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Chapter 3017: Imperial Decree!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yuan could be said to have taken out all of Sky City’s trump cards to give to the combat sequence members and white-clothed followers.

The reserve sequence members would also be allocated a certain amount of resources but the resources allocated to the reserve sequence members would definitely be lesser than the combat sequence and the white-clothed followers.

However, as long as these reserve sequence members were willing to work hard and take the resources given by Lin Yuan, they would definitely be able to obtain further opportunities.

Lin Yuan was very satisfied after watching the compet.i.tion for the past three months.

Only around 60 of the combat sequence, reserve sequence, and white-clothed followers failed.

These 60-odd people had been in a mess for a long time. Otherwise, they would not have lost to the others by such a large margin!

Lin Yuan had brought these people from the main world. Even if they did not want to improve, Lin Yuan would not do anything to them. However, these people would be sent out and would not be able to enjoy so many high-quality resources from Sky City in the future!Visit n?velbin(.)c?m for ?ew ?ovels

No matter how many people Lin Yuan recruited in the Sky Beyond the Clouds, these talents that he brought from the main world to the Sky Beyond the Clouds were the foundation of Sky City. This was also the reason why Lin Yuan was willing to distribute so many resources to those compet.i.tors.

Although Zhou Luo was the deputy leader of the white-clothed followers, he rarely interacted with Lin Yuan.

Zhou Luo was very nervous when facing Lin Yuan.

However, compared to being nervous, Zhou Luo was more surprised.

“C… City Lord, are you really going to give these guys so many resources? If these resources are distributed at once, I’m afraid these guys will get inflated heads!”

Lin Yuan said to Zhou Luo seriously, “Old Zhou, if these people really become inflated, you can help them vent their anger. If even you can’t appease them, tell me. Even if such a person achieves outstanding results in the compet.i.tion, I’ll still send him down!”

Sky City’s combat sequence and white-clothed followers did not have much of an advantage.

Apart from selecting a portion of talents for this compet.i.tion, Lin Yuan also wanted to put some pressure on the reserve sequence, combat sequence, and white-clothed followers.

It was not a problem to be arrogant after achieving results, but if he continued to be arrogant and forgot his duty, Lin Yuan would not use such a person no matter how hard he worked or how talented he was.

“Old Zhou, as the deputy leader of the white-clothed followers, there is no need for you to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. These are the resources I’ve prepared for you. Don’t forget to increase your strength while leading them!”

Lin Yuan handed Zhou Luo a simple fey storage box. However, Zhou Luo’s eyes widened when he checked the materials in the fey storage box! Lin Yuan had prepared more than five times the amount for Zhou Luo than he did for the other white-clothed followers. Moreover, the materials prepared for Zhou Luo were of a higher level.

With the resources that Lin Yuan had provided him, Zhou Luo could foresee how he would improve in the future.

“City Lord, thank you for providing me with these resources. With these resources, my strength will increase quickly! I’ll definitely do my best to help Ah Jie in the future. He spends most of his time nurturing feys. I will help Ah Jie more. That way, Ah Jie will have an easier time!”

Zhou Luo knew very well that he had been chosen by Lin Yuan to be the deputy leader of the white-clothed followers because he had gone through life and death situations with Lin Yuan and Liu Jie. Back in the evolving dimensional rift, he had helped Lin Yuan and Liu Jie a lot.

Secondly, he was indeed the first batch of members to join Sky City and had been appointed by Lin Yuan long ago.

However, many white-clothed followers in Sky City were stronger and more capable than him. Zhou Luo was really afraid that Lin Yuan would replace him one day.

Now that Lin Yuan had given Zhou Luo so many resources, Zhou Luo understood Lin Yuan’s intentions.

This made Zhou Luo’s heart feel warm and at the same time, he no longer felt as much pressure as before.

“Old Zhou, Big Brother Liu’s Insect Queen controls so many insect-species carcinoma feys. Big Brother Liu doesn’t have much time to transform them into fairies. I’ll still have to trouble you in the future! When you leave later, remember to help me call Big Brother Liu. I happen to have something to speak to him about.”

Zhou Luo had already reported to Lin Yuan about the compet.i.tion.

