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Chapter 2328: Turning Hands to Overcome Clouds and Rain (1)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Director Zhou walked into the room with a helpless expression.

“Young Master Xu, there is no response from the higher-ups.”

“All actions against Saint Servant Lord Shou have been included in the Heavenly Group’s plan and are top secret.”

“With my current authority, I can’t access it… Uh, what is Young Master Xu doing?”

Director Zhou walked over and saw Xu Gusheng drawing something on a piece of paper. Without turning his head, Xu Gusheng replied, “Understood.”

Since Young Master Xu did not avoid suspicion, Director Zhou naturally poked his head over happily to take a look.

The paper was crisscrossed with lines of varying thickness. The page was so densely packed that it looked like a heavenly book that could not be understood at all…No, a Diagram.

“Young Master Xu knows about spiritual arrays?” Director Zhou was dazed. “My guard understands. Since I have nothing to do, I’ll study it.”

Director Zhou immediately recalled that Young Master Xu had mentioned that the spiritual array in the room had been tampered with, and he was secretly startled.

Was it really a spiritual array?

That guard’s attainments in spiritual arrays were not low. He was at least a spiritual array master!

“It looks like a person.” Director Zhou pointed at the Diagram and said. The lines on the picture did indeed show a human figure.

“You’ve summed it up incisively!” The sickly young master looked up at him in surprise and rolled up the Diagram.

“Haha…” Knowing that he had made a fool of himself, Director Zhou decided to drop the conversation by returning to the main topic. “Since we can’t find out anything about the operation against the Saint Servant from the higher-ups, what is Young Master Xu’s next plan?”

“It’s normal for one to fail to obtain any information from them. Just be more careful in the future. If you have succeeded, I’m afraid I’ll have to call you Manager Zhou,” Xu Xiaoshou said indifferently with a glance. He then stood up and walked to the door, acting as if he was planning to leave this place.

To be honest, the fact that Director Zhou had to run out of the range of the spiritual array in this room to ask a question and then enter another room was nothing but a waste of time!

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t even need to come. With a thought from his second true body, the entire Three Incenses had no secrets.

Just now, in the other room, everyone had heard Director Zhou’s question.

He even knew who the so-called “higher-up” was:

Although the person who answered the call didn’t introduce themselves, based on the way he spoke and Director Zhou’s address of “Lord Li”;

In addition to the fact that Director Zhou had mentioned that the highest

‘share’ of the Three Incenses had been taken by the Yue clan;

As well as the list of the new Council of Ten, which was in Xu Xiaoshou’s hands in Yougui Pavilion.

The answer was obvious.

He was the new red-clothed Ruler, Yue Gongli!

This was also a name specially marked by Aunt Xiang, and the note was “Yue Gongnu’s younger brother.”

“Younger brother…”

“This Holy Divine Palace is really a mess. They’re all related!”

The second true body walked to the door with the appearance of the sickly young master, Xu Gusheng. He then said while waving the paper fan,

“Wait a moment. There’s no need to send me off.”

“If they have any other instructions, remember to inform me immediately.”


Pausing for a moment, the sickly young master took half a foot out of the door and looked back with a faint smile.

“You didn’t say much, did you? For example, did you reveal my ident.i.ty?”

“Of course not, I swear!” Director Zhou was extremely solemn. “Young Master Xu is now in the same boat as me. I understand the principle of ‘when the lips are gone, the teeth feel cold.’ As allies, if harm comes to one of us, the other will undoubtedly suffer too.”

“Of course, I know you didn’t…” Xu Xiaoshou thought. The sickly young master smiled and walked away. “That’s good. I’ve asked Uncle Li. He also said the same thing. Next time you contact your higher-ups, remember not to avoid suspicion.”

Director Zhou felt as if his heart was being gripped tightly, and his mind went blank.

Li, Uncle Li…

Was Xu Gusheng related to that lord?


How did he know about the existence of “Lord Li”?

Oh, that’s right. His guard, Jin Ren, was familiar with spiritual arrays. Could this mean that the other room he went to was useless?

Director Zhou stood rooted to the ground, unable to move.

Based on the courtesy he had shown before, no matter what Xu Gusheng said, he would send this sickly young master to the entrance of Three Incenses and see him off.

But now, Director Zhou’s feet seemed to have been nailed to the ground. They were as heavy as lead and could not be lifted.

“Jin Ren.”

The sickly young master outside the door wasn’t being polite. After he left the door, he waved his paper fan and called out softly.

In the next second, spatial fluctuations spread out.

The sickly young master should have been teleported away by his guard.

“Directional s.p.a.ce Jade Talismans are equivalent to a small-scale fixed-point teleportation portal…”

“He is so extravagant to use this to travel. He really deserves to die…”

Director Zhou looked at the empty second-floor corridor and suddenly felt the extreme difference in strength. His heart felt empty.

Clouds and mud, pearls and the moon…

They couldn’t even be compared. How could they be lumped together?

“Xu Gusheng is not someone I can afford to offend. If I don’t report him, it would be a dereliction of duty. If I report him, I’ll die.” Director Zhou lowered his eyes and took out the communication bead that he had used to contact Lord Li.

He had a backup plan:

The Council of Ten of the Holy Divine Palace had just been replaced, and the Heavenly Group had just been established. He had just received the information that the Heavenly Group was established to target the Saint Servant, and someone had already approached the Three Incenses to find out about the Holy Divine Palace’s plot against Xu Xiaoshou.


Director Zhou had lived for so long, but he had never seen such a ridiculous coincidence!

He didn’t even dare to speculate. He had planned to stabilize Xu Gusheng first and see if he could retaliate later.

At the very least, he could stand on both sides and choose the right opportunity to live.

This was the way a small figure lived. He was a gra.s.s on the fence that fell on both sides..

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