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Chapter 2203 - 2203 Twins

2203 Twins

Lin Heng watched as Qiao Weiyang got into the luxury car. Although he couldn’t see who was inside, it was obvious that it was a man. He was very intimate with Qiao Weiyang.

He couldn’t help but worry. Qiao Weiyang was an artiste now, and she had married that man long ago. She was even living in Ting Yuan Villa now. But she was interacting with such a man. It was a huge hidden crisis to her career and reputation.

He couldn’t help but follow Su Zhuoqian’s car in his car.

The car in front did not drive fast at all, and Lin Heng was focused on keeping up with it. However, at a traffic light, the car turned and left his sight.

When it was his turn, it was a red light. Lin Heng had no choice but to stop.

By the time he turned the corner, the car was already gone.

Tian Guang was very dissatisfied with Cheng Yijia and Qiao Weiyang, and he had no intention of burying the hatchet.

In a hotel restaurant.

He booked a luxurious private room and invited the managers of countless movie theaters for dinner.

After three rounds of drinks and five dishes, Tian Guang raised his gla.s.s and said, “Thank you for coming today. The best release time this summer is on the same day as the Qixi Festival. It happens to be on a Friday, which is followed by the weekend. The screening schedule at this time is very important. If the movie can be released at this time, the box office results will definitely surpa.s.s every other movie! Therefore, I hope everyone can help me schedule Love Under the Starry Sky!”

“Sigh, it’s only right to screen your movie. Your previous works were all praiseworthy! This movie is a romance movie, and it happens to be linked to the festive atmosphere of the Qixi Festival. Once it’s released, it’ll definitely be a movie with an explosive reputation!” Manager Zhao smiled and said, “If we don’t choose Director Tian’s movie, whose movie should we choose? Right, everyone?”

Everyone responded: “That’s right. We should give the best screening time to Director Tian. All of us can’t wait to screen Director Tian’s movie in our movie theaters.”

“Of course. By releasing this movie, he’s also helping us out!”

“Director Tian, a director like you should film more movies. It’s best if you film three or four movies a year. That way, all of us will stand to gain a lot.”

Tian Guang was flattered. “Everyone, thank you! It’s also because of your efforts that I’m successful.”

Manager Zhao asked, “Director Tian, have you heard? Director Cao’s White Fox is also fighting to screen during the Qixi Festival.”

“You’re talking about Qiao Weiyang’s movie?” A trace of maliciousness flashed across Tian Guang’s eyes.

Qiao Weiyang really didn’t know how to appreciate favors. She had already left the industry, but she suddenly came back.

Qiao Weiyang’s rise every day represented the thorn in Tian Guang’s heart that made him uncomfortable.

“That’s right. It’s said that the special effects of this movie are very good. I heard that although it hasn’t been released yet, it’s already very popular. If it’s released at a better time, it’ll probably be able to dominate the industry.”

Tian Guang said calmly, “Manager Zhao, Qiao Weiyang is a woman. She doesn’t know how to appreciate favors. Moreover, she has some scandals on her. They’re all shocking news.”

Manager Zhao held his gla.s.s of wine and was indeed thinking about Qiao Weiyang.

Tian Guang continued, “Manager Zhao, how many screenings do you plan to give me?”

“At least 70%.”

The others also said, “I also think 70% is needed to live up to the quality of this movie.”

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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2203 - 2203 Twins summary

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