After bowing to Lin Yuan, Zhou Luo left Lin Yuan’s private meeting room and went to Liu Jie. He told Liu Jie that Lin Yuan was looking for him.

After three months, the Realm Abyss Red Lotus collected a large amount of faith power.

In the past three months, the rate at which Sky City produced faith power had increased. Now, the faith power collected by the Realm Abyss Red Lotus was enough for many World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeforms to reach the Holy Spirit level.

After confirming that Gray could successfully evolve, Lin Yuan’s first thought was Elegance.

Liu Jie only had Elegance as a fey. Not only could evolving Elegance’s strength increase its control over insect-species carcinoma feys, but it could also transform insect-species carcinoma feys into fairies.

It could also greatly increase Liu Jie’s overall strength.

Liu Jie quickly appeared in Lin Yuan’s private meeting room.

“Lin Yuan, are you looking for me? If not for Zhou Luo’s timely news, I would have already entered seclusion!”

Liu Jie felt a little helpless when he said this. Elegance had too many insect-species carcinoma feys and Liu Jie had too many Firefly Demon Fetuses.

Since there were no restrictions on the Firefly Demon Fetuses, Liu Jie would definitely transform all insect-species carcinoma feys into fairies.

Using the resources that Lin Yuan had given him, he had evolved these insect-species carcinoma feys to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom!

Only a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom fairy could satisfy Liu Jie’s current development in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. If these insect-species carcinoma feys did not evolve to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom they would not be of

much help to Liu Jie in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

However, once the insect-species carcinoma feys evolved to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, the effects of these fairies would not be inferior to the performance of Holy Spirit experts! In fact, these demons could even do things that many Holy Spirit experts could not.

However, it was not easy to evolve these insect-species carcinoma feys to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom. If Liu Jie wanted to increase his strength, he would have to go into seclusion for a long time.

Lin Yuan smiled at Liu Jie and said, “Big Brother Liu, if you want to enter seclusion, you don’t have to spend any more effort on matters related to the white-clothed followers. Currently, be it combat sequence, reserve sequence, or white-clothed followers, their strength is still shallow. They need a long period of acc.u.mulation.

“Before there are any external missions, Zhou Luo is enough to manage them. The most important thing is for you to increase your strength!

“Big Brother Liu, summon Elegance first. Previously, I helped Wen Yu’s Elemental Paper evolve to the Holy Spirit level. Now, it’s my turn to help Elegance evolve!”

Liu Jie had never disclosed Elegance’s information to the public and there was no need for him to keep it a secret from Lin Yuan. Thus, he summoned Elegance.

Elegance was still shy and afraid of strangers.

Since it was already familiar with Lin Yuan, Elegance kissed Liu Jie’s cheek and flew around Lin Yuan shyly.

At this moment, Elegance had eight pairs of wings on its back. In terms of bloodline, Elegance was inferior to Silver Corona and Red Thorn.

However, judging from Elegance’s current situation, apart from the fact that it would be suppressed when facing fairies of a higher bloodline level than its own, its abilities and value far exceeded fairies of the same bloodline level. In fact, it was even more functional than fairies with higher bloodlines!

This was because Elegance’s ability originated from the fairies that its insect-species carcinoma feys had transformed into and its ability to absorb special insect-species genes.

Liu Jie thought for a moment and nodded heavily.

“Ah Yuan, I really need to improve my strength. Otherwise, if I don’t improve my strength as soon as possible, it’s equivalent to wasting my potential!”

Lin Yuan agreed with Liu Jie. The most important thing was to increase his strength as much as possible.

The insect-species carcinoma feys that Liu Jie let Elegance control had all been screened. Each of these insect-species carcinoma feys had a certain function. It could be said that each of these insect-species carcinoma feys needed to be nurtured.

“Big Brother Liu, it should take a long time for you to nurture every insect-species carcinoma fey into a fairy, right? I have a lot of resources here.

You should be able to quickly nurture those demons with these resources!

These resources contain a certain amount of fairy bloodline or have an extraordinary effect on fairy bloodlines.”

Liu Jie did not stand on ceremony with Lin Yuan. He really needed resources that could help fairies improve their bloodlines.

