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Chapter 806 - 806 – The Provocation of a Junior Brother

806 – The Provocation of a Junior Brother

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Afterward, Lan Xuanyu went to the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well twice, and each time he gained a significant degree of improvement and help. He was able to reach the forty-ninth rank a few months ago, and it was closely related to the gains he had from the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well.

The Chaos Water synthesized by the Treasure Seeking Beast had an incredibly transformative effect on Lan Xuanyu’s physical attributes. This was one of the primary reasons he had enough confidence to break through to five-ring.

Next up was the graduation exam, which was about three months away.

The graduation exam for the Outer Court of Shrek Academy was the same as the a.s.sessment of the Inner Court. Generally, as long as one’s character didn’t have a problem and the student had a Two-Word Battle Armor, they could almost certainly graduate from the Outer Court. Reaching the cultivation level of a Soul Emperor wasn’t a hard rule. After all, there weren’t many who hadn’t reached six-ring while still possessing a Two-Word Battle Armor.

The most important aspect of the graduation exam was whether the student could enter the Inner Court. The Inner Court would set a score line to select the graduates from the Outer Court.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t need to guess that the graduation exam for their Experimental Cla.s.s would undoubtedly be more challenging than previous years. This was also one of the reasons why he was so eager to improve his strength.

He didn’t want to just enter the Inner Court himself, but he also hoped to bring as many of his cla.s.smates from the 33 Sky Wings as possible into the Inner Court.

Currently, his cla.s.smates from the 33 Sky Wings were all at the second rank Sky Fighters and reaching the third rank wasn’t too far off. This was mainly because Lan Xuanyu later picked lower-difficulty missions to ensure that they could finish them.


The academy did not inform them of any future plans for the 33 Sky Wings. They only told them that those who didn’t enter the Inner Court could join the Tang Sect or choose their own path.

The whole cla.s.s had discussed this issue in depth. Then, without exception, everyone chose to stay together as a group.

This decision was not only based on emotions but also on interests. The 33 Sky Wings group allowed everyone’s cultivation speed to exceed their imagination and had access to resources from both Shrek Academy and Tang Sect. Even if they didn’t consider the camaraderie of their cla.s.smates, there wasn’t a better place than this.

As Lan Xuanyu walked forward, a sudden gust of wind blew towards him, and a figure rushed towards him at lightning speed.

With narrowed eyes, Lan Xuanyu saw clearly that it was a tall student from the Outer Court whom he did not recognize, obviously a lower grade. Instinctively, he made way, preparing to avoid the other party.

However, the student’s speed suddenly increased, and he was about to reach Lan Xuanyu in no time.

“Be careful, junior brother.” Lan Xuanyu raised his hand in front of him and gently pushed the other party aside just before he was about to collide with him. At the same time, he half-turned his body, causing the Outer Court disciple’s direction of advancement to change slightly and dash out to the side, while Lan Xuanyu was not hit by him.

“Where are you walking ?” The male student’s eyes were bloodshot, and he angrily scolded before he had even steadied himself.

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. Although the area occupied by Shrek Academy’s Outer Court was quite large, the number of students was less than two hundred, so he rarely ran into students from other grades. In the more than five years since he enrolled, he had never had any conflicts with anyone on campus, and it was clearly the other party who had collided with him first just now. How could he accuse him ?

By this time, the male student had already stabilized his body and still relentlessly rushed towards Lan Xuanyu, grabbing his collar.

Lan Xuanyu furrowed his eyebrows slightly and raised his right hand to block the other party’s palm. He grabbed his hand and said in a deep voice, “Junior brother, we can’t fight inside the academy. Moreover, you collided with me just now.”

“You’re looking for death!” The male student, however, ignored him and, with his eyes bloodshot, was somewhat like Qian Lei when he entered a bloodthirsty state. He released his Martial Soul in anger.

Soul rings rose from under his feet, and in an instant, he had five rings, a five-ring Soul King.

With the release of his Martial Soul, his palm suddenly became soft, boneless, and slippery. It was as if it had slipped out of Lan Xuanyu’s grasp as if it had fallen into a large pair of pliers. In a fit of anger, he suddenly trembled like a wave, then clapped both hands against Lan Xuanyu’s chest.

This sudden change was extremely rapid, and the other party’s second soul ring lit up directly.

Lan Xuanyu’s personality was relatively gentle, and he got along well with everyone, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper. He was the cla.s.s leader of the Star War Experimental Cla.s.s and the Head Wing of the 33 Sky Wings. While he might not be the strongest in the Outer Court, he was definitely the most influential among the students.

Faced with the continuous provocation of the opponent, he couldn’t help but become a little angry. Without releasing his Martial Soul, he stepped forward with his right foot and stepped on the ground. In an instant, the male student in front of him felt that the handsome male student in front of him suddenly changed. An indescribable fierceness erupted from his body, as if what he was facing was not a person, but a fierce beast.

As he stepped on the ground, the entire earth couldn’t help but tremble, and in the midst of the violent roar, the male student suddenly felt that the surroundings had turned into a golden color, and his body was lifted directly from the ground, unable to move. Eight golden dragons rose from the ground, surrounding the male student, not attacking him, but imprisoning him, and his Martial Soul was directly suppressed back into his body.

This step came from the teaching of Mr Le, and it was the shocking Golden Dragon Shaking the Earth that Lan Xuanyu saw when Mr Le destroyed a battles.h.i.+p in s.p.a.ce for the first time in the middle of s.p.a.ce. Although he was far from having the same level of cultivation as Mr Le, his bloodline power was much stronger than before, and with the explosive increase in physical fitness, how could this male student in front of him resist the Golden Dragon Shaking the Earth?

Lan Xuanyu reached out his hand, and a golden-striped Blue Silver Gra.s.s instantly entangled the opponent’s body, wrapping him tightly. The male student felt a suction force coming from the golden-striped Blue Silver Gra.s.s, and his whole body suddenly became soft, unable to exert any force.

Lan Xuanyu’s golden-striped Blue Silver Gra.s.s could enhance the bloodline power of a person, but it could also strip away the bloodline power of others.

“It looks like I have to take you to the disciplinary office, junior brother. You’ve violated the school rules.” Lan Xuanyu smiled again, and the male student opened his mouth to say something, but the Golden Blue Silver Gra.s.s blocked his mouth and suppressed his voice. Lan Xuanyu didn’t want to listen to anyone insulting him. What to do with this junior brother was up to the academy.

He lifted the male student up as if he was lifting a straw and headed straight for the disciplinary office. The male student couldn’t even struggle, feeling weak all over and trembling. The suppression of bloodline power was too strong.

Just then, seven or eight people came running from the direction the male student had come from earlier. They saw Lan Xuanyu carrying the male student and someone exclaimed, quickly chasing after him.

“Senior, please wait.” There were different marks on the school emblem of Shrek Academy for different grades. The male student, in his anger, hadn’t noticed, but these seven or eight people who came chasing after him were sober-minded and immediately noticed the mark on Lan Xuanyu’s chest emblem that represented the sixth year.

Lan Xuanyu stopped, realizing that the gazes of these people were all fixed on the male student he was holding, and he naturally understood that they knew each other.

“What’s up, junior brothers and sisters? Is there something you need?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

The leader was a girl, extremely beautiful, wearing a green Shrek Academy uniform, and she urgently said, “Senior, why did you tie him up? He’s our cla.s.smate.”

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