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Chapter 2766 2769 Two Powerful Men Clashed

Bai Yeyuan ordered in a deep voice, "Go to the stargazing platform!"

Want to play romance?

Did he allow it!

The speed of the car was pushed to the limit.

The black motorcade continued to run wildly on the mountain road like a sharp sword.


Suddenly, when they pa.s.sed through a narrow tunnel, a row of roadblocks appeared in front of them.

The driver did not have time to slow down and crashed into the roadblocks.

Originally, it wasn't a big deal for Bai Yeyuan's specially modified luxury car to crash into the roadblocks. It would only smash the roadblocks and the car wouldn't be damaged at all.

However, after this collision, a small spark appeared at the front of the car.

Ye Yi shouted, "Not good! CEO, Quick --"

Before he could finish his words, Bai Yeyuan had already reacted. He pushed open the car door and dragged Ye Yi out of the car in almost a second!

This car was the prelude to an explosion.

It was not an ordinary roadblock. The railing of the roadblock was hidden with a miniature explosion that was extremely powerful. It was a powerful bomb that could a president-level figure!

Bai Yeyuan pushed ye Yi down the mountain road. Behind him, a series of explosions sounded continuously.

Ye Yi still had lingering fear in his heart. The, who was known for his calmness, was also somewhat unstable. "President, if you had not dragged me down just now, my life would have been lost. I would have been blown to pieces..."

However, Bai Yeyuan remained calm. "Shut up! Hurry up, the maximum power of this explosive is still not over yet..."

As expected, just as Bai Yeyuan finished his sentence, a loud noise that shook the sky almost destroyed everyone's eardrums!

The sparks from the explosion swept straight towards Bai Yeyuan and ye Yi!

Bai Yeyuan felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and his vision turned black!

= = =

Stargazing platform.

Xiao Ning followed Fu Qingyun up the stairs.

It looked like an ordinary villa, but when they reached the top floor, it was a completely different world.

The entire floor was covered with transparent gla.s.s walls, including the roof. It could be said to be a gla.s.s house.

And the hall was littered with expensive astronomical instruments.

Fu Qingyun casually pointed at one of them. It was said that one could see an asteroid billions of light years away clearly..

Xiao Ning took a deep breath and was a little surprised. "I thought you asked me to come here to review my homework..."

It was because she had to study that she tried hard to convince herself to escape from Bai Yeyuan's official birthday party. She secretly came to meet Fu Qingyun and asked him to help her review for Tomorrow's exam and make a final dash.

Fu Qingyun curled his lips slightly. "I asked you to come here to relax. The time before the exam is too much of a waste to study."

Xiao Ning:"..."

So all the top students thought so?

No wonder I've always been a jerk!

Fu Qingyun brought her to a very large machine. "Come, Try This. It can let you see Aquarius clearly..."

Xiao Ning's eyes lit up. "Really?"

There was no girl who did not love stargazing!

After all, girls were naturally romantic creatures. They could not resist anything beautiful, cute, or romantic.

Xiao Ning was no exception.

With Fu Qingyun's help, she aimed at the telescope and slowly adjusted the angle. "HMM... it's still dark..."

Fu Qingyun stood behind her patiently and guided her step by step. His strong palms occasionally helped to adjust the posture of her waist and the distance between her eyes and the camera..

"Don't rush, take your time to adjust. Stargazing is a process full of surprises and challenges. In the common sense of many failures, you will always find an unexpected angle and find the galaxy that you admire..."Fu Qingyun said slowly.

There were only the two of them in the entire hall. He could even clearly feel her faint fragrance and her breathing.

He felt that today's arrangement could not be more correct.

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