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Chapter 2298: Mission 29

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He appeared to be hopeful that Gu Chaoyan could accomplish the task.

Observing the smug expression on the chaotic s.p.a.ce’s “face,” Gu Chaoyan felt a desire to challenge it.


Yet, Gu Chaoyan believed she could handle this task.

The current mission could propel her into the Paragon realm, but she needed to strategize for continuous breakthroughs. Completing this mission would allow her to directly reach the Paragon realm, and with her enhanced cultivation, she could provide a better situation for Lady You. It was a highly advantageous proposition.

Hence, she wasn’t at the point of refusing when it came to confronting the Chaotic s.p.a.ce.

She nodded in agreement. “Alright.”

The chaotic s.p.a.ce beamed with satisfaction. “That’s more like it.”

Then, it withdrew.

Meanwhile, Gu Chaoyan pondered.

How could she establish herself as a figure of renown in Southern Mist?

This was a substantial challenge, significantly more formidable than earning respect within the Shen family.

So, what was her plan?

Over the past two days, Gu Chaoyan had been grappling with this question.

During this time, Lady You received a summons to the palace.

When Lady You returned, it was already six hours later.

The Shen family’s elders were engaged in discussions with her regarding the rewards received from the court, while Gu Chaoyan waited outside to greet her.

The emperor had bestowed numerous rewards upon her, marking a significant occasion. It had been quite some time since the emperor had been so generous.

It was evident just how much prestige Lady You had gained.

The Shen family’s elders received the rewards with utmost respect.

Gu Chaoyan was quick to spot Lady You, and she couldn’t help but notice that despite receiving a bounty of rewards, Lady You didn’t appear particularly joyful. In fact, she seemed somewhat discontented, and Gu Chaoyan couldn’t fathom the reason behind it.

“Mother, what’s troubling you?” Gu Chaoyan inquired.

Lady You smiled in relief upon realizing that her daughter’s concern was not solely about the rewards. “I followed your instructions in front of the emperor. However, after he acquired the pill and acknowledged you as a Martial King, he intends to incite a war with Chengqi. He has requested your leaders.h.i.+p in this endeavor. War is an inherently perilous affair, and you are a young woman. Who knows what might transpire? I’m concerned and hesitant to see you involved,” Lady You explained, heaving a sigh.

“Fight? Lead the army?” Gu Chaoyan exclaimed, elated. This development

signaled the impending completion of her mission.

“Warfare is fraught with danger; how can you be so thrilled?” Lady You admonished while patting Shen Lianxue, her worry still evident.

“Mom, I’ve achieved another breakthrough and now stand at the ninth level of the King of Martial Arts. You needn’t worry. With this level of cultivation, I can defend myself capably. Furthermore, making a contribution is the best course of action. Once it’s accomplished, everything will proceed as planned, and we can depart from the Shen Family,” Gu Chaoyan rea.s.sured her mother.

Lady You found this reasoning sensible, though she still harbored reservations.


“Why did you choose to break free at that moment?” Lady You couldn’t comprehend this aspect.

“The King would be wary of the Shen Family due to my advanced achievements, and he would directly confront Shen Chengw.a.n.g. If we are separate from the family, the King will be more at ease,” Gu Chaoyan explained with a smile. “It will also provide us with a legitimate reason.”

Lady You nodded, finding the explanation convincing.

“It’s settled then. I will accompany you! Otherwise, I won’t be at ease,” Lady You declared.

“Very well,” Gu Chaoyan agreed without hesitation. With Lady You by her side, she would be safeguarded from harm. If Lady You had concerns, she could always follow her..

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