Immortal Path to Heaven Chapter 661 - So Focused That It Was Unaware Of A Potentially Greater Danger

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Chapter 661: So Focused That It Was Unaware Of A Potentially Greater Danger


Big Yellow was familiar with the cloaks in Ou Yangming’s hand because their raw material was from Fat Antelope.

Back then, Ou Yangming did his best to deceive Fat Antelope to obtain its magical fur, such that it willingly left the Silver Ridge and the 10,000 Beasts Ridge. The young fellow gained its fur and refined it into cloaks, but he had not used them before.

The big yellow dog blinked as if it was asking a question with its large eyes.

‘Are these… Useful?’

Ou Yangming grinned. He put on one of the cloaks, then he retrieved a formation board and placed it beneath his feet.

Next, Ou Yangming disappeared in the eyes of Big Yellow. Instead, an average-sized rock appeared in front of it.

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. It smiled brightly and nodded satisfyingly.

It had been following Ou Yangming for a long time, so while it could not release Illusion Formations, it would recognize one.

Nonetheless, what Ou Yangming set up was not just an Illusion Formation, but a combination of the formation and his cloak. Needless to say, the area covered by the formation was not huge as it was only for a radius of several meters.

Moreover, inside the Illusion Formation, other than Ou Yangming, which was wearing a cloak, nothing else changes.

Not to mention setting foot in the formation unconsciously, even if one was cautious, one would not be able to find any loophole.

Of course, the cloak was extremely effective at this time. Being covered by it, Ou Yangming’s aura was not exposed at all as though it was really a lifeless rock.

This disguise was even more powerful than the lazy turtle’s innate ability.

Big Yellow nodded and stuck out its tongue. It yearned for the cloak.

After all, one could never have too much of something that could hide one’s existence.

Ou Yangming tossed the other cloak to the big yellow dog’s body and sure enough, its aura was concealed.

Although they were hidden, they did not attack rashly. They simply lay in an ambush near where the lizards were as they waited quietly for an opportunity.

The Humans were considered one of the biggest races in the Spiritual Realm. They were inferior to the Beasts in terms of overall strength, but the Beasts were not impenetrable. In fact, there was a deeper enmity between the Four Great Racial Groups than how much they were entangled with the Humans.

Therefore, the Humans were incredibly influential in Danzhou.

Since 2 of the Humans’ towns were wiped out, and the murderers were still lingering arrogantly nearby, Ou Yangming believed that human powerhouses would not tolerate the provocation.

Sure enough, there was a disturbance among the lizards again after 3 days. In particular, the intense auras of the high-rank spirit beasts at the center began to s.h.i.+ft.

The Insects were super efficient, by which they swarmed as soon as there was a change, leaving only a few of them to guard their base. This was only a temporary base, which was not their real lair, hence they would not be distressed even if they gave it up.

Ou Yangming and Big Yellow looked at each other. After lying in ambush discreetly for several days, they finally had a chance.

When Ou Yangming and Big Yellow followed the lizards’ auras, they walked even more carefully. They did not leave any trace at all, to the extent that the remaining spiritual power fluctuation from the formation was taken care of by the young fellow through a secret technique.

As they followed the insects, as long as they wore their cloaks and hid well, they would not be exposed at all.

The antelope’s fur was too wonderful for words. Its mystery could not be perceived by Ou Yangming, who possessed the Heavenly Phoenix Fire, let alone other living beings.


All of a sudden, a deafening explosion was heard in front of the lizards. Enormous auras surged, and the overflowing energies alone were enough to frighten one.

It was a battle between powerhouses—a fight between a high-rank spirit beast and an Advanced Spiritualist.

Ou Yangming’s eyes gleamed. He could sense that instead of a pair, there were 4 pairs of high-rank powerhouses.

This meant that the Humans had a.s.sembled at least 4 Advanced Spiritualists to enter the forest.

It would not be a notable line-up among the Nine Great Sects, but it was quite rare for the Humans to form such a team in a remote area.

The outcome of a fight between high-rank powerhouses could not be determined easily. Unless the 2 other high-rank lizards got involved too, the human powerhouses could still put up a fight.

Through Ou Yangming’s observation, he confirmed that the 2 other high-rank lizards were hiding their cultivation bases, where they disguised as low-rank lizards and hovered outside the fight scene.

They disguised themselves marvelously, such that the human powerhouses in the fight did not notice anything at all. If Ou Yangming and Big Yellow had not determined their auras from the start, they would have been fooled as well.