However, it was not difficult for Liu Jie to nurture a fey transformed from an insect-species carcinoma fey and raise its strength to the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom.

Liu Jie raised his hand and released his sacred source lifeform, the Empress Core of All Insects.

The Empress Core of All Insects on Liu Jie’s palm flickered with a resplendent gla.s.s-colored light.

Based on the aura released by the Empress Core of All Insects, Lin Yuan could confirm that the Empress Core of All Insects’ Stars was the same as Wen Yu’s sacred source lifeform, the Astronomical Parliament. They had both grown to their full form.

Lin Yuan used True Data to investigate Liu Jie’s Empress Core of All Insects.

[Sacred Source Name]: Empress Core of All Insects

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 11 Stars [Sacred Source Type]: Insect-type


[Final Weapon]: Fuse with a lifeform related to insects. The stronger the procreative ability of the lifeform, the stronger the abilities of the fused ent.i.ty will be. The lifeform’s vitality and procreative ability will be used up to become the final s.h.i.+eld of all insects.

[Empress’ Revival]: By using up a large amount of vitality, the lifeform’s genetic model can be triggered to revive the emperor insect’s genetic model and will be used on the final weapon. The empress of insects will descend. Before she disappears, the insect-species lifeform will be able to receive the benefit of the empress once.

[Providing for All Insects]: Once all of the insects in the area that were under the control of the Empress Core of All Insects died, their bodies, souls, and wills will gather around the target that is being boosted. They will eventually turn into energy for the target. The target will become stirred up and its resistance to various elements will be raised.

[Imperial Decree]: Through the Empress Core of All Insects, it can set an ident.i.ty for the insect-type lifeforms it controls. The insect-type units that have their ident.i.ties set are called the Empress’ Insect Guard. Every Empress’ Insect Guard can multiply their insect-type skills and allow the Empress’ Insect Guard to choose one of its functions to connect with. When connecting, the Empress’ Insect Guard will not be negatively affected by its own functions (the more Empress’ Insect Guards it sets up, the more energy it will consume).

Lin Yuan discovered that Liu Jie’s Empress Core of All Insects had increased to 11 Stars!

When Lin Yuan had last investigated Liu Jie’s Empress Core of All Insects, it had only been at 7 stars.

The Empress Core of All Insects obtained a new function from its original foundation, Imperial Decree.

Lin Yuan had always felt that although Liu Jie’s Empress Core of All Insects was powerful, there was a certain disadvantage when it was used.

Apart from the ability Providing for All Insects, the Empress Core of All Insects had a lot of restrictions and harsh prerequisites, be it the Final Weapon or Empress’ Revival. This greatly affected Liu Jie’s use of these two abilities.

However, now that Liu Jie was using the new function of the Empress Core of All Insects, he could set up multiple Emperor Insect Guards.

He let these Empress’ Insect Guards use Empress’ Revival, Final Weapon, and Providing for All Insects without paying a price.

The ability of the Empress Core of All Insects no longer only targeted at a certain insect-type lifeform.

The new ability of the Empress Core of All Insects, Imperial Decree, was equivalent to raising the value of the Empress Core of All Insects and greatly increasing its value.

Otherwise, extreme skills like this would cause the Empress Core of All Insects to lose its versatility and become Liu Jie’s shortcoming.

Lin Yuan was very happy for Liu Jie when he saw the new ability of the Empress Core of All Insects.

Liu Jie had summoned his sacred source lifeform, the Empress Core of All

Insects, because there were no secrets between him and Lin Yuan. Not only did Liu Jie not care that Lin Yuan knew about his sacred source lifeform’s abilities but he also hoped to share his growth with Lin Yuan!

Secondly, Liu Jie wanted to tell Lin Yuan why he wanted to enter seclusion.

There were not many fairies that Liu Jie had nurtured to World Emperor/Divine

Kingdom so he did not have much choice when setting up the Imperial Insect Guards.

“Big Brother Liu, before you enter seclusion, I’ll help you increase the strength of Elegance and let Elegance reach the Holy Spirit level. This way, you can choose the fairies you want to nurture based on Elegance’s newly obtained divine kingdom ability. This will make your combat system more abundant..’

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