Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 2237 2239 -- Men Like Gong Jue Who Would Be Embarrassed Once Every Five Minutes

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Chapter 2237 2239 -- Men Like Gong Jue Who Would Be Embarra.s.sed Once Every Five Minutes

"I told you that he's not who you think he is. If Xiaobei wanted to harm me, you wouldn't even be able to see me right now. I would have turned into ashes!"Gu Qiqi said calmly.

The group then looked through the entrance of the tomb behind Gu Qiqi.

The dark and gloomy tomb path was a complete mess!

The traces of the explosion just now made the silent tomb path even more terrifying. The enemy was trying to bury Miss Qiqi and young master Xiaobei in this ancient tomb.

How Vicious!

However, what was even more terrifying was how Miss Qiqi managed to escape the fate of being blasted into a pile of meat paste?

Other than young master Xiaobei being burnt to a crisp, there was not a single wound on her body!

Logically speaking, young master Xiaobei would have been blown to smithereens by the size of the explosion, not to mention Miss Qiqi.

It was terrifying to think about it!

However, no one dared to say anything. All of them sincerely apologized and quickly surrounded Gu Qiqi, "Miss QIQI, when we rushed over, we found a secret path leading to the outside. Let's go out and send young master Xiaobei to the hospital..."

Gu Qiqi's expression turned a little better. "Okay."

On the way back to the capital.

The dirty turtle bragged to Gu Qiqi, "Master silver, there are a lot of good things in that tomb. I just stole a bunch of extremely rare indigo night-luminescent pearls... Hehehe..."

Gu qiqi answered absent-mindedly, "Okay."

The Dirty Turtle wanted to cheer her up. "Master Silver, master silver, do you know what this indigo night-luminescent Pearl is for? It can help you quickly increase your color points so that you can reach blue rank as soon as possible! Once you reach blue rank, your medical skills, martial arts, gambling skills... all sorts of skills will become even more awesome. Just thinking about it makes me excited."

Gu Qiqi's lips moved. "Mm."

Little dirty turtle pursed her lips."..."

It's over, it's over. Lord Silver has no interest in leveling up.

Just as she was feeling depressed, gu qiqi suddenly asked, "When you reach blue rank, is there any skill that can see through people's minds that you can activate?" ??eℯ?ℯ?n?ѵe?.c??

Little dirty turtle: "Are you talking about mind reading, Lord Silver? eh? This is good! Lord Silver, if you activate mind reading, you'll be able to see through Lord Jue's thoughts by then. Hahaha, that would definitely be very interesting!"

Gu Qiqi:"..."

Interesting, my foot!

Did Gong Jue even need to look at his thoughts?

Wasn't he the kind of man who would think of embarra.s.sing things every five minutes?

Gu Qiqi could almost imagine what would happen if she activated her mind-reading ability and saw Gong Jue every moment!

"Forget it. Is there anything else you can learn?"

The little dirty turtle suddenly became shy. "Master, do you want to see my, my..."

Gu Qiqi was dumbfounded. "Your what?"

The little dirty turtle said, "It's... that, that..."

Gu qiqi said, "Speak human language!"

The little dirty turtle said, "My real body!"

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows. "You can see it when it's upgraded to blue rank?"

The little dirty turtle nodded shyly. "When it's upgraded to purple rank, I'll be able to see a little. "If it's upgraded to purple rank, I'll be able to completely free myself from the restrictions of the turtle sh.e.l.l and wander around. Lord Silver, you can see as much as you want. "Also, main silver, when the time comes, I can do more things for you..."

Gu Qiqi asked, "Are you sure you're not going to scam more people and get more luminous pearls and small money?"

The little dirty turtle said bashfully, "Main silver, you really know me too well... but this will waste a lot of your color points..."

Gu Qiqi poked its head. "Back then, I promised you that as long as you're loyal to me, I wouldn't treat you unfairly. When you need color points to recover your true form, I'll naturally pay for you, so how can you talk about wasting them?"

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Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 2237 2239 -- Men Like Gong Jue Who Would Be Embarrassed Once Every Five Minutes summary

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