I Am Loaded With Passive Skills Chapter 1485 - 1485 Hey, You Guys Can't See It? 3

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Chapter 1485 - 1485 Hey, You Guys Can't See It? 3

1485 Hey, You Guys Can’t See It? 3

He almost thought that he had repeated his lesson, but he soon realized that it was wrong. He was a little old, but his memory was not that messed up.

He had clearly not taught that before!

“You…” Mei Siren opened his mouth.

“It can be considered an insight.” Xu Xiaoshou laughed, too lazy to explain.


He had found a way to cultivate it after Master Siren had explained it.

The knowledge of Sword Technique Expertise was truly complete. There were methods such as Soul Stripping, Imperial Decree, and Contract in it.

It was just that in the past, Xu Xiaoshou could not understand why Sword Technique Expertise included these strange things.

Now, he was suddenly enlightened with new insight.

Mei Siren suddenly felt that it was boring to take this disciple. He had not tasted the joy of being a teacher and pointing out the wrong path. He had been suffering setbacks all this time.

Silently clicking his tongue, he gently blew back the messy hair on his temples. Once again, Mei Siren skipped a large part of the content and read without emotion,

“The Red Ghost Inscription is used to form… But it consumes a lot of mental and soul power.

“Even if you’re strong in this area, it’s very likely that you’ll be sucked dry in an instant if you use it to enslave a powerful spirit soul. You have to pay attention to this, so I won’t go into detail.”

Putting aside the content that ordinary people would have to be careful about, but would not hurt Xu Xiaoshou at all, Mei Siren continued,

“A person’s mental strength is limited, no matter how fast you recover. That’s why some people can only enslave one powerful spirit soul in their entire life. No matter how high their mental strength limit is, it’s very difficult to control more than one.

“Therefore, the Red Ghost Inscription is very precious. It can’t be casually used on ordinary spirit souls. It can’t be recycled.”

After taking two steps, Mei Siren pinched his paper fan and turned the Red Ghost Inscription between his eyebrows into an ordinary Ghost Inscription.

He was an example.

Up until now, he had yet to find a spirit soul that was worthy of the Red Ghost Inscription.

Therefore, every time he used Spirits Controlling, he would summon the gates of h.e.l.l and enslave ordinary spirit souls.

“Those spirit souls that can be used in battle are powerful cultivators when they were alive. Because of his strong obsession, their dying will did not dissipate, and they became evil spirits.

“The second type is a great demon or mutated beast when it was alive. However, they must be mutated beasts with extremely powerful spiritual power. This is already very rare in this era. This old man can open the gates of h.e.l.l for you in the future and find you a good spirit soul.

“The third type…”

As he said this, the scene of Xu Xiaoshou’s cultivation deviation and the flogging of Elder Xie suddenly flashed in his mind. Mei Siren did not continue, “Just these two points.”

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t seem to consider the above two situations at all. He turned around and pointed at Ghost Granny, asking softly, “Can I directly enslave people?”

Ghost Granny was speechless.

Was he being polite?

Mei Siren and Xiao Kongtong’s expressions changed as well.


This was the third point!

However, any normal person would only think of this after practicing the Phantom Swords Technique for some time if no one pointed it out, right?

Xu Xiaoshou was really abnormal!

Feared, Pa.s.sive Points +1.

Criticized, Pa.s.sive Points +2.

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t even need to get a response. Looking at Master Siren and Xiao Kongtong’s reaction, he knew that the ordinary Phantom Swords Technique might not work, but as long as he cultivated the first realm of Spirits Controlling, he would definitely be able to.

It was truly a perverted sword technique. It was too overbearing!

Each of the Nine Major Sword Techniques had its own profoundness!

Without waiting for the three to panic, Xu Xiaoshou said happily, “I’m just asking. It’s not like I’m really going to try. Don’t worry, granny. I don’t want to waste the precious Red Ghost Inscription.”

Ghost Granny’s heart was split in half. One half was in pain after hearing that the Phantom Swords Technique was so powerful. On the other hand, she was ashamed and resentful. She was Ghost Granny. Xu Xiaoshou didn’t like her?

“It’s good enough, isn’t it? It’s much better than you, granny!” Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshou looked behind Ghost Granny and pointed out his finger. He let out a joyful cry, as if he had found a treasure.

With a swish, the eyes of Mei Siren and Xiao Kongtong followed, but there was nothing but air.

Ghost Granny suddenly felt a chill down her spine and gooseb.u.mps rose all over her body because she couldn’t see anything with her spiritual senses.

She suddenly turned her head.

There was nothing behind her!

“Eh?” Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou’s brows raised. He touched his nose and said uncertainly, “You can’t see it?”

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