opened it. Inside, there was a black emblem lying quietly in it.

“A black-level emblem? Where did you get it?” Lan Xuanyu asked in surprise.

The black-level emblem of Shrek Academy was different from the previous levels. It couldn’t be obtained easily. It required completing extremely outstanding tasks and acc.u.mulating enough resources to have a chance of obtaining it.

At their level in the Outer Court, it was almost impossible to obtain a black-level emblem.

Yuanen Huihui said, “I have a cousin who is an uppercla.s.sman in the Inner Court. I exchanged my acc.u.mulated purple-level emblems with him for this emblem. You need a lot of resources to make a breakthrough, and this is my little gift to you.”

“No, this is too precious. I can’t take it,” Lan Xuanyu firmly refused.

Yuanen Huihui’s eyes turned red. “Big brother Xuanyu, when you helped us, you never asked for anything in return! You said to owe you first, but over these years, you have never asked us to pay it back. Moreover, without you, we wouldn’t have gained so much over the years. Only when you make a breakthrough can you lead us further and more of our cla.s.smates can enter the Inner Court. You must accept it. This is my little gift.”

Tang Yuge said, “Take it, Xuanyu. You are our cla.s.s leader and our spiritual leader. Now, except for you, everyone in the cla.s.s has a cultivation level of six rings or above. Do you think it’s easy for us to see you still at the four-ring level? Not only Huihui had this idea, we all did. We have already decided to give you a gift when you are about to make a breakthrough to the five-ring. We were originally going to wait until that time to give it to you, but considering that you still need to prepare, we’re giving it to you now. Huihui’s gift is too precious, so he gave it to you separately. The gifts from everyone else are with me.”

As she spoke, Tang Yuge opened her soul storage device, and Lan Xuanyu was stunned to see a large pile of purple-level emblems pouring out.

They were all purple-level emblems, and at first glance, there were at least over a hundred, and even more.

For the Outer Court of Shrek Academy, this was definitely an incredible wealth!

“What are you doing? Everyone is about to graduate and needs resources. Why are you giving me things now?” Lan Xuanyu’s voice trembled slightly.

Tang Yuge’s voice was deep and firm: “Everyone has already obtained what they need for their cultivation, so you don’t need to worry. In fact, these emblems are far from enough to repay the contribution you have made to everyone over the years. They are not even enough to cover the cost of forging your Two-Word Battle Armor. However, this is what everyone can offer for now, and there will be more in the future. When we have more, we will give them to you. Xuanyu, the 33 Sky Wings are not made of you only, and you cannot lead everyone to the peak alone. The 33 Sky Wings belong to all of us, and you must allow us to contribute as well.”

Listening to Tang Yuge’s words, Lan Xuanyu fell silent and didn’t speak for a long time.

Gradually, he smiled and silently put all the emblems in front of him into his Ring of Fate.

“Okay, I accept everyone’s kindness, but please don’t give me anything else before I enter the Inner Court. In fact, I am more wealthy than you think. After all, my forging skills are quite profitable.”

After saying this, he looked at Yuanen Huihui, “Huihui, do you want to celebrate your breakthrough to Soul Saint ?”

Yuanen Huihui was a little embarra.s.sed and said, “No, I want to adapt to my current state first.”

Lan Xuanyu laughed, “You should adapt, you are not the same as before, don’t cry as easily as before now, brother.”

Yuanen Huihui blushed and said, “Big brother Xuanyu!”

Lan Xuanyu laughed and said, “Okay, the clothes have arrived. My task is done, you guys chat for a while, and I’ll go back to forging. I need to finish the last two sets and prepare for a journey to Senluo Planet.”

Lan Xuanyu left first, and Tang Yuge had already regained her composure.

“Is big brother Xuanyu putting too much pressure on himself?” Yuanen Huihui asked.

Tang Yuge shook her head and said, “No, he is different from us. He is already recognized as the genius of this generation in the academy, and he is also the future heir of the School of Life. The responsibility he has to bear is naturally much greater than ours. Although I don’t know what kind of Martial Soul he has, it is almost certain that if he can break through step by step in the future, he will be stronger than we can imagine.”

“If our goal is to break through to the G.o.d level, then his goal may be the Super G.o.d level of the Eleventh Level. If he can break through to the five-ring this time, we should be able to see some clues. Each of his breakthroughs is a true transformation.”

Yuanen Huihui nodded and said, “I also look forward to seeing big brother Xuanyu break through. He will lead us further and further.”

Yuanen Huihui’s breakthrough made Lan Xuanyu feel very happy. On his way back to the forging workshop, he even hummed a song of Mr. Le.

After completing the Sky Fighter missions, his life became even busier. Various forms of cultivation and forging almost occupied all of his time.

Nana still came to give him guidance once a month. However, at the four-ring level, Lan Xuanyu had already mastered his abilities very well. There was hardly any room for significant improvement.

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