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Chapter 898 - C. Tang Yuge’s Father

C.898: Tang Yuge’s Father

TL: BluVerse

If it weren’t for the encounter between Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge in the Seven Saints Abyss, perhaps things would have continued this way, and he would have accepted the blame even if it meant tarnis.h.i.+ng his reputation. But at this point, for the sake of the children, he had to come forward and explain. It was his first time admitting his mistake to Tang Ximeng.

After uttering these words, Yuanen Fengyui seemed to release a long-held frustration within his heart. Taking a deep breath, he felt a sense of relief throughout his entire body.

Tang Yuge and Yuanen Huihui listened, somewhat stunned; the complexity of the situation far exceeded their imaginations.

Tang Yuge finally understood why her mother had been so furious earlier. Was this really all Yuanen Fengyus fault? If everything he said was true, did her mother bear no responsibility?

Just then, the door opened.

Tang Ximeng’s face was already covered with tears, and Yuanen Fengyu hadn’t seen her in many years. Seeing her still beautiful face, he couldn’t help but stare blankly, feeling a myriad of emotions.

“You’re not wrong; I am. Leave,” quivered Tang Ximeng.

“Mom.” Tang Yuge hurriedly approached, supporting her mother’s arm.

Tang Ximeng turned to look at her daughter, and thinking of the lonely days over the years, tears poured down uncontrollably. She hugged Tang Yuge tightly and burst into tears.

At this moment, Yuanen Huihui suddenly felt how terrifying the Seven Saints Abyss was. The events from so many years ago had been brought to light. He looked at Tang Ximeng and Tang Yuge, then at his father.

Yuanen Fengyu beckoned and turned to leave. He knew Tang Ximeng didn’t want to see him.

“Wait.” Tang Ximeng suddenly cried.

Yuanen Fengyu paused, stopped, and turned to look at her.

Tang Ximeng took a deep breath, forcing her emotions to stabilize a bit. “I no longer harbor hatred for what happened in the past. Also, I, who once married you as a wife, never fulfilled the responsibilities of a wife for a single day. I’m sorry.” As she spoke, she slightly bowed to Yuanen Fengyu.

“From this moment on, we owe nothing to each other.”

“Ximeng, you” Yuanen Fengyu felt as if something was choking in his throat.

If there were mistakes, everyone had them in those years. But the current result was that he had a wife and son, while Ximeng had been alone for so many years.

“Let it all go,” Tang Ximeng smiled bitterly.

“Do you know where he is now?” Yuanen Fengyu couldn’t help but ask.

Yuanen Fengyu wanted to say something more, but in the end, he couldn’t. He sighed deeply. “Take care of yourself. If one day I can see him again, I’ll tell him everything and then give him a beating to vent your anger.”

Watching his retreating figure, Tang Ximeng’s gaze also became complex. Did she really love the wrong person back then?

At that moment, Yuanen Fengyu suddenly came back, his face showing a thoughtful expression. “Ximeng, there’s something I think I should tell you. Over these years, I’ve been attacked several times. The attackers concealed their ident.i.ties, but I think their abilities are very similar to his, just stronger now. However, I managed to fend them off every time.”

Tang Ximeng was stunned. “Are you saying he’s actually been in Shrek City all this time?”

Yuanen Fengyu sighed. “It’s very likely.”

Tang Ximeng looked incredulous. “And he never came to see me? This scoundrel!”

“Because I’m a coward,” a bitter laugh came from the side. Then, a figure jumped over the wall and landed in the courtyard.

Seeing this person, Yuanen Huihui was the first to exclaim, “Teacher Tang Yue?”

Indeed, the person who arrived was a familiar acquaintance of Lan Xuanyu’s, the disciple of the School of Life who had been guarding by the side of the Sea G.o.d Lake, Tang Yue.

Tang Yue raised his hand, wiped his face, and removed a mask, revealing a handsome and slightly pale face.

“Tong Yue! It’s really you!” Yuanen Fengyu exclaimed in disbelief.

Tang Ximeng was completely stunned.

The former Tang Yue, now Tong Yue, looked at Yuanen Fengyu, then at Tang Ximeng. For a moment, his whole body trembled violently.

“I’m a coward, a scoundrel. Over these years, I didnt even know that Yuge was my daughter. After I left back then, how could I bear to leave you? I came back quietly, asked my teacher to take me in, and stayed at the academy. I took your surname and adopted the name Tang Yue, just so I could occasionally see you from a distance. At that time, you were already his wife, and I could only dare to watch you from afar. Later, when you gave birth to Yuge, I was even more despondent. At that time, I thought about growing old in loneliness at our academy.”

“Later, you two suddenly separated, and you were left alone to take care of Yuge. At that time, I really wanted to come find you, to be with you. I hated this guy even more.” He pointed at Yuanen Fengyu.

“That time, it was you?” Yuanen Fengyu said in a deep voice.

Tong Yue smiled bitterly. “Yes, it was me. But I still couldn’t defeat you. Moreover, to conceal my ident.i.ty, I didn’t dare to use my full abilities. I almost got killed by you that time. It was only after running into the academy and evading your pursuit that I managed to recover. I spent a long time healing from that incident and secretly swore to myself. Once I could defeat you, beat you up to vent for Ximeng, I would pursue her again and be with her. Even if she already had your child, I didn’t mind.”

“But this guy is just too strong. Every time I thought I was ready, had a chance, I still couldn’t beat him. Until now, he’s just a step away from G.o.d level. I feel like it’s fate playing with us, like the heavens don’t want us to be together. In fact, I’ve been living next to you all these years. I bought a house next to yours just so I could see you often. That alone satisfied me.”

Tang Ximeng looked at him in a daze. In reality, during her occasional outings, she had encountered Tang Yue, even exchanged words. But she had no idea that Tang Yue was the former Tong Yue!

She walked step by step towards Tong Yue. “So, you’ve been by my side all these years, but you never came out to acknowledge me.”

“Yes,” Tong Yue nodded with bitterness.

Suddenly, Tang Ximeng took a few steps forward, stood in front of Tong Yue, and then slapped him across the face.


Tong Yue’s face was tilted by the slap, but he showed no intention of dodging.

The situation had suddenly become so dramatic that Tang Yuge and Yuanen Huihui were completely bewildered, especially Tang Yuge.

The person she had always believed to be her father turned out not to be her biological one. Meanwhile, her biological father had been around all along, but she had no clue. The rapid changes left her utterly confused.

Yuanen Fengyu looked at Tong Yue with an unfriendly gaze. “You’ve been around all this time? Were you the one constantly attacking me over the years?”

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