Fey Evolution Merchant Chapter 2159 - 2159 How Can You Still Be Crying at Your Age?

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Chapter 2159 - 2159 How Can You Still Be Crying at Your Age?

2159 How Can You Still Be Crying at Your Age?

Although Weng Baochuan was barely over 20 years old, he had been learning Creation Master skills for a long time.

After being carefully brought up by Weng Queji, his talent, and feys could match that of top geniuses.

But in actuality, Weng Baochuan’s experience of society could not even match up to Lin Yuan’s time in the Xia Region.

Lin Yuan smiled and waved his hand when he heard what Weng Queji said.

“Elder Weng, you don’t need to be in a rush to concoct spirit fluids. You have already been meeting my requirements. I have already gained a lot from you and even discovered something as great as the Exploding Spirit Rock Flower. I think I should give something back to you. Is there anything that you’re wis.h.i.+ng for?”


Liu Jie and Su Yiren had not had any special reactions to what Lin Yuan said.

After all the time that they had spent with Lin Yuan, they had long started seeing him as a deity.

Even Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters could not easily obtain all of the resources he produced.

Moreover, Lin Yuan already had two Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters in his a.r.s.enal.

Di Wanmi, who was being controlled by Red Thorn, and Yi Huailu were both extremely modest while they were by Lin Yuan’s side.

Liu Jie and Su Yiren were already used to seeing Di Wanmi and Yi Huailu’s humble demeanors. They felt that all Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters should have that same att.i.tude in front of Lin Yuan.

Moreover, Lin Yuan often provided resources to Yi Huailu and Di Wanmi.

Although Su Yiren and Liu Jie did not think much of this, the same did not apply to Weng Queji and Weng Baochuan.

Weng Queji wanted to ask, “Do you know who I am? I am a Cla.s.s 5 Creation Master! Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters are the most revered beings in the world! What resources could exist that could not be created by Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters?”

Yet, Lin Yuan had made it seem like he wanted to make one of Weng Queji’s wishes come true.

Normally, it was Weng Queji who fulfilled the wishes of others.

Even Immortal experts only managed to exchange for a pitifully small amount of resources after kneeling and begging him!

Weng Queji found it hard to believe that Lin Yuan would be able to give him anything.

Weng Queji spent all his time in the Startling Lines Continent and had no idea that Cla.s.s 6 Creation Masters had already emerged in the world and that even they could not hope to compare to Lin Yuan.

But since Lin Yuan had asked, Weng Queji did not try to hide his sincere answer and said, “Lin Yuan, I may seem like nothing matters to me anymore, but I actually crave power as much as I always have. But with lacking manpower, there’s no way I can cross that obstacle. My only wish is to increase my power. If I can increase my power, I will have a reason to exist even longer.”

While he spoke, Weng Queji sighed more than once.

Lin Yuan was silent for a while after listening to Weng Queji’s lament.

He could sense frustration and indignation in Weng Queji’s casual tone.

Weng Queji must have tried umpteen times to cross that obstacle.

It was likely that his current att.i.tude was a result of being beaten down by life and failing repeatedly.

There could only be one reason for an expert to lose hope after failing multiple times while trying to increase their power, which was that something in their body was preventing them from making any further attempts.

“Elder Weng, forgive me for asking, but am I right to say that you are injured in some way?”

Weng Queji’s expression abruptly changed as panic surfaced on his face. But it quickly morphed into frustration.

Weng Queji looked seriously into Lin Yuan’s eyes and tugged his collar open.

Lin Yuan saw a long scar that resembled a centipede crawling on Weng Queji’s chest. The rest of the long robe covered the part where the scar ended and could not be seen.

“I am indeed injured. But I consider myself lucky. I managed to find a mineral vein which I tapped into to save myself. It also gave me the chance to take in Baochuan.”

This was the first time that Lin Yuan was hearing Weng Queji’s story.

It was also the first time for Weng Baochuan, who had been with Weng Queji since he was young.

When Weng Baochuan saw the scar on Weng Queji’s chest, he strode over to Weng Queji and shouted anxiously, “Master, why haven’t I seen you healing yourself even though you’re clearly injured?”

In Weng Baochuan’s eyes, Weng Queji was still a Cla.s.s 5 Creation Master, and there was nothing he could not do.

Weng Queji gently shook his head and replied, “Baochuan, do you remember me saying that everyone has their limitations, including Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters? If I could save myself, do you think that I would be in the state that I’m in now?”

Lin Yuan thought, So I was right.

Given the serious injuries that Weng Queji had sustained, it was likely that his feys were in a critical state as well.

If only Weng Queji was lacking in power, he could continue to stubbornly try to increase his power.

But now that both he and his main feys’ roots were injured, Weng Queji had lost the opportunity to continue growing stronger.

Injuries that could not be healed by even Cla.s.s 5 Creation Masters likely needed pure spirit qi. Otherwise, Weng Queji could have just produced any resources he needed on his own.

But from Weng Queji’s words and manner, Lin Yuan knew that Weng Queji did not trust his capabilities.

Weng Queji had chosen to swear his loyalty to Lin Yuan because he was under the threat of martial force but also because all he wanted was peace and had no more hopes of increasing his power.

Since Weng Queji did not believe him, Lin Yuan was not going to try to say anything to him,

Lin Yuan took out one of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies that he had recently harvested from the Spirit Lock spatial zone and placed it on the table before leaving Weng Queji’s tent.

Su Yiren and Liu Jie took one look at the bright red Spirit-Mouthed Peony on the table before following Lin Yuan out of the tent, leaving the worried and concerned Weng Baochuan and Weng Queji.

Weng Queji had not wanted to tell Weng Baochuan about his situation. He had only mentioned it today because Lin Yuan had asked him about his circ.u.mstances.

All this time, Weng Queji had been avoiding the matter.

But now that he had revealed it, he found himself slightly more relaxed.

Weng Queji patted Weng Baochuan’s shoulder and said warmly, “Baochuan, how can you still be crying at your age? Hurry up and wipe your tears away! Crying is inauspicious!

“I still have many years ahead of me! When you leave for training with Lin Yuan, try your best to stick close to him. You’ll benefit much more than being by my side! I’ll need you to look after me when I’m really old and disabled!”

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