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Meng Yanshou thought that Yun Chujiu was taking advantage of him and said pitifully, “Little Fairy, I’m your beast now. You Can’t just ignore me! You have to be responsible for me!”

Yun Chujiu:”…”

Why did it feel like she was giving herself to him?

“It’s not that I don’t care about you, but the Xingtian G.o.dly axe has somehow turned into a huge kitchen knife. Although it’s pretty awesome, it’s still very difficult to cut the ten-thousand-year-old black iron.

“Moreover, you’re trapped by six ten-thousand-year-old profound iron chains, so I’m afraid that you won’t be able to cut through them for the time being. “As for little flame, he’s just a little brat who doesn’t have any intelligence yet, so he won’t be able to cut through the ten-thousand-year-old profound iron chains.”

In order to prove what she said, Yun Chujiu took out the large kitchen knife, “If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself. Not only is this large kitchen knife chipped, but there’s also a crack on it. I’m afraid that it’ll be finished before the ten-thousand-year-old profound iron chains are cut off!”

The moment the nightmare beast saw the large kitchen knife, its heart turned cold! Meng Yanshou thought to himself! This was obviously a broken kitchen knife. Could the little girl be lying to it again?

Yun Chujiu saw through the Nightmare Beast’s intentions at a glance. She raised her hand and summoned the small flame. The small flame lazily circled around the nightmare beast. Meng Yanshou trembled for a moment. This degree of heat.., it was indeed not something that could be emitted by ordinary flames.

“Curly hair, did you see that? I have always taken your matter to heart. Don’t worry. It Won’t be long before the big kitchen knife will regain its divine weapon’s elegance. The little flame can also turn into a big flame. At that time, I will go and save you.”Hei Xinjiu said with a smile.

Meng Yanshou really wanted to spit at her and treat her as a fool? ! Putting aside whether that broken kitchen knife was the heaven-punisher’s divine axe, just this small flame alone would take a long time to turn into a big flame? ! !

p anda nOvel.cO,m However, Meng Yanshou only thought about it. It had already sworn on its heart demon oath, and it had no way to do anything to the black heart in front of it. It could only comfort itself. Compared to the hopeless days before.., now, it finally had some hope. panda-n( 0 ve)

“Curly hair, now it’s time for you to tell me the truth, right? Isn’t your main body in the Tian Yuan continent? Why did your spiritual sense come to the Yan clan to play tricks?”Yun chujiu took out a spirit fruit and asked as she chewed on it.

Meng Yanshou swallowed its saliva, it sighed. “Little Fairy, when I was captured, I split my spiritual sense into two. Half of it was locked in the Tian Yuan continent with my main body, and the other half was trapped here by the Yan clan. Wu Wu, I can’t Believe I, an ancient beast, ended up in this state. It’s so painful that I wish I could die…”

“Shut up! You said you were trapped by a nightmare beast? Is it the man from the temple in front?”Yun chujiu briefly described the man’s appearance.

“Yes, it’s him! It’s that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Back then, I was in a hurry to escape and was trapped here by his schemes. I could only provide them with free nightmare qi. I’m miserable, Wu Wu…”

Yun Chujiu was speechless!

Could it be that Meng Yanshou had been locked up for a long time and had become a Crybaby?

“Enough! Stop crying. Tell me, how can I Let You Go?”Yun chujiu was so smart that she had long seen through Meng Yanshou’s intentions.

Meng Yanshou revealed a flattering smile on his face. His four vertical pupils shone like little stars in the sky. “Little Fairy, you are the lover that I have been waiting for tens of thousands of years. We must have made an agreement in our previous life…”

“Get lost!”

d.a.m.n it, whose dream did this D * MN Meng Yanshou see before? ! How could it be so similar to the lines in the storybook? !

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