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Chapter 897: Once You Have Seen The Boundless Ocean, Other Bodies Of Water Seem Insignificant

897 – Once You Have Seen The Boundless Ocean, Other Bodies Of Water Seem Insignificant

TL: BluVerse

From childhood, they knew each other. Tang Yuge even harbored a constant resentment towards him, all because his mother had stolen her mother’s husband.

However, everything suddenly reversed, and she, of course, found it very hard to accept. Even Yuanen Huihui himself found it a bit difficult to accept! He had chosen a male body for a short period, so there wasn’t much in terms of desires—this was the advantage of being young and entering the Seven Saint Abyss. So, what he saw was similar to what Tang Yuge saw. That’s when he learned about this hidden secret.

He was fine, after all, as he wasn’t the victim. But Tang Yuge had been greatly affected by this matter.

“Sis, don’t be sad. No matter what, you are still my sister, okay?” he said softly.

Tang Yuge just cried but remained silent.

At this moment, a long sigh sounded, “Ximeng, I’m here.” The voice came from outside, and upon hearing it, Yuanen Huihui immediately jumped up from the ground. Because this voice was too familiar to him; it was his father, Yuanen Fengyu!

Dad is here? Why is he here at this time? Isn’t this pouring fuel on the fire?

“What are you here for? To watch the joke of us mother and daughter becoming enemies?” Tang Ximeng’s icy voice came from inside the room.

“I’ve come to apologize. Over time, I’ve come to understand. It was my inability to see through things initially; it was my fault. I was too persistent, leading to everything that happened later. But our past mistakes should not be borne by the children. The children are innocent. Since they’ve learned some things because of the Seven Saint Abyss, let’s just tell them the whole situation from the beginning. Although Yuge is not my biological daughter, I’ve always treated her as one.”

As he spoke, Yuanen Fengyu had already walked into the yard from outside.

The past situation? The truth?

Tang Yuge’s crying subsided, and with teary eyes, she looked at the “father” she hadn’t seen for a long time. For a moment, she seemed a bit stunned.

Yuanen Huihui hurriedly came to her side and helped her up from the ground.

Among the team, Tang Yuge, who was the strongest individual and had become an eight-ring Soul Douluo, now seemed so fragile, like a candle in the wind. She could barely stand and had to rely on Yuanen Huihui to support her.

Yuanen Fengyu looked at Tang Yuge, with a complex expression in his eyes, and said, “Your mother didn’t do anything wrong; I did. So, it’s not wrong for you to hate me.”

No sound came from the room; Tang Ximeng had still not spoken.

“I was born into the t.i.tan family, one of the most powerful families in the world. My father was even a G.o.d-level powerhouse. Our family had various collaborations with Shrek Academy. We were important partners for Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. So, from the day I was born, I was like someone born with a silver spoon, having advantages that other peers didn’t possess.”

“I inherited the t.i.tan Giant Ape martial soul from the family and got admitted to Shrek Academy with excellent grades. At that time, your mother and your biological father were my cla.s.smates.”

“Your mother was beautiful and came from the Tang Sect. The first time I saw her, I couldn’t help but be captivated by her. I then initiated a pursuit. At that time, in my eyes, although your father had good talent, both in appearance and family background, he couldn’t compare to your mother.”

“We first met when we were very young, grew up together in the Outer Court, and later entered the Inner Court of Shrek Academy together. As you may know, Inner Court disciples have the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in a special event called the Sea G.o.d’s Fate Dating Convention. Its purpose is to allow outstanding Inner Court disciples to find their loved ones amidst the intense cultivation.”

“I deeply liked your mother all along. So, during that Sea G.o.d’s Fate Dating Convention, I confessed to her. Many people confessed to her at that time because she was recognized as the G.o.ddess of our generation. However, to my astonishment, your mother didn’t choose me but chose your father. I could hardly believe it. I felt there was nowhere I fell short compared to your mother, and I was even stronger than your father. I had no idea when their relations.h.i.+p had developed.”

“My inner pride made me suffer, especially since my admiration for your mother peaked because I couldn’t get her. Around that time, there was a problem in your mother’s family. Your grandfather disappeared suddenly while on a mission. The place he went missing was extremely dangerous, and even with the strength of the Tang Sect, it was challenging to rescue him. Your mother was frantic and helpless. At that moment, I had a bold idea. One of the ancestors of our t.i.tan family was the legendary beast king, the t.i.tan Giant Ape. Because of this, we knew some secrets about the collaboration between the Tang Sect and soul beasts. I quietly went to the Star Luo Continent, borrowed a special wars.h.i.+p under development, and piloted it to that dangerous star region.”

“At that time, because your mother didn’t choose me, although I felt pain inside, I also hoped to win her over through my abilities. I had a strong determination in my heart. So, I boldly entered that star region. Luckily, my luck was indeed good, at least it seemed so at the time. I actually found your grandfather and successfully rescued him. We returned to our home planet together.”

“On the way back, I naturally confessed my affection for your mother to your grandfather. Grateful for saving his life, your grandfather agreed. Due to the selfishness in my heart, I didn’t tell him that your mother actually liked someone else. I hoped to win her over in this way.”

“Sure enough, after returning, your mother was naturally overjoyed to see your grandfather and extremely grateful to me. Your grandfather immediately proposed that we should be engaged, and your mother should marry me. Another coincidence happened around that time. Your father also went to find your grandfather to rescue him. He did it secretly, without letting your mother know. When she found out, he had already left. We came back, but there was no news from your father. At that time, your mother didn’t directly agree to marry me. She told your grandfather that the person she liked had also gone to find him. However, after a few months, your father still hadn’t returned. Under your grandfather’s persistent persuasion and in utter despair, your mother believed that your father had died and agreed to marry me.”

“At that time, I was truly ecstatic. Years of antic.i.p.ation suddenly came true, and I felt that everything I had done was worthwhile. However, fate is indeed unpredictable. Many times, reality is more dramatic than fiction. On the day of our wedding, your father returned. He had been trapped in a star region and had barely managed to escape using all possible means. But when he rushed back, it happened to be during our wedding.”

“Your mother was extremely emotional, but the wedding had already taken place, in front of so many relatives and friends. She ultimately endured it. However, when we reached the bridal chamber, she told me that the reason she chose to marry me was because she was already pregnant with you. She didn’t want her child to be born without a father, so she chose to marry me. Since your father had returned, she asked me to let her go.”

“At that moment, I felt like I was struck by lightning. Filled with righteous indignation, I angrily told her that even if she had someone else’s child, she was still my wife. Then I left in a rage. So, in fact, your mother and I never had a true husband-wife relations.h.i.+p.”

“Shortly after, I met your mother together with your father. Unable to control myself, I had a conflict with him, a fierce battle. At that time, your father was not my match; I injured him and drove him away. He actually didn’t know that your mother was pregnant with you, and with my forceful insistence, I told him that unless he could defeat me, he would never qualify to return to Shrek. He left in anger and disappeared without a trace. Your mother was in deep sorrow, but I forcibly brought her back home and didn’t let her leave. Until you were born, she never truly wanted to be my wife. I eventually gave up, and we mutually agreed to separate. In reality, I regretted it long ago because my stubbornness deprived your mother of happiness. Pride and stubbornness kept me from bending. Ximeng, I’m sorry. Yuge, your mother never did anything wrong; the fault is mine.”

At this point, Yuanen Fengyu sighed deeply again, gently shaking his head. After separating from Tang Ximeng back then, he went to the Elven Planet to escape but unexpectedly encountered the Elven Princess, finding true love and having Yuanen Huihui.

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