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Chapter 2329: Turning Hands to Overcome Clouds and Rain (2)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Director Zhou held the communication bead in his hand like he was holding a hot potato.

“Xu Gusheng, the descendant of the Eastern Region’s Burial Sword Tomb. His guard, Jin Ren, is an ancient swordsman…”

“Xu Xiaoshou, the Saint Servant of the Eastern Region, the Seven Sword Immortal. His whereabouts are unpredictable and ever-changing…”

Director Zhou silently closed the door and took a deep breath to hypnotize himself. He tried his best to tell himself that he could not think about it anymore.

He was not worthy!

“Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep…”

The communication bead in his hand suddenly rang, like a death talisman.

Director Zhou was like a bird startled by the tw.a.n.g of a bow. He was so frightened that he almost threw this communication bead out.

He steadied himself in time.

This was a communication bead that was used to contact Lord Li. Did Lord Li notice something and have an urgent order?

Director Zhou hurriedly opened the communication bead. After the rustle ended, Lord Li’s voice was heard. He only said a short sentence,

“Information about Xu Gusheng is cla.s.sified as top secret.”


The communication bead was disconnected.

Director Zhou fell to the ground with a thud, unable to get up for a long time.

He blinked his eyes and found that they were extremely sore and wet with sweat.

He wiped his forehead and found that his palm was drenched in sweat. So much so that it would drip out if he shook it.

“Uncle Li…”

Director Zhou silently recited this t.i.tle which made him shudder in fear. His teeth chattered a few times and he gave up all thoughts.

A snowstorm was approaching the Jade Capital City.

However, when the sky collapsed, there would always be someone far more capable of holding it up.

Why should he do more? Wasn’t it good to be alive?

The second true body, Jin Ren, was in the vanis.h.i.+ng world. Both his index fingers and thumbs were connected, forming a picture frame.

The item in the frame was the most prosperous underground black market in the entire Jade Capital.

Inside, there are many black-clad figures with their heads covered, as well as branches of major dark factions, primarily operating in an understated approach, and some small shops that did illegal transactions.

Of course, this also included the Saint Killer Hall, which was so low-key that it was hard to tell that it was the headquarters of the Three Incenses.

“Bang! ”

After a burst of sound was simulated from Jin Ren’s mouth, he finally finished entertaining himself. He put down both his hands and laughed out loud.

The communication bead had already been crushed.

He could only use this thing once. If he used it again, he might be exposed.

That’s right! Director Zhou’s last call was made by Jin Ren!

As a ‘Divine Sorcerer’ who had even deciphered the Divine Oracle, it was not difficult for him to decipher the communication bead.

More importantly, he had also heard the voice of “Lord Li”, seen through the internal structure of the communication bead in Director Zhou’s hand, and then used the Weaving Technique to change the spiritual array inside…

Using an external communication bead and using Lord Li’s ident.i.ty to call him was as simple as drinking water or eating food.

“What a disgusting showy old Taoist!”

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou used the Divine Secret, he felt that Dao Qiongcang was not a human. How could he use such a disgusting spell?

From then on, he was more careful.

As long as it was in the Central Region, as long as the opponent had a Divine Sorcerer…

He would not believe anything that he could not see, hear, or identify!

Otherwise, if it was Director Zhou today, it would probably be Xu Xiaoshou’s turn tomorrow.

Of course, he had imitated Lord Li before leaving, but it was just a pa.s.sing act.

Director Zhou was a small fry, and he couldn’t be compared to the Divine Oracle at all. Xu Xiaoshou wouldn’t fall into his trap.

The moment the other party’s b.u.t.t perked up, Xu Xiaoshou knew exactly whether he was going to p.o.o.p or pee.

“Lord Li, this is interesting!”

Yue Gongli was not to be underestimated.

In the information Auntie Xiang gave him, she had a very high evaluation of this person, be it his appearance, combat strength, or intelligence…They were all excellent.

He could fool Director Zhou with this trick, but he could only fool Yue Gongli for a short while.

Once Yue Gongli sent another message asking who was spying on the Heavenly Group, Director Zhou would definitely tell them everything.

“However, if many people report Xu Xiaoshou is at He Ting Mountain at the same time, and some people are also interested in the Heavenly Group’s plan…”

“Xu Gusheng’s actions and motives will be forgotten by everyone else.”

Jin Ren took out the map he was looking at just now.

Director Zhou’s evaluation was not bad. This was a “person.”

Or rather, after a person shed his flesh and blood, there was only a “diagram” left, a “musculoskeletal diagram”.

It had been a long time since his Weaving Expertise had broken through the Holy Emperor Level o.

However, on Abyss Island, Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t find a good experimental subject or the time to complete the beautiful scene he had imagined when he first drew out the Weaving Expertise.

He still remembered that when he entered the fantasy realm of Weaving Expertise, he saw the hand of G.o.d that weaved living beings, the Great Path, and the world.

Since then, Xu Xiaoshou had been particularly interested in “manipulating people” using the following ability:

“Puppet Manipulation Thread!”

This was a technique that could only be used after combining the abilities of

“Distraction Manipulation”, “Multi-needle Embroidery spiritual method”, “Spirit Manipulation Finger”, and a deep understanding of the “Diagram” of the human body.

Using humans as a diagram, simple and crude, and direct manipulation!

“Yu Lingdi used a similar method before…”

“Water Ghost has used it as well. This seems to be a level that only those who have the power of the Upanishad can reach?”

“However, the ‘medium’ they use to cast this ability is ‘Spiritual Cultivation’, while I’m using the ‘Divine Secret’, or rather, the ‘Weaving Technique’…”

The imitator had dripped the blood of Water Ghost, and Xu Xiaoshou was quite knowledgeable about this technique.

As the person who was controlled, Xu Xiaoshou had experienced the

discomfort of losing control of his body a long time ago..

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