Nevertheless, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow remembered well the features of the 6 high-rank spirit beasts’ auras. Even if the lizards changed their auras, they could not hide from the young fellow and the big yellow dog.

The human and the dog looked at each other. They were telepathic.

They went forward without a sound and with their cloaks. Instead of attacking right away, they lay in ambush behind the fight scene in advance.

The high-rank lizard hid its cultivation base and was planning to go around the fight scene to see if the human powerhouses had not performed any hidden powers. It was cautious, but it never thought that it would fall into a meticulously-arranged trap.

Ou Yangming retrieved 3 formation boards and placed them in different directions, then he took out the poisonous pill’s spirit and settled it down on one of the boards. He did not release the big lazy turtle because it was too humongous. Unless the young fellow arranged everything beforehand, he would draw the attention of those 2 parties if he released it at this moment.

Once everything was done, Ou Yangming’s palms broke out in cold sweats.

They did not have the big lazy turtle’s help this time as they planned to deal with the high-rank spirit beasts. Without the turtle’s fatal attacks, they were more or less anxious.

Even so, they did not flinch. If they still shrunk at this point, their spirits would definitely be flawed, and their cultivation bases might not improve anymore.

After everything was prepared, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow slowly calmed down. They acted as if they were really rocks, by which their minds were unperturbed as well.

As expected, the lizard entered the Illusion Formation after a brief moment.

The high-rank lizard was hesitant the second it entered the formation. It looked around as though it was dubious of its surroundings.

At that instant, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow could not help but feel like their hearts were in their throats. If the high-rank lizard detected the Illusion Formation, they would not succeed at all.

Who knew, the high-rank lizard was no longer doubtful after a while. It continued in its original path without turning around at all.

If Ou Yangming activated a large-scaled Illusion Formation or only stimulated the formation when the lizard was inside the range, he could not have kept it a secret from it. However, it only set up a mini Illusion Formation and released the formations boards’ powers ahead of time. Furthermore, the lizard was at least half-focused on the fight, thus it did not spot the change here.

The lizard advanced steadily, but it did not know that the minute it entered the Illusion Formation, a peculiar yet faint poisonous gas had spread and invaded its body bit by bit.

It was worth noting that the poisonous gas released by the poisonous pill’s spirit through the formation had reached a spectacular boundary, which was in line with the natural law.

The poisonous gas had mutated after devouring numerous Plant Poisonous Pills, so much so that the high-rank lizard did not notice it at all.

Of course, it was also because the lizard paid more attention to the fight and its surroundings. If it was cultivating, as mighty as the poisonous gas was, it would not be poisoned without knowing it.

As the lizard continued to walk, Ou Yangming’s eyes shone.

The moment the fellow was about to exit the mini Illusion Formation, Ou Yangming waved his hand gently to double the formation’s range.

There was a slight spiritual power fluctuation, but it did not catch anyone’s attention due to the intense fight.

Even the other high-rank lizard on the opposite did not realize the change here because the energy fluctuation was limited indeed. It was similar to overflowing energies from the fight, hence it did not arouse attention at all.

Having said that, the high-rank lizard inside the Illusion Formation paused abruptly. Unlike the outsiders, it sensed something different, and it spotted the abnormality at once.

Despite that, before the lizard could react, an electric light appeared beside it. It was not an ordinary attack, but an exceptionally forceful thunderbolt power.

As time pa.s.sed, the powers of the formation boards grasped by Ou Yangming diversified. The Thunderbolt Formation Board was one of his newly-discovered attacking methods, and it had an unparalleled effect on flesh and blood.


The thunderbolt power struck the high-rank lizard, causing its body to turn numb.

Even though the formation board’s power could not be mentioned on equal terms with that of the Heavenly Thunderbolts, it was unbelievably effective in a surprise attack against a high-rank spirit beast.

Just as the high-rank lizard’s body stiffened, Ou Yangming and Big Yellow charged out to attack it fiercely.


A sharp saber and equally-sharp claws penetrated the lizard’s body deeply.

The high-rank lizard lifted its head and let out a shrill shriek.

That said, its voice did not spread because it was blocked by a mysterious power inside a small range.

High-rank spirit insects had remarkable life forces. Even after being severely injured, they would not die right away.

The high-rank lizard quivered and endured the immense pain. It tried to channel the numbing thunderbolt power out through its wounds.

It could escape if the weapons’ owners slowed down due to the thunderbolt power.

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