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Chapter 2767 2770 She Fell Into His Arms

Just as Fu Qingyun was closing his eyes and sniffing the fragrance in Xiao Ning's long hair, he suddenly heard Xiao Ning exclaim.

"What's Wrong?"He suddenly opened his eyes.

Xiao Ning mumbled, "I saw a ball of fire! Is there fire in the Sky? Or did I see... Mars?"

Fu Qingyun glanced at the precise data on the telescope and cold sweat dripped down his forehead. "Ahem, the focus of the camera hasn't left Earth yet, so I can't see that far... besides, there's no fire on Mars."

Xiao Ning's face turned red.

Sob, what a loser.

Fu Qingyun checked the angle of the telescope, he finally figured out the reason. "Your hand shook a little just now and changed the angle. Now, you can see a kilometer away... HMM, the situation on the Mountain Road... There's definitely a fire."

Following Fu Qingyun's explanation, Xiao Ning even faintly heard the sound of an explosion from afar.

However, because it was too far away, she felt that the sound was not even as loud as a string of firecrackers.


She followed Fu Qingyun's instructions and adjusted the angle again, looking at the sky.

Stay away from that meaningless fire.

Gradually, the wonders of the astronomical telescope began to show.

The lines on the Moon became clearer and clearer. Even the craters on the moon were vivid and lifelike.

Xiao Ning looked at the unbelievable beauty of the universe in front of her. For some reason, her thoughts suddenly went out of control and seemed to keep flas.h.i.+ng back to the fire just now..

In the middle of the night, deep in the mountains, was there a fire somewhere?

Were there any casualties? If there were no people, would the small animals get hurt?

Such worries made her enjoy stargazing gradually weaken..

"Miss Ning Ning, are you watching?"Fu Qingyun's mellow and pleasant voice rang in her ears.

Xiao Ning shuddered and came back to her senses. "I'm watching, I'm watching..."

Fu Qingyun said with a half-smile, "But it suddenly rained outside. I Can't see the stars in the camera."

Xiao Ning coughed awkwardly. "Ahem, ahem, really? I was wondering why it was dark again..."


Just as she said that, she felt a sharp pain in her head for no reason.

She lost all feeling.

Fu Qingyun sensed that something was wrong and lost control of his voice. He asked anxiously, "Miss Ning Ning, what happened to you?"

He stood behind her. Her body went limp and she fell straight into his arms.

Even though this moment in his arms was a precious moment that he had been looking forward to for a long time, he could hardly enjoy it.

What happened to her?

Why did she suddenly faint without any warning?

In order to give her a quiet date, he did not even bring his a.s.sistant, let alone a doctor. A few minutes ago, he was still rejoicing over the quiet environment in the wilderness. Now, it had become a point of regret for him.

If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself.

Fu Qingyun's heart was beating like a drum. He carried Xiao Ning by the waist and prepared to walk out.

Just as he pushed the door open and was about to go downstairs.


Xiao Ning opened her eyes in her arms.

A sharp and cold light suddenly filled her eyes.

Fu Qingyun was very surprised. "Miss Ning Ning, you're Awake? ... MMM!"

What answered him was not Xiao Ning's gentle words or a shy smile, but -- a merciless punch!

If it was not for his body's instinctive defense, his nose would have been knocked out by her right now

"Miss Ning Ning, why are you angry? I..."Fu Qingyun wanted to explain why he carried her downstairs.

He thought that Xiao Ning was angry that he, as a man, would carelessly hug her!

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