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Chapter 2299: Mission 30

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Although Gu Chaoyan claimed to be at the ninth level of the Martial Arts Realm, in reality, she had already attained the level of a Martial G.o.d. In a land where spiritual energy was scarce, a Martial G.o.d was nearly invincible and could provide unwavering protection for Lady You.


Gu Chaoyan also harbored a desire to expose Lady You to a broader world. She believed that by doing so, Lady You’s horizons would expand, and she would gradually grow indifferent to the Shen Family.

Lady You smiled upon hearing her daughter’s agreement. “Very well, I’ll accompany you and watch over you. Furthermore, should any complications arise on the battlefield, I will be there to safeguard you.”

“Now, let’s return and make preparations. If possible, we should manufacture more pills,” Lady You swiftly recollected that arrangements needed to be made for their impending deployment to the battlefield.

Gu Chaoyan smiled and nodded.

The two of them were already contemplating their return to make the necessary arrangements.

On the other side, a heated discussion was taking place.

Lady You wished to disengage from these matters and depart, but Shen Chengvvang intercepted her. “Lady You, please adjudicate this matter. Share your thoughts on how we should handle it.”

“Logically speaking, since these rewards were bestowed by the palace, they should be sent to our residence since you are my significant other. There’s no justification for you to leave them at the clan. While the clan serves as the governing hub of the Shen family branch, traditionally, only a portion of the acquired wealth is presented to the clan for comparative purposes, not the entire sum. I, Shen Chengw.a.n.g, am willing to allocate a portion, but it wouldn’t be reasonable to surrender everything to the clan.”

“Lady You, these rewards are rightfully yours. The decision is yours to make, and we will adhere to your judgment.”

“Even though you’re currently residing in the clan, you should still return to the residence whenever you desire. You have the freedom to do as you please at our residence,” Shen Chengw.a.n.g urgently a.s.serted.

If these possessions were retained within the clan, what significance would there be for Shen Chengw.a.n.g’s branch? In the foreseeable future, all the advantages and prestige would likely acc.u.mulate within the clan, leaving their branch devoid of any benefits.

Deep down, Shen Chengw.a.n.g possessed an unconscious belief that Lady You would unquestionably be compliant with his wishes.

After Shen Chengw.a.n.g voiced his concerns, the clan’s elders offered their counsel. “Lady You, these rewards were bestowed upon you by the emperor within the palace. They rightfully belong to you. While you’re residing in the clan, there’s no need to leave these items here. The clan has no claim to them. They are exclusively yours, and you alone are deserving of them.”

Lady You found herself in a dilemma.

Their gazes were fixated on these rewards.

Nonetheless, no one was genuinely considering her feelings.

She had no intention of bestowing these possessions upon anyone else.

Her plan was to take them with her when she ultimately requested permission to depart from the Shen family after achieving victory in the future. For now, they were just temporarily situated there.


The sentiments expressed by the clan’s elders were more palatable on the surface.

Lady You pondered for a moment. “I will leave them within the clan for the time being. I can always retrieve them in the future when the time is right.”

Upon hearing Lady You’s decision, the clan’s elders breathed sighs of relief and displayed elation.

Shen Chengw.a.n.g’s countenance betrayed his displeasure.

Why were these possessions left within the clan?

“Lady You!” Shen Chengw.a.n.g uttered softly, his discontent evident. He was a member of the residence; why hadn’t Lady You considered the residence’s interests at all?

Since when had any family’s concubines been encouraged to reside outside the family?

“If there are no further matters, Lian Xue and I will retire for some rest,” Lady

You announced..

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