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1207 Offended Badly

Originally, in Vanessa’s eyes, Lucas was just a penniless bottom feeder of society and not worth mentioning at all.

But it was now obvious that Lucas wasn’t an ordinary person. Even her father was so scrupulous and afraid of him that he had knelt in front of him. In that case, Vanessa felt that it wasn’t that hard to accept her father’s orders to kneel.


With a crisp and clear sound, Vanessa’s knees. .h.i.t the floor as she knelt in front of Lucas with gritted teeth.


“… Mr. Gray, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have offended you. Please… forgive me!” Vanessa’s face was flushed red, and she was clenching her fists tightly while speaking with great difficulty.

Even though the apology sounded extremely ordinary, it was the first time in her life that Vanessa, the heiress of the Williams, had knelt and apologized to someone in public.

She felt absolutely humiliated and ashamed.

Beside her, although Peter was extremely indignant, he was good at acting and had always been able to swallow his pride when necessary. So he could feign an apology much better than Vanessa.

“Mr. Gray, it was indeed our fault for what happened. We shouldn’t have been so blind as to offend you. I hope that you will be magnanimous and forgive us petty people! We will never dare to disrespect you again!”

Peter’s voice sounded incredibly sincere, as if he really knew that he was wrong.

Lucas glanced at him and smirked. Does he think he can fool me by pretending to be sincere?

Although Vanessa was truly obnoxious and behaved haughtily because of her family background, Lucas hated Peter more. He was a sc.u.mbag with serious moral issues.

Seeing Peter and Vanessa, people with high statuses, kneeling in front of Lucas and apologizing to him, the others in the private room lost all their composure.

Especially the few who had enjoyed insulting Lucas and Ashley just now, they turned pale, and cold sweat drenched them from head to toe.

“Mr… Mr. Gray, I know my wrongs. It’s my fault for talking nonsense and offending you. Please don’t take it to heart and forgive me!”

“I-I didn’t mean what I said earlier! Mr. Gray, please have mercy and spare us on account that we were college cla.s.smates with Ashley for four years! We won’t dare to do it again!”

“Yes, we won’t dare to repeat our mistakes! Ashley, please put in a word for us and ask Mr. Gray to forgive us!”

All of a sudden, the people who had made malicious and insulting remarks toward Lucas and Ashley apologized to Lucas and begged for forgiveness. A quick-witted one even turned to Ashley and asked her to plead with Lucas on account that they were cla.s.smates.

Among them, Silas, Carrie, and Zoey, who had said the worst things, were the most terrified, afraid that Lucas would harm them.

Lucas couldn’t be bothered with them. He remained sitting on the couch leisurely and looked at Rayson. “Mr. Williams, since you’re here late, you probably don’t know what happened.

“I can give you a short account. Just now, your daughter and son-in-law mocked my sister Ashley and me with all kinds of contemptuous and malicious remarks. They even wanted me to kneel and apologize to them. Later, they even said that they would kill me.

“What do you think I should do?”

Rayson was really on the verge of tears.

He knew that his precious daughter and worthless son-in-law had offended Lucas, but he didn’t know that it was to such a horrendous extent!

If it was just a few simple remarks, Rayson didn’t mind shamelessly pleading for mercy and begging Lucas to let them off.

But since Vanessa and Peter had offended Lucas so badly, he obviously wouldn’t let them off easily.

Rayson had already crossed paths with Lucas several times, so he was well aware that Lucas wasn’t a saint and would never be overly kind for no reason. He would repay kindness and seek revenge where they were due.

Besides, Lucas was far from a kind soul. Back at the Howard residence, his terrifying abilities were already enough to make Rayson frightened.

Even the Williams’ top experts that Rayson had brought with him were no match for Lucas!

What should I do now to save my stupid daughter’s life? Rayson gritted his teeth and said to Lucas, “Mr. Gray, my daughter is indeed arrogant, incompetent, and ignorant. And it’s unforgivable that she offended you!

“But I’m already in my fifties, and she’s my only child. If she really dies, our… our bloodline will cease completely!

“So… so please let my daughter off on my account! As long as you agree to spare her, I’ll agree to any request you have as long as I can accomplish it!”

As the helmsman of one of the eight top families, his offer was undeniably generous.

If anyone else received such a promise from him, they would be able to ask the Williams for anything and even befriend them. They’d probably be over the moon.

But this promise meant nothing to Lucas.

“On your account? How much is that worth?” Lucas said to Rayson indifferently.

Rayson was immediately choked speechless.

Lucas obviously wasn’t buying it!

The others in the room were frightened.

The helmsman of the Williams had already made Vanessa and Peter kneel in front of Lucas, and he himself had also done so. Yet he still couldn’t get Lucas to budge.

At this point, Vanessa and Peter finally understood that they had offended someone they shouldn’t have.

Since Lucas refused to do Rayson a favor, it wouldn’t be easy for them to get away with a slap on the wrist.

They would face extremely serious consequences!

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